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Samsung ATIV S Neo announced for AT&T; launching November 8th

The Samsung ATIV S Neo will be launching on AT&T on November 8th. Announced today, the Samsung Windows Phone will be available for $99.99 when taken out with a two-year contract. Already available over on Sprint, you'll soon be able to pick the first Samsung Windows Phone 8 device on AT&T. What's more is this device will enable you to take full advantage of LTE.

Sporting a 4.77-inch HD display, expandable memory (16GB integrated) and the dual-core CPU, the ATIV S Neo is a worthy upgrade if you're arriving from competitor platforms, or upgrading from a previous generation Samsung Windows Phone. An 8MP rear shooter will help you prevent missing those special moments, and the 1.9MP front-facing camera can be utilised for Skype calls.

AT&T will also include 5GB free online storage with its Locker service. Head on over to the AT&T website (opens in new tab) for more details.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Come on to Tmo......
  • Original ATIV is still one of the best WP device. The combination is just perfect: light/slim just 130g ; big screen 4.8 ; fast with massive battery; extensible storage ; all screen/almost zero bezel ; solid build.
    Yep, I do have one and absolutely LOVE IT. For nearly a year of heavy usage as business/personal phone I have ZERO issues. Top notch device.
    Sorry Nokia, Samsung design better phones. Shame about the support towards WP.
  • Samsung makes cheap phones. 
  • That's the damn truth.  They feel cheap and only survive drops because they split into 3 pieces.
  • That's...actually not a bad design practice. I'd rather have a phone pop the back cover off than break a screen. The rigid bodies on Nokias are actually make them more susceptible damage because they can't bend around stuff they fall on.
    Not that Nokias are actually worse quality than Samsungs, but what you're picking on actually isn't a bad thing.
  • They survive drops nonetheless. I've seen more ATIVs survive drops than Lumias.
  • Two things:
    1) Where do you work? In a droptestingfactory? I'd be happy to see more than one of them in the wild, let alone see more than one of them being dropped.
    2) If you work at a phone store, maybe the fact that you see a lot more broken Lumias being brought in might have something to do with the fact that there are around 50 times more Lumias out there than Ativ's?
  • Uh you do know Lumia's have a 16% failure rate. One of the highest of all OEM's.
  • agree with ivo
  • One things for sure. They're both better than Apple.
  •   Microsoft Elop's goal has been achieved finally achieved.See this picture how Nokia sales has come down in previous years
  • I totally agree with you ivo_apo! I got an 8x earlier in the year for T-Mobile. I never knew about the ativ until a couple of months after. I wanted that phone so bad. I love the 8x but only 16 gb sucks and it kept bricking on me so I switched to the lumia 810. I wish I could have gotten an ativ s when I first got a windows phone. I am really hoping Samsung comes out with an s4 like windows phone, I will get it in a heartbeat.
  • Samsung designs better phones than Nokia???? Wow
  • Samsung designs better phones than Nokia?????? Your silly
  • Too bad the ATIV wasn't on att. I might have gotten but on the end I went with the solid 920. Bs on the whole "it doesn't have curved edges". Lets tall practical application along with unibody dragons being more sturdy overall, especially if a device is utilizing gorilla glass or am equivalent sturdy screen.
  • No honestly we are kidding ourselves if we really think this is a worthy phone. After seeing what Nokia has planned for us later this year with quad core this and full HD that and so on, this looks like something we've already had for a year now, which is exactly what it is. No upgrad in anything here. Samsung build thier phones very cheaply, thier AMOLEDS suffer from black blotches (I had an 2 ATIV S's which had this problem) and they scratch and mark very easily. No one can deny Nokias are solid and unless you are making the phone from rubber, a solid rigid build is better than a flimsy one.
  • Even if they sell it for .99, I won't get it. The level of support they show for the platform is pathetic.
  • Agreed
  • +1
  • At least the did the development to enable folders on the desktop, but yea otherwise you are right.
  • I hope MS never caves and includes folders in WP8.
