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Rogers 1308 firmware update for the Nokia Lumia 920 is now live

Good news for our friends up north on Rogers as their Lumia 920’s should be receiving the coveted 1308 firmware update, starting in the last few hours.

The 1308 firmware brings with it numerous under the hood fixes and improvements to sensors, screen brightness, the camera and allows the addition of the Storage Check option, giving users more oversight on their app space.

We’ve covered the 1308 update extensively before and you can read more about its changes here and here. If you haven’t yet received the over-the-air notification, you can just head to Settings > Phone Update > Check for Updates and you should then see the alert. You’ll need to be over Wi-Fi to download it and the whole process could take around 20 minutes (it often depends on how much “stuff” you have on our device).

Thanks, guilcorm and everyone else, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Damnit. Thought I would have been thanked for the tip.
  • Next time, we have you on the list (seriously, we had a lot of tips for this...go Canada!)
  • I'm surprised they didn't release 1314 like they did down here. Different bands?
  • 1314 is specifically a fix for those on 1308. Presumably, Nokia fixed the 1308 firmware on their server for the low-power Qualcomm chip issue, so everyone who is now getting 1308 is a-ok. But if you're already on 1308, Nokia can't re-deploy it, so they have to create a new firmware, hence 1304. In other words, there's no difference between (new) 1308 and 1314.
  • That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.
  • So no connectivity issues with 1308 for Rogers like AT&T 1308?
  • Hopefully not it sure sucked for me sunny florida
  • Updated 2 days ago.....experiencing connectivity drops and poor data connectivity.  Let me know if anyone else is having problems.
  • to then..if I got 1308 (via)..Nokia Software Updatet for Retail?...I cant imagine Nokia repacking same build number..with exactly same version number as before ...thats..just bad software..developpment:)
  • this firmware has been on the server for some time now a couple weeks I believe, so it would be the same version that was pushed to AT&T.  Wouldn't it be?  I had updated from the server when it became available  and have noticed a couple of drops where I've been forced to restart to get a data connection again.  Well time will tell if it's the same or different.
  • So Daniel what you said didnt quite make sense (With all due respect), what you described is just not good practice and almost illogical.
    Just to provde this, I did a test.. I kept my download of 1308 Rogers black from a couple weeks ago,  and just re-downloaded now via Navifirm.. I've done a comparison and found NO differences between the two..
    This is the exact same firmware.
  • I agree...and thanks for saving me the time and effort to do the same..exercise. It just doesnt make any sense...that would repackage 1308 under exactly the same build number. At digit would have to be different...
  • lol..
  • Woot. Yay me ^_^
    I'm in the caribbean by the way. :P
  • hey daniel you know how updates will work on factory unlock lumia 920 white
    my sis just order her yesterday
  • I'm probably late with this but did Nokia release an updated firmware for att 920 devices
  • Yeah dude
  • Yup
  • Any word on when the next update will hit for those who flashed their phones and already had this one? I have been experiencing the issues with the data connection and such.
  • i"ve already got my update (1314) on my ATT branded 920 running on ST. I got it a couple days ago.
  • Thanks, I didn't get a notice after plugging my phone in like WP7.x used to do but once I manually checked for an update it started downloading. I'm usually more on top of things but I didn't know my new phone was not already up to date. I'm glad there is a fix for screen brightness and I hope it stops diming too much at night because that is annoying.
  • Can anyone confirm the exact firmware number?  I had a replacement unit sent to me last week, and it came with firmware 1308.0000. But I know the AT&T version was .0001.  From what I can see, there isn't a noticeable improvement in the camera, so I'm wondering if that was an intermediate update.
  • You're mis-reading firmware numbers. "1308" is the version. The .xxxx aftter it is the region/carrier designation, not version inclination. 
  • Ahh, gotcha.  Ok, thanks.  That's helpful.  So I guess I'm up to date then.
