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Samsung and HTC not revealing any emotion with Microsoft's Nokia purchase

So the news press has overheated this week with Microsoft purchasing Nokia, but what about HTC and Samsung? How would the OEM partners see the purchase? According to a report over on AllThingsD, we're going to have to wait and see.

Whether the likes of HTC, Samsung and ZTE will continue making Windows Phones and licensing the OS is certainly debatable, but Nokia already dominates the platform ecosystem. AdDuplex data shows the Finnish company, or rather Microsoft's dominance of the market captured with multiple devices available at different price points.

Samsung declined to comment on the Nokia acquisition, while HTC is busy assessing the situation and have nothing to comment at this present time. If you cast your minds back to 2011 when Microsoft and Nokia signed a deal for the manufacturer to move across to Windows Phone, HTC CEO Peter Chou was rather positive about the partnership:

"They're doing what they have to do. It won't be easy, but they're doing what they have to do. We are very committed to Windows Mobile, and we are one of their lead partners for Windows Phone 7. So we are positive, because this combination will surely make that ecosystem stronger. As a strong player [in this ecosystem], HTC will be a beneficiary from [their decision]."

Consumers have continued to comment on how HTC and Samsung appear to be pouring more effort into Android over Windows Phone, but Microsoft continues to state the latest move is not to push other companies out the way. "There’s certainly a wide, wide range of innovative things other companies [can do]," explained Joe Belfiore.

It's clear the Microsoft purchase of Nokia is one that will bring hardware and software closer together within the Windows Phone ecosystem. It will be interesting to see how Samsung, HTC and other OEM partners react to the move. Redmond has also stated other companies will still be able to license Windows Phone as is the case already, so it's really up to the partners on how they proceed.

With Microsoft and Nokia looking to marry, do you believe the platform needs other OEMs?

Source: AllThingsD

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I wish they would say SOMETHING
  • +1
  • They are preparing the correct responses as we speak❕❕
  • I wish they would MAKE SOME BETTER WP PHONES instead.
    Or just shut up.
  • Instead❔That's weird, because we're all wondering if they are going to make WP devices at all..
  • I'm sure they will.
  • They're probably going to release whatever was scheduled to be released and after that it's anyone's guess.
  • That sounds about right....
  • HTC should've signed a exclusivity deal with Microsoft too and MAYBE they would've been bailed out by Microsoft. Beats software isn't really worth as much as it use to but I'm sure Microsoft could've made good use of it. Blackberry sounds like a better buy but I think MSFT might get overwhelmed if they try to merge everything all at once. However if MSFT doesn't buy it Google will...
  • Yeah at the rate HTC seems to be falling, it would be unclear if they could afford to continue supporting WP even if Microsoft hadn't purchased Nokia...although maybe they could by HTC's stake in Beats. That would be another distinction for their phones and tablets.
  • There was a report last month that Beats was looking to buy out HTC's stake. I don't think you will see beats on HTC devices soon.
  • That's fine cause I would want to see Beats on a Microsoft/Nokia phone anyway. I think if HTC losses out, someone like Samsung might try to pick them up, so it would be beneficial for Microsoft to go for it first....assuming Beats would be willing to sell the stake they would buy back from HTC.
  • Companies aren't like scorn girlfriends when two companies get together... They will continue with WP as long as there is money to be made! Microsoft needs to do something quick to increase market share to 14-18% to guarantee its future and gain mainstream developer support.
  • Yes instead of saying something, like the OP wants.
    How about stop spamming and think for just two seconds.
  • Why are you so upset?
  • Im not upset? I'm just a bit tired of him flooding the comment sections with mindless babble.
  • Doesn't Samsung and Microsoft have some kind of agreement where Samsung pays lower android royalties in exchange for building window phones? I don't think they are going anywhere. They will continue making lackluster phones and not marketing them.
  • Agreed...You took the words right out of my mouth. 
  • Agree
  • I think they're going to continue making windows phones. I'm too tired to elaborate...
  • In actuality,, it seems like they both stopped making WP devices a long time ago... So, the real question is if they are going to start back now... LOL❕
  • Samsung suddenly released a slew of apps and updates for their wp phones.  Too little too late?
  • Why, it's nice to see Samsung supporting the apps and devices they have which is more than HTC have been doing!!!!!