  • Hell they've have to pay me $200 for me to get it. Then I'd sell it and get a 1520 :P
  • Actually, it's getting better. Samsung has consistently been updating the apps they provide for this phone. I have it on Sprint, and it's quite good.
  • Yeah... Doesn't Samsung show more support than HTC? As far as I know they have a decent category of apps and update them periodically. Unless we are just hating Samsung for the sake of it, but it is all windows phone to me.
  • Yeah, Samsung do show more support than HTC and I get the feeling that most of the hate is because they show more support for Android than Windows Phone. Whatever way the haters try to justify their hate it comes down to that simple fact. However, support is support regardless of how much effort is put into it!!
  • Really, better support than HTC? I'm on the official release GDR3 with HTC bug fixes included.
  • Samsung devices got GDR2 before others, your point is? You obviously have an 8XT on Sprint, what other HTC devices have GDR3? -That's right, none of them. Updates aren't the only way of showing support, when was the last time HTC release an app of their own for their Windows Phones?
  • I've had  2 or 3 updates to HTC Apps since I've owned the 8XT.  
    I like the fact that I'm not waiting on a device maker to update a bunch of (some admittedly cool) apps.  That are further delayed by more carrier testing.
    And yes, I do equate updates & bug fixes to support.  Coming from the 'old' Moto...I'll take it.  If you equate heavy app integration to support, then yes, our measuring stick is different.  I'd prefer a vanilla WP8 experience + quicker updates over to a heavy handed approach.
    However, if we're both honest, I think we're arguing over who's #2...I think HTC's shown luke warm support, and Samsung's support has been mildly they both could (and should) do better.
  • Theoretically, the update is out (GDR2).
    Practically - no one's got it. And i'm talking about unbranded devices. Samsung doesn't bother to push the update.
  • Not true. Samsung ATIV S Neo shipped with GDR2 pre-installed. How could they not push it if it's already got it? LOGIC
  • I had a Focus S before getting my Lumia 900 and the lack of support from AT&T and Samsung on that device was absolutely pathetic. To have a disappearing keyboard issue and a new version of WP7 out for months that fixed it but not have it available from AT&T to install is complete BS. In fact, I filed a complaint with the BBB and AT&T bought me my L900. I was happy with the outcome, but would have a very hard time even accepting another Samsung WP for free.
  • The fix for the disappearing keyboard bug was blocked by AT&T not Samsung.
  • First out the door with GDR2 is pathetic? 
  • Why is it pathetic? Remind me how long it took Nokia to roll out GDR2 again, even with the extras they added it was months after every other manufacturer
  • Apparently they are still yet to roll out the updates in some regions: Except Latin America, rest of the regions are comprentively in a good spot.
  • I had the Samsung Focus S and it never got 7.8. I might have saved money on a Lumia upgrade had Samsung showed some support there. It was a solid device and I loved how light it was. But, no support.
  • I don't believe it, wow.
  • Exactly a year - year and half too late.
  • So not exactly a year?
  • LOL.
  • Was looking forward to an Ativ last year, Samsung lost my business when they delayed the phone to Nokia, glad I made the switch.
  • Same with me n HTC. I loved my 8X and truly thought it was a great device, but my 928 is far superior in pretty much every aspect.
  • Really they should've launched this one on T-Mobile....
  • It should be quite obvious now that Tmo is not interested in carrying more WP devices, as its highly unlikely Samsung would deliberately withhold the phone after launching on two other carriers and already previously launched a WP8 device on Verizon.
  • I don't really know, but they are selling a lot of the Lumia 521s and they also have the 925.  Why do you think they won't sell any more WP devices?
  • Because they have to sell their iPhone stock
  • You could say the same thing about Verizon. The last it was reported, they where well off the ridiculous commitment they gave to Apple. Let's hope both continue to support WP so they can get out from under control of Apple.
  • T-Mobile was going to launch the original ATIV S last year. I bought a AS-IS ATIV S on eBay a few months ago and it turned out to be a prototype with T-Mobile USA customizations.
  • Yeah, but what is AT&T removing from this phone? The battery?