  • Still waiting in Australia, we're 3rd class Nokia customers over here.
    even unlocked and unbranded phones have got nothing.
  • Same thing here in Sweden.
  • +1
  • just flash your phone ;) will be done in minutes :) 
  • I don't know what that is and I don't want to ruine my phone by accident. I'm stubborn and not open to new ideas. And according to my spell correct I cant spell ruine either...
  • Same here in Spain, unbranded 920 and NOTHING
  • Check again, just got it in NZ
  • You sure that it came up when you went to Phone Update and checked? is yours carrier-free and unlocked? Because nothing here yet either in Australia (carrier-free, unlocked).
  • Still waiting in Finland too
  • My "other" folder reached 9,5GB!
    Dammit, they should hurry up and release it in the whole world...
  • I'm on 13.5GB
  • Im 33 GB, I won!
    Please everybody, post your "other" storage size, so wpcentral articles will be full of useless and worthless comments.
    Also please post if you got / not got the newset software update every single day in every semi-related articles, as wpcentral needs traffic and advertisements money.
  • I know I'm annoying, but I'm also pissed off.
  • 33 gb?! I've got 17 gb -.-'
  • How is that even possible? Largest phone storage is 32gb and I don't believe WP can save apps to sd yet
  • It was sarcasm;)
  • It's really disappointing for many of us that have paid a generous amount for an unbranded lumia 920 to always be among the last ones to get the update, this policy really needs to be reconsidered if not terminated. CV DE owner here, still waiting... Simultaneous update releases are the only thing I miss from my i-thing days.
  • Yes man. I don't even know how this is possible? Having an unbranded/unlocked 920 in Germany...what sense is behind this policy?
  • CV ES owner here, still waiting too
  • So updates now are also carrier exclusives?
  • I also received the update. Vodafone Netherlands.
  • Black lumia 920 on Vodafone in the Netherlands and nothing here, what phone do you have??
  • Black Lumia 920. Did you search for updates?
  • Yep and again this morning, still nothing :(
  • Whats your full version number as Im going to get it using Navifirm
  • Just updated, I can barely feel the vibration feedback after pressing the windows keys. Anyone noticed this?
  • I'm on 1314 and I've also noticed that. It seems like they toned down the vibration a bit
  • Ya it's a bit light, I like the heavy vibration before.  The whole point is to make sure you feel it!!!
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one! I thought it was just me...
  • Anyone know when these updates will roll out to 820/810/822?
  • +1
  • Does anyone has a clue, when Nokia will start deployment of 1308 in Eastern Europe?
  • +1
  • before christmas 2013
  • +1
  • I'll wait and see if people experience connectivity issues before I update.
  • Nothing yet here in france. Unlocked :(
  • I hate HTC!
  • I'm sorry, but what is the latest update for the Nokia Lumia 920 and when will the update come
  • Sweet! After the update, internet sharing is working again for US T-Mobile
  • same here, but at that point, MMS stoped working, so i went to setings-access points and reconrimed T-mobile.
    Sibnce that i have MMS but cant do Internet sharing (saying i need to pay for the service which i did already while ago). I have Unlocked Rogers on T-mobile mobile USA Any hints ????
  • I had the same issue, called T-Mobile tech support, felt like they were just following some document that has troubleshoting steps. I reset the phone since it was new and didn't install Access Point, put in the internet and mms apn manually and internet sharing and mms started working again. I used as the apn for both.
  • Waiting for this update in Australia. (outright)
  • Did some WiFi speed tests before and after firmware update. Now running 5mb download from a smooth 35mb. WTF was this firmware not fixed?
  • Sounds like you need 1314 now.
  • Thank God for Windows Phone Central, I waited so long for this update!
  • So glad it's finally out, my phone was unusable with the proximity sensor issue. Since update, working perfectly fine.
  • Upgraded. No connectivity issues yet.
