Is Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB, 500GB, 1TB or 2TB a better value?

Samsung 970 EVO Plus
Samsung 970 EVO Plus (Image credit: Windows Central)

Is Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB, 500GB, 1TB or 2TB a better value?

Best answer: For most people, the best value is offered by the 500GB version of the Samsung 970 EVO Plus.Amazon: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB ($130)

Sweet spot for most

There are very mild performance differences between the different models, but when you're considering an SSD this fast, it's nothing to put you off and shouldn't really be the deciding factor.

For most people price should be the main consideration. And at $130, the 500GB version offers the best balance of performance, capacity, and price.

A single 1TB is cheaper than buying two 500GB models, but in reality, the most likely use for most people is for this SSD to be their main Windows boot drive in a PC or laptop. And for that purpose, 500GB is ample capacity.

It's also better $ per GB than the entry model at $90 for 250GB.

2TB not available until April

The only argument right now against getting the 2TB model is that it's not available any time soon.

While the 250GB, 500GB and 1TB versions are all on sale initially, the 2TB won't be here until April. There's also no confirmed price as yet, but expect it to be fairly expensive.

Incredible performance

The performance of the Samsung 970 EVO Plus is unlike anything else out there right now. Its write speeds are far in excess of Samsung's previous king, the 970 Pro.

In our review we found exactly what we'd hoped to, and more besides. The read speeds are electric, and the write speeds are simply out of this world. You're looking at up to 3,500MB/s read and an astonishing 3,300MB/s write.

Add in Samsung's known reliability and a five-year warranty and this the SSD to buy right now. Even if you have to wait a short time to get one.

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