  • Hahahah yes i think that! .-.
  • Lol I essentially posted the same thing before reading yours
  • Lol that's hilarious
  • lol stop
  • hahaha
  • That wouldn't surprise me and they'll probably remove the screen as well :P
  • +1100 :P
  • Lol❕❕ Funny stuff,,,
  • Looks like a business phone. Has the design cues of a blackberry curve
  • I have to agree, but I would say that having an understated look makes the OS shine. What I mean by this is that when I'm showing the OS to someone I want the phone to get out of the way and the problem is that Nokia Windows Phones scream "look at me" all the time!!
  • I think my black 920 looks elegant. Not flashy at all.
  • My grey 925 looks premium and classy, in my opinion.
  • Don't get me wrong the design of the Lumia is nice but I feel that the colour of a phone is the least important thing, that's just my opinion though and you know what they say about those...
  • they make black and grey models for people like you who don't want a flashy color
  • True, but expandable storage and a replaceable batteries are not features of high end Nokia Windows Phones ;)
  • And what does a phones look do with a buisness or no-buisness phone to do?
    And this looks cheap if you ask me, just as SGS1,2,3.
  • OK, would you really go to work with a bright yellow phone?
  • Yes, I would!
    Are you not self confident and bothers you what everybody else is thinking about your phone?
    And you can still buy a white and black version!
  • I agree with what you are saying.
  • Wow... Just moving from being near exclusive from Sprint to AT&T and it already has a custom rom. go figure...
  • So does this mean there will be an official WP Central review now?
  • We have a good relationship with AT&T as in they care to send us review units, so yea. Having said that, I don't think this phone will sell well.
  • Good relationship?  How about admitting this site endorses AT&T and Nokia?  How about also admitting having a major bias against Samsung products and Sprint?
    What are your sources to confirm the Ativ S neo will not sell well, besides the CHEAP excuse of not having a review done for the Sprint based model, for which demanding or asisting in getting one done is now basis for a permanent ban as YOU ordered on the two product advocates sent by Sprint to help you buold the bridges you burned almost two years ago?
  • Never a wise idea to get in an argument with Daniel... Sign out and go into the witness protection program...
  • Lmfaowrotff❕❕❕❕
  • ;D
  • Daniel has not won a single argument against me since forever.  The reason for that is bringing half of the argument without any facts to defend himself after making a fool of himself time after time.
  • "Daniel has not won a single argument against me since forever"
    but: "History Member [for] 11 months 1 week"
    I'm not trolling...
  • Trolling for having the actual guts to expose the real fraud?  Mr Larson, you really need to took at yourself in front of a mirror before YOU call someone a troll.  Let me not get into the several reasons why you are the real TROLL.  
  • xD no,no, that's not what I meant lol. I meant that in not trying to be a troll, just expose truth. :)
  • I never aspire to be this guy.
  • Me neither
  • Lol...too funny
  • You know what else has a major bias against Sprint?
    LTE coverage.
  • S4GRU for you before you make another unresearched comment!
  • I have nothing against Samsung but I don't see the Neo selling well. It's now a year old phone in a slight modified (uglified) body. If it was free on contract or released last year like it should have been it might have sold better, but now at $100 is a no-go.
  • The same can be said aboit the Lumia 925/928 and even the 1020 (excluding the camera) in terms of specs. Sorry, but this argument of being a year old based on looks alone is lame, and surprisingly Rubino and I see eye to eye in regards to this issue. Sure, the colors on the Nokia Lumia line are appealing, however, it's not about looks. The internals and features of the Ativ line show consistency compared to the Lumia line.
  • Hey Daniel, I'm curious why you think this phone won't sell well? A lot of people seem to think 5" is the sweet spot for phones, and this one is the closest to that in the WP ecosystem. Also, it sold extremely well in Canada when it was available on multiple carriers.
  • Because it's a year old now. Maybe if they drop the price to $0 it will do better. They probably will in a month actually.
  • I'm a little confused, it's a year old but has the same hardware as current Nokia Windows Phones. How is that a problem?