  • It's been a year since the 8X was announced, I think both HTC and Samsung are waiting for GDR3 with 1080P and better CPU support. Then they can release WP versions of their Android flagships
  • I don't see any need for them to make WP devices. There's a lot of hardware choice through Nokia devices so having more choices beyond that would surely confuse users.
  • Its always quiet before the storm.
  • I love my HTC Windows phone. I hope they continue to make such quality Windows Phone hardware!
  • +8x
  • Of course not.. Not just yet... They are listening to what the world is saying first...
  • Google bought Motorola but Samsung owns Android right now. I don't think any of these manufacturers are really that worried. If anything, by bringing Nokia under the MS umbrella, a lot of those cool Nokia-exclusive apps will become standard features which is a win for ALL OEMs.
  • Exactly my feelings, it's beneficial for WP, OEMs and consumers.
  • The difference is that Samsung was already dominating android when google bought Motorola. The equivalent situation would've been if google bought Samsung.
  • However theres big difference between android & WP. OEM can add another interface layer on top of android OS (touchwiz, htc sense, etc) like they used to do in windows mobile. Not much can be done in WP though. They already struggle to make their WP devices distinct from the others to compete, other than building their own 3rd party app. There's almost no chance for them to do same stunts like samsung did on android over motorolla. If im on their shoes, i'd drop my partnerships with WP. I love my Ativ S, but that's life...cest la vie.
  • Exactly what I was thinking. Samsung didn't run away when Motorola became a Google owned company. Why should it be any different. As for HTC, I think it would be a mistake to stay away from WP. Android is so saturated with other OEMs. It is hard to stand out. On WP however it is just Nokia, Samsung, and HTC. HTC has a better chance to stand out.
  • Android is there bread and butter anyway. Idk.
  • Their* not trolling just correcting grammar
  • Do we really need people monitoring and correcting grammar??
  • No, we do not.
  • "Their*, Im not trolling, I am just correcting grammar". Is what you meant to type. You put full stops at the end of sentences or statements and use propositions to denote use.
  • I see what you did there.
  • That seems to be the pot calling the kettle black!!!!
  • Prepositions.
  • +1020
  • I'm*
  • Xbox arrives 11\22\13
  • You mean 22/11/13 ;)
  • 13/11/22... ;)
  • Touché
  • Soooo.... All these numbers.... Half Life 3 confirmed? 
  • I think nothing will change. Samsung and HTC will continue to make Windows Phones occassionally and then give them much less support than they do their Android phones.
  • A very possible outcome,, my friend.
  • Tout à fait raison mon ami!
  • my sentiments exactly, they'll let the incumbent Nokia do all of the dirty work and sell phones based on brand appeal (Samsung)...I'm not sure what HTC is up to
  • In its day I loved my HTC Arrive but they showed no support for their phone, either in marketing or after purchase updates. That's why I switched to Lumia.
  • That's why we all switched to Nokia. Nokia went all in and we all knew that nothing but good things would come from it. I obviously haven't owned all the Lumia phones but every purchase has been a good investment even when some of the phones came with glitches... Like slightly overheating (which still happens occasionally)
  • I actually waited for a few months hoping the sammy ATIV S would come to ATT, but wound up getting the 920 as a second choice.  funny how things work out.
  • Would you still switch if the ATIV was now on at&t after getting the 920?
  • no, mainly because of the support Nokia gave the platform / exclusive apps. 
    I had a friend I was lobbying hard to get wp.  He liked the htc, but I told him about the exclusive apps nokia brought to the table and he wound up buying an iphone :(
    he couldn't get past the size/weight of the 928. 
  • IDK btw i still prefer Nokia Branding Name On Microsoft Phone
  • I thought about it, and it's kinda weird, and will take a little getting used to.. But, the reality is that the average consumer doesn't give a rats ass about the Nokia name right now,, so if MS can find a way to continue to make Lumia devices popular it will be just fine... As long as Lumia devices stay on the same track, and nothing changes AT ALL about how they are handled...
  • The average AMERICAN customer might not care about Nokia's name, but that's still a valuable asset in the rest of the world. Microsoft's name (along with the Surface and Windows Phone brands) is a liability when it comes to mobile devices. 
  • You're right.. I got stuck in that American mind set.. Damn, that never happens to me... Thanks for pulling me out of the fire...