  • All good now :)
  • finally =D
  • Fixed the dust issue in the front camera causing me to have to hard restart the phone in order to hang up. Or use a can of compressed air... No longer an issue!!
  • I have a Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 which I have unlocked to use with another carrier. Will I get this update or no because I am not running on the Rogers Network? If not is there a safe way to get it or should I stay with what I have?
  • I just unlocked my Rogers Lumia 920 and now in another country using non-Rogers sim card. And I just got the update notice after I click oh "search for update".
  • you'll still get it.
  • I'm on Wind with mine and I got it this morning, I love how they were so kind to stick all the old rogers bookmarks back in IE i had deleted as well...
  • I thought this update also carried the screen saturation adjustment app as well?
  • When can my Hongkong version get the update...
  • Just got an update notification for my 920... ATT in CA, USA.
  • Just updated to 1308 for my NL920 here in Indonesia. No storage check/color tone option. I have GPS and tap-to-focus-and-capture not working since Portico update, and still not working now. Does anyone experiencing this?
  • I love Canada!
  • Best damn country in the world!
  • Canada is a country? Never heard of it. Jk
  • Updated my 920 with no issues. Storage Check found 4GB of temp files. w00t!!
  • OMG i hope mine can do the same.. my storage is constantly running low...
  • It's about fucking time already.
  • Actually I think it's here at the exact right time ATT 1308 was buggered so I'm glad we didn't get that and that probably held off Rogers until a new 1308 could be developed and 1314 sent to ATT
  • Second this. The original update made my connection spotty and I had a lot of dropped calls as a result. Longest two weeks of my life. Im glad you all get it without the headache. My friend in Windsor has a L920 and he was asking me about it.
  • When is this update coming to the Lumia 820??
  • Nokia if u don't release updates in other countries then don't sell them, since elop Nokia has gone downhill, why does America get update first when they are a very low Nokia consumer? Huh Elop...
  • Installing updates~ Toronto Rogers L920
    Edit: Still waiting... after 40 minutes. Why do these updates always take so long?! It's not even that many changes!
    Edit: After almost an hour and a half, finally at "ALMOST DONE" stage, with 87% on step 1/4...
  • Updated my Rogers Black Lumia 920.
    OS: 8.0.10211.204
    Firmware: 1232.5957.1308.0000
    Radio Software version: 1.0.202093.3
    Chip SOC version: 8960
    Temporary files were 4GB and cleaned it and it says 534GB now.
  • 534GB?! I WISH!! xD
  • oops. It should be 534MB. I apologize for the mistake. 
  • Im in Quebec, Canada, i have the Rogers update today :) thanks wpcentral for this news ! Damn I hate Rogers ! Realy bad service :/
  • who doesn't? Just plain terrible... sigh even though I have the best phone in the world I wish I didn't have to go with Rogers
  • Rogers is the only reason I don't have a L920 yet. I refuse to switch back to them.
  • They have an amazing LTE network and great service. Yes their prices are high but just get a contract when they have promotion or something. The Lumia 920 is such a nice experience.
  • This is what I did, I went on a contract with Fido and got Galaxy Nexus for free and sold that phone for $300. Then went to Rogers and bought a Lumia 920 for the full price. At that time, Lumia 920 was only $549.99. I have a $40 plan with Fido and I am loving it. :)
  • My biggest thing is I work in Northern Alberta from time to time and coverage and data up there is terrible under Rogers. Telus has much better service there. I can't have a phone that has no reception when working.
  • Then buy a phone straight out from Rogers, unlock it online and stick a telus sim card in it. Provided they don't have an issue with you buying the phone straight out (my store had to call the manager for permission it seemed), you own it, you do with it what you want. Given the R920 is good for about every band out there, should be no issues using it on Telus, bell, rogers, Wind, sasktel, whoever. 
  • Nothing here in Sydney - L920 with optus
  • Buy a phone outright, unlock it and use it with any carrier you like. Unless, buying outright is not a financial option then of course totally understandable that you are in a way stuck not wanting to be with Rogers.
