Lumia 920 firmware

Good news for our friends up north on Rogers as their Lumia 920’s should be receiving the coveted 1308 firmware update, starting in the last few hours.

The 1308 firmware brings with it numerous under the hood fixes and improvements to sensors, screen brightness, the camera and allows the addition of the Storage Check option, giving users more oversight on their app space.

We’ve covered the 1308 update extensively before and you can read more about its changes here and here. If you haven’t yet received the over-the-air notification, you can just head to Settings > Phone Update > Check for Updates and you should then see the alert. You’ll need to be over Wi-Fi to download it and the whole process could take around 20 minutes (it often depends on how much “stuff” you have on our device).

Thanks, guilcorm and everyone else, for the tips!