  • I love my Ativ S, but when the 920 is $0 and the Neo lacks the larger battery of its international cousin for $99 more, Daniel is right. It won't sell well.
  • Neo, they base their claims just on looks, and not on specifications in hardware.
  • Perhaps someone think it's not selling well at all for Sprint. There is a reason why AT&T made an order, and it has to be the fact Sprint has nearly sold out twice for the Ativ S Neo. Sure, Windows Phone may not be a hot seller for Sprint or any other CDMA carrier in the US, but rest assured the Ativ S Neo has been a surprise seller for Sprint, and rumors of a third shipment may be ordered soon. Not everyone wants a Nokia Lumia device, and Sprint along with HTC and especially Samsung have help them prove it. Why? Because Nokia is still stuck in using homemade CDMA radios which are below current Qualcomm standards, which is why only Verizon is the only ones which would accept devices under those standards. Also, have in mind roaming partners of Verizon (which ironically includes Sprint in most of Puerto Rico as an example) have made it clear the Nokia Lumia devices sold by them may not work at all due to the obsolete radios used by Nokia.
  • On the forums, a Ting representative said that the Neo was a favourite among their customers. It's turning out to be a sleeper hit.
  • WP sells on its brand recognition. Right now the WP brand is synonymous with Nokia and Microsoft. Not Samsung.
  • Yeah, I love my Samsung Focus S, gave my previous Focus to my wife, was waiting for the ATIV S and then AT&T/Samsung gave me the finger. I'd go Sammy again, but when you compare this against the L925 at the same price (which AT&T will give me for $49.99) why would I go with a Neo S?
  • Because you won't need to return it due to the "Gears of death." Besides, you'll get a bigger screen and expandable memory. Although, I do think that L925 is the sexiest Nokia they have so far.
  • Cool I wish they made one more phone with buttons I hate touch sensitive buttons and everybody who uses my phone does too!
  • Nah man. More buttons on the screen, means more dirt on the screen. Then the buttons also start fading. No bueno imo.
  • More super exciting W8 hardware from Sammy
  • Why woukd anyone get this phone over Nokia's? I honestly do not see any reason to buy non-nokia windows phone.
  • Big screen phone on a budget.
  • 925=big screen, same price, Nokia support.
  • Yeah but, 925=no expandable storage, no removable battery!!
  • But you also have cloud storage and wireless charging.
  • So, Skydive isn't exclusive to Nokia devices and Wireless charging is a fad, a gimmick designed to make you think you're getting more for your money!!
  • Wireless charging is not a fad. It's a convenience that some people simply can live without.
  • If it's not a fad then why is Nokia the only one using it and why don't ALL their phones have it built in?
  • Why are people buying kits off eBay to add it to their current phones if it's a fad? And why would places like Starbucks add it into their tables?
  • Because it's cheaper than buying a new phone, I really don't think the majority of people are going to void their warranty to add inductive charging or go out of their way to buy a new phone just to get inductive charging. Starbucks adding inductive charging to their tables says you, where, says I!!?!
  • People can also live without change battery. I mean who carries batteries in their pockets?
  • I don't have to because the battery in my ATIV S lasts over a day depending on usage, but it's nice to have the option of a spare or extended capacity battery!!
  • S4 also has optional wireless charging...and nexus 4... And a ton of lumias...
  • Cloud storage doesn't solve everything. I have Zune pass for my music, but it would be nice to have enough storage to hold a lot more music. I'd like to be able to listen to music a lot more without needing to keep one eye on my data cap.
  • Smartphones are not meant to replace portable mp3 music players. Just enough to get by.
  • Maybe yours isn't, but mine is. So I make sure that it has enough storage capacity before buying.
  • 4.5" < 4.77"
  • Some people really want expandable storage and replaceable batteries.
  • Those are only for convenience. No Apple fan died yet for the lack. But hey, as long as it sells.
  • Really, lets see when RAW support hits the 1020 whether the lack of expandable storage is an issue for 41MP RAW files!!