  • we can fix the prob about always having my phone to search non stop when opening the new storage check app?..yes i did reboot twice.....and it just spins
  • Please reply if you find a solution or answer. Same error here :(
  • DONE. phew that took long...
    Only found 900+ MB for temporary files, there's no way to clear out the "other " storage right? I have 3GB under that..
    And does anyone have any idea why US Browser is taking up 693MB of the data?!
  • Kudos
  • what about the middle east (bahrain)
  • Same here, UAE Lumia 920, no 1308 yet :(
  • Glad the vibration is quieter now.
  • umm... still nothing here for Unlocked Nokia 920 in US.
  • Hey Daniel, I need help my L920 on Rogers has been restarting for 5hours now, is there anything I can do to speed it up.
  • I'm having an issue with my phone restarting all the time since the install.
  • Same here...dunno what to do.
  • I'm still waiting for the Update in Germany  - Mobile operator O2
  • Since this update, I can't receive photos anymore. Frustrating!
  • Do you have access point installed on your phone? It helps you to set the mms and Internet settings on your phone. 
  • Even easier, deactivate and reactivate your access point and it will work again, sometimes after soft reset. Happens every time a system update is installed. For those with unlocked devices
  • Dont have new display options. Anyone else?
  • Me too, also the storage check option
  • Upgraded to 1308 but don't see the storage details expected. Same old view
  • Last option in Settings
  • ..duh. Thanks. All is good
  • Not sure about anyone else, but I've noticed a slight improvement with boot time, maybe?
    Lock screen dimming happens much quicker.
    No more brightness issues (after a reboot my brightness would be stuck on HIGH until I changed it to HIGH and then back to LOW).
    The vibration from the touch buttons is not as noticable.
    No connectivity issues, although I never really had them unless I was on Edge.
    I had Live Tile issues after the update. It seemed like no background tasks were working. To resolve this I went into Setting > Application Settings and blocked each applicaton from running. I checked the box to enable background task the next time I open the application. Then I rebooted the phone. One by one I'd open an application, let it run for about 20 seconds, and then close it. Live tiles and background tasks are now working again. This always seems to happen when I perform an upgrade.
    So far I have not found any issues.
  • All went good for me on this update (Rogers). Nice new storage feature.. Believe it or not I apparently had 8gb of "temp files" that I could clear. Seriously.. 8gb? Obviously I chose to clear those files and instantly reclaimed more than half moy storage space. But are you telling me if it wasn't for that new feature that space would have just been used and wasted forever? Wow.  
  • Those gears were spinning for a long time during the update... but no problems, successfully updated my Rogers L920!
  • I have a Lumia 820 and I'm reading all the time that the Lumia 920 and 620 are receiving the update, I didn't receive it yet and I never read that 820s are receving it! Does any 820 owner receive this update?
  • Every single 920 at my work (20+ units) is now experiencing MMS and signal problems after 1308 on Rogers. I also have lost the speech to txt icon in messaging. Lovely.
  • what acout Middle East Lebanon ??? i know more than 10 people have the phone and waiting this update to fix many issues
  • Storage check isn't working :( Also, WiFi is not required to DL.
  • Hi Shane, try to reset the phone from about in settings, but be sure to backup your stuff as it will erase\format the phone, but will solve this issue, only if you on Rogers phone
  • Well i have a lumia 920 bought from Rogers but i am in India and updated to 1308 and quite happy about it, but no such better improvements except for the space calculator.... Which was already coming in Lumia 620 here, so this was an update from Nokia, i am waiting for the next major update from Microsoft which will have improvements for battery backup etc... Cheers Nokia
  • Very pleased with this update, my phone's electronic compass is now reliable, which now makes City Lens worthy of putting on my home screen.
  • Need update for my nokia lumia 820 here in Philippines
  • 1314 is now live on Rogers folks ;)