  • Only in the brand is much bigger (more positive) than Microsoft and Samsung and apple. India alone will contribute to nokias growth. Look up "Kannum Kannum Nokia" on YouTube
  • The average US customer doesn't care about the Nokia name, but that is not so true in other countries.
  • What the hell are you talking about? Maybe you AMURICANS give a a rat ass about the NOKIA name...but outside the AMURICA....NOKIA is a better brand than Microsoft. A MUCH BETTER BRAND!
  • Shut up and read my other comment ⬆⬆
  • And spell our country's name right.. Quit being disrespectful...
  • Since Nokia branding is out of question, why not just says Lumia Phone instead ^^a
  • Don't think it will be enough.
    How about Mokia? Lol
    Might fool a few people... Or just partner up with Nokia again lol
  • I think its quite critical that the brand Nokia exists for some time.. here in Aus (at least in my part) when you say Nokia it instantly means something to everyone, as much if not more than Apple.
  • From the released statements the Nokia name will not be on the future WP devices. Not sure why Microsoft agreed to that, they could do their own hardware design (the Surface is very nice), no one does manufacturing inhouse anymore. what did they buy if they don't get the Nokia name?
  • No-key-uh or Knock-yah?
  • Is an official comment even necessary? There were already reports a few weeks back that HTC was "drifiting away" from Windows Phone, and that was BEFORE this announcement. It's tough for them because the growth in this platform is occuring at the bottom end, not the top. That's not where HTC competes.
    As for Samsung, they're pretty blase on both Windows 8 RT and Windows Phone 8. It's essentially a one-horse race at this point.
  • If the competition is at the bottom end, have them pull their finger out and make budget phones too!
  • There's little room for HTC to make a splash in emerging markets like Brazil and India. Nokia/Microsoft, Samsung and Blackberry pretty much have them locked up for the moment. What room there is for new players will probably be absorbed by the new "cheap" iPhone getting announced next Tuesday.
  • Whether HTC stays or leaves now is certainly debatable, but they responded to that report as being completely false, and that they weren't leaving WP8.
    Now...of course that was before all this went down...but honestly, I think HTC needs to do both Android & WP8, at least that gives them 2 mobile ecosystems rather than just Android.
    Samsung, well, I don't think they need WP8 as much as HTC does...but I think they'll be interested enough to stick around in case WP8 meets their 'critical marketshare' criteria, and if it does, they'll quickly ramp up their offerings.
  • I love HTC. I loved my Arrive until Sprint stopped supporting it. I would hate to see these companies loose the little interest they've had with WP but we can't deny Nokia is to WP as Samsung is to Android, yet everyone still makes Androids... I'd like to see what they come up with to be competitive in this market. I have not had a Samsung phone but my wife loves her Galaxy SIII (if only because Intuit does not support WP for their CC services) otherwise she has stated she likes my Nokia L925 much much more. HTC is my favorite manufacturer but man is Nokia (now MS) giving it a run for quality design.
  • It's always good to have choice, but haven't both Samsung and HTC complained about Windows Phone sales in the past?  This may give them another reason to just dump the OS all together.
  • Can't wait for kitkat.
  • You're crazy❕.. Have you lost your f@s#$#g mind❓... Do ya hear yourself❔
  • It's named that cause their planning for it to break;)
  • Have a break, have a (Android) kitkat!!!!!
  • Me either! Also the iPhone announcement and the Nokia's gonna be a Big Bang at the end of the year
  • Is it only me or do you guys feel that Android Kit Kat was announced to try and take the attention away from Microsoft and Nokia?
  • The more the merrier, hopefully they continue to make more Windows phones and we keep growing in the market
  • Its simple...If HTC and Samsung both continue to make beautiful Windows Phones (and provide support) people will buy them !! I am still keeping an eye out for the HTC One variant Windows Phone TBA
  • Microsoft just spent $7bn on Nokia, sh!t got serious. If anyone thought WP would go the route of Zune, well, not when $7bn is on the line.
  • No,, WP is Solidly here to stay... All those phone arena haters can STFU❕
  • $6B was on the line with their purchase of aQuantive.  What happened to that?  $6.2B writedown.
  • This is Mobile.. Mobile is the future, so failure is not a option... Just think like that and we will not fail... That's just the way the universe works.. Be positive.
