Samsung and HTC not revealing any emotion with Microsoft's Nokia purchase

So the news press has overheated this week with Microsoft purchasing Nokia, but what about HTC and Samsung? How would the OEM partners see the purchase? According to a report over on AllThingsD, we're going to have to wait and see.

Whether the likes of HTC, Samsung and ZTE will continue making Windows Phones and licensing the OS is certainly debatable, but Nokia already dominates the platform ecosystem. AdDuplex data shows the Finnish company, or rather Microsoft's dominance of the market captured with multiple devices available at different price points.

Samsung declined to comment on the Nokia acquisition, while HTC is busy assessing the situation and have nothing to comment at this present time. If you cast your minds back to 2011 when Microsoft and Nokia signed a deal for the manufacturer to move across to Windows Phone, HTC CEO Peter Chou was rather positive about the partnership:

"They're doing what they have to do. It won't be easy, but they're doing what they have to do. We are very committed to Windows Mobile, and we are one of their lead partners for Windows Phone 7. So we are positive, because this combination will surely make that ecosystem stronger. As a strong player [in this ecosystem], HTC will be a beneficiary from [their decision]."

Consumers have continued to comment on how HTC and Samsung appear to be pouring more effort into Android over Windows Phone, but Microsoft continues to state the latest move is not to push other companies out the way. "There’s certainly a wide, wide range of innovative things other companies [can do]," explained Joe Belfiore.

It's clear the Microsoft purchase of Nokia is one that will bring hardware and software closer together within the Windows Phone ecosystem. It will be interesting to see how Samsung, HTC and other OEM partners react to the move. Redmond has also stated other companies will still be able to license Windows Phone as is the case already, so it's really up to the partners on how they proceed.

With Microsoft and Nokia looking to marry, do you believe the platform needs other OEMs?

Source: AllThingsD

Rich Edmonds
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