Roku Screen Mirroring beta launched for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

Roku has started a beta of a new feature for its Roku 3 TV set top box and its Roku HDMI Streaming Stick that will allow them to mirror screens from Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices to big screen televisions.

In a blog post, Roku states:

Screen mirroring is one of the simplest ways to share any type of content with those around you, and you won't need additional apps or software. All you'll need is a compatible device with mirroring capabilities. Once you turn on mirroring for your phone, tablet or laptop, you can pair with your compatible Roku player and whatever you see on your mobile device is exactly what will be displayed on your TV.

Roku has step-by-step instructions on how to launch the screen mirroring beta for Windows Phone 8{.nofollow} and Windows 8{.nofollow} devices. The beta begins its roll out today and should be available for all Roku customers in the next few weeks.

If you own a Roku 3 or a Roku Streaming Stick, how do you feel about this new feature being added to those devices?

Source: Roku (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Cool
  • Cooler: Viacom, HBO, Roku and Microsoft team up and file joint lawsuit against Comcast
  • Wait, did this happen or is this just a beautiful dream?
  • Actually, try nightmare.
    Comcast's head of corporate security just returned as Secret Service head.
    They don't even need to lobby anymore, they have the CE's ear.
    Alternatively, the guy was spying for the president all along?!?!?
  • Good. Still have trouble with "play to" app for some file types, mkv, etc
  • I had some problems with 'Play To' too, and after several tests I found that the problem was the TV that I had been using. Try the same file in different TVs and you will see that. I tried it on Xbox 360 too, and it works fine.
  • For those with Roku 3 or Roku HDMI stick, this screen mirroring (miracast) option is enabled by Roku firmware version 5.6 (Settings --> About).  I am on 5.5 on my Roku 3 and can not see the latest firmware upgrade using the builtt-in option. A quick chat with Roku CS made me aware that version 5.6 is being pushed out in a staggered manner and will be available to all Roku 3 and HDMI stick players in the next few days.      
  • Would it be possible to mirror your screen to other Lumia phones?
  • Check out "Lumia Beamer" for Windows Phone
  • You might want to check out Lumia Beamer. It is slow, but you can share your screen with any device connected to the internet! :D
  • it shows not available for my 720 on wp8.1 update 1 with cyan.
  • When both are on the same Wi-Fi router......
  • You sure about that?!
  • "When both are on the same Wi-Fi router......"   Not true... I can assure you this is incorrect, I just was using this feature. with a friend that lives in Europe and I live in California, USA.
      They were able to see the screen in realtime, and they were definately not on the same WiFi.    
  • I have a Roku 3 and love it. Will be trying this later.
  • I got the stick.
  • I got the stick for travel too ;) Must have UFC everywhere
  • Just got the Roku stick for traveling purposes as well. 
  • Same here...but I also have that Roku hooked on to a Samsung LED TV that supports Miracast so I guess it would come down to performance. Secondly now I would be able to screen cast my Lumia 920 yeeeee Edit: Looks like only newer Windows Phones supporting Miracast are supported :-/
  • From older phone only 930,and 1520 support Miracast
  • Same for me, but this was the one key feature missing for me so I'm very happy about this. :)
  • So is this specific to mirrorcasting? What is the current list of WP phones with this capability? Is this a HW capability?
  • I think miracast needs a quad core pricessor. It works fine with my Lumia 630. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Have the same Roku 3 but need the software version 5.6 to use the screen mirroring option.
  • I have a Roku 2.
    Oh well
  • same here, bummer
  • Except roku 3 is old aswell
  • They make products that are as inexpensive as possible. If you want something that will be "future proof" they will need to be much more powerful and expensive. Not to be rude, but you have to understand what you're buying, here. You just can't get one of the cheapest media streaming devices on the market and assume it will continue to get newer and newer technology.
  • Me 2.  Well, actually it's a Roku 2 XS (previous generation).  It works well enough, but the Netflix "channel" doesn't support profiles.  This is enough for me to move in another direction once this device becomes inoperable.  There are many other gadgets out there that can do what a Roku does while costing less.
  • Can you list alternatives
  • Hopefully smarter minds at Roku will eventually roll this feature out to us with Roku 2. Initially the Youtube app was exclusive to Roku 3.
  • Uses Miracast so hardware support is important as well. So unlikely to support older Rokus. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • @Jordan ... Why can't they stream the device's display over the network like dlna?
  • Great. But not roku 2?
  • Would love if there ia a Roku car player!
  • Oh dang. Gotta buy a Roku Streaming Stick now. Same price as miscast with more features.
  • Excellent - this will allow an easier way to get around Comcast's block on HBO GO on Roku
  • Would this work with a 925 or just Miracast phones?
  • I do it with Netgear PTV3000 device to mirror Lumia 1520 to XBone as well as the car. Great thing for my kids.
  • are you using a HU that supports HDMI or some sort of converter inbetween??
  • HDMI input. Both car and Xbone supports it. With Roku 3 same idea. It connects via HDMI.
  • Have their hdmi stick cant wait to try it(oh wait I have to wait for vzw/nokia/Microsoft to figure things out with the icon)
  • I need mhl
  • Why?  What were they not providing you that you gave up?  And what's the alternative that you went to?