  • Yes.  Yours is a more solid line of reasoning than "$7B is on the line".
  • I miss Zune so much...
  • me too!
  • MS has not purchased Nokia, they won't even own the patents.
  • Hope samsung and htc stop making windows phones.
  • Why? We want more market share and in some markets these sell well
  • That's a silly thing to hope for.....
  • I'll just say this, Windows Phone needs OEMs more than OEMs need Windows Phone!!!!
  • Will microsoft uses the same method nokia has been using in making phones. Remember that nokia phones are very durable and i can testify on that.
  • Well, while nobody can give you a definite answer on that just yet, we're all hoping since we're just looking at a name change, more synergy, and greater funding here, the boys in Finland won't have any reason to change course... I guess people are scared that MS might send some dumb asses to Finland, who think they know everything, and disrupt what's currently going on... But, the best thing that's been said so far was a reply by Sam Sabri,,, "" It's not like Microsoft and Nokia haven't been working together all this time anyways"".... That might give you some amount of comfort... LOL❕
  • Why does everybody thinks it is a bad thing???
    If you looked to the WP eco system you saw things were going wrong with all those Nokia exclusives! If you didn't buy a Nokia phone you missed out a lot of features like a free navigation app! Nokia didn't only create exclusives as a nice camera app, no they paid big important companies as Angry birds and Viber to bring stuff exclusive to Nokia! This was something the other OEMS couldn't fight against!
    How stupid would it be that you would buy a HTC device if you wanted access to WhatsApp and a Samsung device if you wanted Viber!!! This was a nail on the coffin of WP! By buying Nokia I hope the Nokia exclusives will be accessible to all WP users so it will increase the quality of the WP store and other OEMS will have a chance in the WP segment!
    So I think all OEMs will be very happy because they have a fair chance again on the WP platform!!!
  • I agreed with yr statement..:)
  • I don't believe they have anything to rightfully say especially Samsung. All other phone makers have fallen off the radar at there own doing an pushed it to come to this. I'm for MS and Nokia.
  • Will my 8x even get gdr3 now?
  • no hector now nothn for u anymore. now  wp8 wont bloom as it used to with nokia i guess . tha wht do u expt for htc ?
  • S.Korea... Minus one competitor... Not many left to crush... HaHa, Champagne!
    Taiwan... *//çç+()*)*) AHJDF)"U"U BALLMER */ç/*(())", Well at least Nokia is history...
  • I wasn't too keen on the idea of Microsoft buying Nokia... Until my brother pointed out the light to me, it stopped google and apple from buying Nokia...! MOKIA FTW
  •    it shows how out of touch HTC is...with them still calling it windows mobile and windows phone 7.  They don't even appear to know what they are building phones for.
  • That was HTC's response to Microsoft and Nokia's deal back in 2011, not currently.
  • Microsoft should dump these parasites asap. Keeping them around means they will try not to show them up too much when they need to be going full steam with innovating on WP. Seeing how little they contribute to the platform and how WP tech and ideas suddenly appear in their android handsets I think these two slackers are the last thing WP needs. Buying Nokia's D&S was a bold move, they should continue that boldness and go all the way and make it a Microsoft affair only.
  • This does pose an interesting question.  Now with Microsoft able to fully back Lumia (Nokia) phones does that mean this will be the end of the stupid AT&T exclusive phones?  Maybe Verizon will be able to get in on the new devices when AT&T does?
    Sorry for the US only question but it does make a little more sense since Microsoft has more money to throw at it than Nokia does.
  • The platform needs other OEM's...the question is: do other OEM's need Windows Phone? Well, as far as Samsung goes, the answer is NO.
    Samsung rules on Android. Why would they bother with WP? While Nokia is independent, they are competition and can, theoretically, be played against (not that Samsung ever showed much interest in defeating Nokia but still). If Nokia is destro...I mean, bought, by Microsoft, the creators of the mobile platform...then Samsung would be competing against the manufacturer of both devices and platform. Not that easy to make money in that scenario.
    Furthermore, with Samsung's plans of developing its own Tizen (though chances are, that will just be an even more personalized version of Android), I don't think they'll waste much more time on Windows Phone. Maybe they'll release one WP device from time to time, but they'll progressively step away from the platform. HTC on the other hand may not have much choice but to try and get as many platforms as they can since on Android they have less than half of Samsung's market share (albeit being the second major Android OEM). And they're in this to make money. As for other WP manufacturers...there's that Huawei thing...but I think they also favour Android over WP.
