Rowi tease their Windows Phone 8 optimized Twitter app

Although Windows Phone 8 is technically out most users are still waiting to get their hands on the new OS. Luckily, we're already seeing some major apps get bumped with new features such as CNN, SkyDrive and even Nokia's apps.

Rowi Twitter app is one of the more popular apps on the Windows Phone Store and they just posted a video showing off the new super-quick load time. The increase in speed is due to Windows Phone 8 just handling app launching and processing more efficiently, those 1.5GHz dual-core CPUs and in this case by removing the boot screen. The app also has the "fast resume" trick enabled whereby tapping the Live Tile after it is already running will not re-launch the app but instead just resume it.

No word on release but hopefully it won't be too long. 

Source: Rowi (Facebook)

Daniel Rubino

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  • I don't sleep. I wait....for Verizon
  • Awesome.
  • There is no trick to Fast Resume. Its part of the API.
  • Question is, why does this not work with WP7? Shouldn't be so difficult. I'd like to know if this will be integrated in WP7.8
  • It might, I dunno how much back porting if any is needed to add this option to WP7.8 but in the end I figure anyone with a 7.x device has become used to the current setting.  
  • You are right. I'm used to it. But it bothers me anyway. We'll see, eventually.
  • Just word choice dude, of course it's part of the API. Regardless, a lot of WP8 don't have this enabled.
  • Expect lots of .1 updates just to add this to apps, it's a simple one line change at the start of your code if I remember correctly.
  • code change in about 3 different places for a total of maybe 8 lines of code i think? :) to handle it correctly, there's some cornercases when navigating back from an app relaunched trough the tile(to not go back in the apps backstack, but back to the homescreen):
  • Just want to be crystal clear here...what you're seeing in the video IS NOT fast resume. This is a completely cold start. Before doing this video, the phone was rebooted.
    (Hidden Pineapple/Rowi Co-Creator)
  • That is awesome! I can't wait to get my hands on WP8 and Rowi.
  • But loading the tweets from cache still takes half a second, maybe you now have the resources to add a nice float in animation for the tweets? :)
  • I can't login on to any twitter apps on wp8, any ideas?
  • liking everything I see on wp8..but this will not mean im letting go of my lumia gonna wait this time...u will see n 6 months there will be something new
  • in six months theres always something newer, be glad on wp its 6 months. Android shits out phones every week. Plus microsoft has promised 18 month support for all new phones purchased so we are at least sure that we will get wp9