  • About time. I have lots of use for this. I can't count the number of times I want to share something quickly that I recorded on my phone on my tv and have to put I on the computer first. Love my Roku... Now I love it even more.
  • Wow does this mean I can cancel my preorder of the Microsoft display adapter? I won a roku 3 on twitter and its been collecting dust to be honest - I use my Xbox for streaming
  • I bought a Roku 3 just before MS announced that the 360 would no longer require a Live Gold Account to stream free media. Even though the 360 streams now for free, it doesn't stream everything and there are a number of media sources that I want to use that will never have apps so now I can use my Roku. Kinda wonder the Roku can do this but the 360 can't.
  • Is this Miracast? Also, and only somewhat related, do you guys have any idea if W10 on the Phone will have PlayTo integrated like Windows 8/8.1/10
  • We can only hope! Since the whole point is convergence: I'll give it a 6/10 chance of happening.
  • Just tried to see if I could get it working on mine, i dont have the screen mirror option on settings on the roku and neither my Surface 3 nor Icon seen the roku at all (which i assume it wont be until i can enable it on the roku).... either it hasnt rolled out yet, or I need something else. I have the Roku Model mentioned 3 model 4200X
  • Roku 3 as it is now doesn't screen mirror. That's what this announcement is all about.
  • So is Xbox not able to do this?
  • I feel the same way...
  • Not yet, but still: Fingers crossed for Miracast support. Stuck with PlayTo for now. :/
  • Should be able to use xbone to snap a mirror of my phone. Would be even cooler if then I could control it with Kinect or a controller.
  • Yes! Would love to snap my phone to Xbox or PC and be able to access content, make calls, send messages, etc.
  • Strangely
  • I assume they mean Windows Phone 8.1, seeing as that's the version supporting Miracast? Not sure how they'd pull it off otherwise, especially due to Windows Phone API limitations.
  • Wait, this won't work worth my 920???
    The Roku ios app has been able to been photos, videos and music for a while now. I realize this is much different, but that's something I want.
  • Unfortunately this isn't a WiDi option. You still have to have a router involved for the handshake. Meh...
  • Launched at the same time as they launched it on android.
  • Good to see them actually supporting WP, and treating our platform like a first class citizen.. I would like to see more action like this from other countries....
    I guess WP market share is low, but it's presence in the news makes it hard to ignore.
  • Maybe this is more like Affirmative Action where it's about compliance rather than respect. :)
  • Compliance to what? They don't really have a lot if incentive to support WP8, or W8, with market share so low.. They don't need us yet, but they might see where they could use us in the future.. That's giving respect to the platform, and showing that it matters just enough to give it some attention..
  • What is roku???
  • Let me google that for you:
  • Why not Bing it instead? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • i just bought a miracast adäpter awhile ago, an now they come with this.....could of saved $20 >_<
  • This is awesome!
  • Great other thing in my to buy list
  • That's pretty awesome. Add this to the xbone hehe
  • How weird that they are coming out with this now.... Maybe its because of the Microsoft wireless streaming dongle that's coming out
  • LOL, I think Roku is more worried about Chromecast's ability to mirror more so than Microsoft's generic Miracast dongle --- that offers nothing outside of mirroring a display. This Roku update is also for Android, not just Windows Phone & Windows 8. The issue with Chromecast is it locks you into Android & Chrome Browser, that's why I opted for the Roku even though I own an Android HTC One M7. I want to be able to use whatever device I want on it, it's filled with channells (apps), and this update makes it that much better.
  • Is this Direct or does it go through wifi router?
  • I've been on the cusp of purchasing a roku 3.  My biggest issue, the hardware is now almost 20 months old.  Surely Roku 4 is coming this year....right?
  • Looking forward to this!
  • I have a Roku Streaming Stick, but the Surface RT doesn't support Miaracast/WiDi so not a benefit to me. It's nice that I can use the Plex app as as remote to the Roku Plex Channel though.
  • The HTC One M8 Windows has Miracast support!
  • Yes and i'm waiting for the option to screen mirror to appear in Roku Streaming Stick settings.
  • @Sean1robertson Glad to know that. I want a HTC One M8 Windows now I have a reason more so.
  • Nice!
  • Beautiful
  • F'm awesome! I've needed this function like yesterday! It's going to be nice to just mirror what's on the Surface Pro 3 in the living room anytime I want as it's our main media device. Now if only there was a way to switch inputs on the tv using SP3....
  • Take a look at these:  
  • I hope WP10 will support landscape on Start screen, settings and most apps. That would make Miracast much more interesting to me.
  • Just gave it a try with my 1520 and Roku 3 and my phone wouldn't connect for screen sharing. Guess I haven't got the update yet. :-(
  • I'm looking forward to testing this out!
  • Excellent news great that the platform is getting more and more ways to link devices to big screen.
  • Looking forward to mirroring my 1020 onto my Roku 3. I've attempted and failed to accomplish this with Play To.
  • I was on the verge of buying a Mircast device; this has saved me $20. I wish I hadn't wasted $25 on a Panasonic MS-10P device.
  • OK, just to be clear, is this functionality only available for Windows Phone 8.1??? I just got into my Nokia Lumia 928, and sure enough, there's no "project my screen".
  • Its been 2 months 4 days since they last updated roku stick(hdmi)
  • They pushed the update out yesterday to the hdmi stick. It very finicky it seems had to power cycle router/modem haven't gotten it to connect yet will try later(tv connected to is being used)
  • About a week ago they pushed out an update that brings this feature out of beta