    Let us see how they react... I personally am more interested in seeing the damage that Nokia's destruc....acquisition by Microsoft (if it happens) will do and how many people, who came to WP because of Nokia (and NOT the other way around) will leave once the reason they adopted the OS is gone.
    Maybe just a few will leave.
    Or maybe it will be a bloodbath for Microsoft.
    And if said bloodbath happens (which I believe to be likely), will some of those choose another Windows Phone OEM? Can Samsung & HTC actually profit from the extinction of Nokia? Will they attempt to take Nokia's place on WP, knowing how slow Microsoft is updating, fixing and offering new stuff? I hope none of this happens as I still hope Nokia shareholders and the Finish authorities prohibit Microsoft's attempted acquisition and put Elop under investigation...but if the announced disaster materializes, it will be actually interesting to see how other OEM's will react. Specially Samsung. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch the unveiling of the new Sony Xperia Z1.
  • Doesn't Samsung compete against Google and Motorola? They could easily do the same with Microsoft but there lack luster of support is horrible. Yea they get some app updates but that's not enough. In the end I don't think they really care at all.
  • You're right, they don't care at all.
    And yeah, they do compete with Motorola but the difference is that Samsung dominates Android instead of Google. In the case of WP, it would Microsoft dominating WP instead of them. So they won't care. Nokia they could, theoretically take down because it was a normal OEM. Once Nokia disappears and Microsoft becomes the major OEM of their own OS...Samsung would need way too much work to try and take them down because MS already has the work donw for them by Nokia. And the money Samsung makes from WP simply doesn't justify the effort of trying to take on Microsoft.
  • And yet Samsung can only blame themselves for not really trying with wp8. Now there so far behind on there own doings. It takes money to make money in most cases. And this is such one of those cases.
  • I'm all for more manufacturers to choose from, but Samsung, htc, and huawei gotta be willing to put in the effort if they want to succeed. Any one of those four could have dominated if they invested as much as Nokia did. The position each manufacturer is in is a direct result of their actual EFFORT put in. I want lots of manufacturers to choose from, but they gotta own up and and put in a SERIOUS EFFORT to make compelling cases to win their marketshare.
  • well if both togather thrz notn more needed . but microsoft wont be able to hold up nokia az we all knw mircosoft is not good at makn hardwares , it was nokia who brought windows phone a sucess .
  • Well, Samsung is legally bound to develop WP devices for some time, so there's that. But it doesn't really differ from Google owning Motorola; at the end of the day, if HTC, Samsung, et. al. think they can make money by differentiating themselves from Nokia, then they'll still make WP devices. Also, goodbye to Nokia exclusive apps (maybe, depends on how independant Nokia stays,) which is good for Samsung and HTC.
  • I don't think much will change.  Samsung and HTC will continue to make one or two Windows Phone devices every year or so (and not really support them), if only to maintain good relations with Microsoft.
    Remember, in phones and tablets, Microsoft, Samsung and HTC are both partners *and* competitors, especially after the Nokia purchase.   And Samsung still produces a significant amount of mid and high end Windows laptop computers, so Microsoft can't really afford to alienate them that much.
    It's all a tricky dance, when your customers are also your competitors, but that's the way of the world these days.  
    I mean, who knew that Amazon, an online retailer, would now be a competitive threat to Microsoft, as a devices and services company.   And very formidable too; Jeff Bezos is the probably the direct heir to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, as far as modern day tech leader visionaries.
  • Microsoft showing commitment to a platform isn't a bad thing for any other manufacturers... more development from Microsoft brings more features to them.  Seems like a win to me. 
  • Agree
  • IT will be good for them!!! Now Microsoft will almost for sure let the other companies use Nokia maps, drive...etc which puts them right on nokias level this time. If they don't, good bye HTC and Samsung.
  • I hope they continue to make windows phones. It would be pretty boring to only have lumia to choose from.
  • Buying spree. Let's buy HTC too...And i couldn't care less about Samsung but they help a little the situation in US so it wouldn't hurt if they put out 2-3 models next year. 
