Samsung ATIV Odyssey has been interop unlocked, time to hack away

Hacking on Windows Phone is a pretty nonexistent sport. Earlier we told you guys about HackerTeam and their claims of having full control over Windows Phone, but there’s no way to validate their claims. Here’s something we can validate, the Samsung ATIV Odyssey has joined the ATIV S and has been Interop Unlocked. This opens the gates for potentially deeper level OS changes on the Odyssey.

Why would you want to Interop Unlock your device? Well you just might want to do something crazy, like add more Live tiles to your Start screen. Head to the links below to learn how to do other things with an Interop Unlocked device like copy files from Adobe Reader to your documents folder, upload videos directly to YouTube, edit accent colors and more.

The Interop Unlock for the Samsung ATIV Odyssey comes to us from Trevor Halsey. Good work Trevor! Join Trevor in the Windows Phone Central forums to learn more about the process.

Source: XDA-Developers

​Thanks for the tip Trevor and Muessig!

Sam Sabri