Rubik's Cube coming to Windows Phone 7 too

Well this should be fun.

Looks like software developers Magmic, who have Rubik's cube officially licensed, are bringing the app over to Windows Phone 7. Magmic makes a bunch of Windows Mobile games, including Peggle, NY Times Crossword, Worms, etc.

The game has recently been released on the iPhone/iPad and even features 3D puzzle solving.

The Windows Phone 7 version will evidently feature the following:

  • Four different sizes of cubes
  • “Free play” or the more challenging “Timed mode”
  • A timer to keep track of your best solution times
  • Variations like “CRAZY cube” and “Picture cube”
  • A solution guide to help you learn how to solve the puzzle
  • Anaglyphic 3-D mode (3-D glasses not included)

Sounds good to us. No word on release date. You can check out the iPhone video demo after the jump to get a rough idea of what to expect.

[via Global Nerdy]

Daniel Rubino

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  • the devilish little cube refuses to die!
  • yet another way for me NOT to solve this damn cube. i've tried hundreds of times, and i think i've solved it twice.
  • Rubix cube is so easy... you pull off all the little cubes and snap them back on.. easy peasy. :)