  • Neither Android nor Samsung will remain on top forever. I think the Nokia / MS strategy to grow their market share is solid, and the purchase of Nokia shows their commitment to WP. I'm happy with it, and can't wait to see the new products to come, whether any other manufacturers are involved doesn't really matter to me, MS doesn't have the Appletude, that their phone is the only phone and it is what it is so like it...MS can now flood the markets with a wide variety of cool products, the playing field has now been leveled...start fighting!
  • So, basically what this article says is, there is nothing to say?
  • I heard the sound of Uh oh across boardrooms of HTC and Samsung.   Or maybe it was holy f*&ck!  They've been had.  They're now between a rock and 2 other hard places.  They couldn't develop an IOS device as apple does not let anyone else use it so they went for android.  Windows phone OS comes along, they're so invested in android and developing for another platform would mean more costs, they want to disuade but don't want to piss off microsoft  so they humor wp by making meh phones for the platform while waiting for it to die a supposed natural death.  Against the odds, it survives and now is looking to explode in growth.  Samsung is contently making mucho dinero with android while preparing a contingency plan with tizen.  HTC is aimless and penniless. Continuous attacks on Microsoft's rep creates a negative image for it which translates to slow adoption of the newly released OSs. Hedge fund managers sensing weakness, come  to cash in like sharks, demanding that softy depart the devices game slavering in the mouth.  Then further demands that it sell its spleen and kidneys.  Balmer appears to concede by a resignation schedule and tying up one of the most vocal hedge funds in a deal.  It appears that microsoft will now be playing in the B leagues in the future by conceding then.... BOOM.  Nokia acquisition!  If they waited for the hedge fund manager to come to a board meeting before the acquisition, they most likely would have torpedoed it, so they neatly tie him up first in a no-contest deal then hit him over the head with the acquisition.  There's no backing away from this one.  For better or worse, the plan for a devices and services company is underway despite the various secret hands of google and apple to prevent the transition.
    Apple makes IOS iphones, Google + Motorola makes android phones, and now Microsoft + Nokia will create WP phones.  3 Really Hard Rocks there!  Samsung, I hope your Tizen is ready coz you're going to need it.  No wonder your astroturfing your developer conference all over the place.  HTC - RIP.
  • I would hope they continue to keep making Windows Phone devices, they make excellent phones!
  • Fuck samsung
  • The media and haters do not like Microsoft and Microsoft has done a poor job with Windows 8, the Surface, XBOne reveal, and various PR/Marketing items.   Seeing "Microsoft" on a phone instead of "Nokia" is going make the phone sales drop.  Many customers, particularly the young crowd who aren't brand loyal or care about Nokia still see  "Microsoft" as a four letter word.  They're either going to feel they'll be embarrased to carry that kind of phone/get chastized, or think "its a POS phone because it's from Microsoft and you know how Windows sucks."
  • MS gets to use the Nokia name for 10 years, and Xbox/360 has been a big success for MS as a "devices and services" company.
  • All their money is in Android already... I don't remember them complaining when Motorola became a Google company so I don't see why they should complain if Microsoft bought Nokia.
  • I don't mind if Samsung/HTC drop out of WP8 - Nokia has all pricepoints covered and top-quality devices. There's no need for competition in the WP8 space (yet) - Nokia/MS is busy trying to compete against the iOS/Android!
  • Even though I have gone over to Nokia for my last two WP devices (822 and 928) from HTC (Trophy) because I love their hardware and software support, I really hope that HTC and Samsung continue to make devices for WP8. One, even though they haven't made much a dent in the marketplace, one, competition is always good. Two, of all the high end WP8 devices out there (8X, 1020, 920, 925, 928) the only one with expandable memory is the Samsung ATIV S. It's not a big thing but it can mean a lot to some people. And as much as I love the Lumia hardware, it's hard to argue that WP8 wouldn't look good on the HTC One hardware. Diversity is a wonderful thing. Some people might prefer aluminum. Other polycarbonate. Others plastic. Whatever you prefer, it's always nice to have a choice.  
  • what i want to see is Microsoft use the erstwhile Nokia branded services like Maps, etc. free and for all like google does it with its maps and other services. nokia maps are among the best in business, so this would work in favour for the eco system.
  • I don’t think it will affect HTC at all. in any case, I love my 8x