  • I need expandable storage for my music. Reason I have a 521 right now and not 925
  • Smartphones are not meant to replace portable mp3 music players. Just enough to get by.
  • They should replace them. Why carry around an mp3 player and a smartphone when you can carry just one device that does it all. Simple.
  • Wouldn't it be nice if techies thought the same for w8.1 and RT? No! They label them as confusion. So...
  • They're buying the manufacturer name and the association that comes with it.
  • I suppose you Nokia users don't then? I buy my phones because they have the features I want, not for the name!!?!
  • Nokias got more features than any of the other lame non WP supporting OEMs.
  • I don't follow the crowd and buy a smartphone because it has Nokia written on it, I look at the features and then make a decision. I didn't need the camera that the 1020 has because I have a SLR, I wanted expandable storage and a removable battery as well as a large screen and a decent amount of internal storage, none of the high end of the Lumia range offered all of those.
  • Comes down to choice. I'm wrong in that respect. You are right. We all shop for those certain features. As for me, I'm sold on the Nokia camera quality and features and support.
  • Exactly, we all have different preferences and different things we look for in our devices. I'm never going to say that I hate Nokia, it's just their high end WP don't meet my needs. I have to say that Nokia has bought a lot in the way of developers to Windows Phone, I'm looking forward to FIFA 14.
  • Heard ATT removed the battery...
  • Just keep that poo away from WP, I don't want to see this horribly designed and tasteless colored rubbish.
  • +1
  • The same could be said of the Lumia "horribly designed and tasteless colored rubbish." That's if I hated the Lumia though ;)
  • Should hit all carriers. AT&T sure does do a good job of getting Windows Phones, and then not promoting them.
  • At one point, this phone was on all three major carriers in Canada, and it sold extremely well despite the lack of Nokia's apps, and despite it coming after Nokia's and HTC's WP8 launch devices. So availability is the key. Exclusivity is terrible for a device.
  • I agree wholheartedly. Microsoft should've helped find a way to get Windows Phones on as many carriers as possible. The reason Android does so well is because it's fricken everywhere. Winodws Phone's presence in the U.S. market is very weak. They have a couple of phones at official Verizon stores (but none at Verizon kiosks at malls or retail stores like Best Buy). They have 2 phones at T-Mobile. One phone at Sprint. (And again, no phones at any of T-Mobile's or Sprint's outsourced kiosks). But if you walk into any of those types of Best Buy stores, there are like 2 iPhone models, 0 Windows Phones, and 4 dozen Androids. Giving all of the Windows Phones to AT&T in the U.S. and not the other carriers is the main reason why Windows Phone is not taking off quickly in the U.S. So dumb.
  • Nice addition.
  • Let's hope it's third-column hackable.
  • My understanding is that the third column is dependent on screen size and not resolution as previously thought.  So this phone should be able to do it.
  • Its already been Interop-Unlocked and SamWP8 Tools supports it, so afaik it works.
  • Its ugly o.O
  • Agreed... Really no OEMs are matching the design prowess of Nokia
  • Funny, I prefer the look of this over every Lumia. To each his own.
  • True, everyone sees things differently
  • Like those hippies that see shapes in the clouds! Lol =P
  • +1
  • Samsung could've easily just gave us an S4 variant now that windows phone supports quad core processors
  • Hope Samsung does this but even this good for the platform
  • I think the S4 WP device is coming. My bet is probably at MWC along with a HTC WP One variant and MS will announce both will take full advantage of WP8.1.
  • Agreed.
  • Hell I want a Note 3 variant. Maybe AT&T won't butcher it.
  • Me too....ever since like forever
  • The more the merrier. But its up against a nice suit of Nokia apps, and the Here brand.
  • The HERE apps are on all Windows Phones so it's really just Nokia apps!!
  • HERE is all I ever cared about. So, I'm happy on that end :-)
  • I would have jumped in this before but with Sammy & HTC releasing new devices soon with 1080p screens, this is kind of DOA. My next phone is definitely Samsung or HTC in July so if neither come with anything compelling (or I'm broke), this will be my next phone, but I doubt it.
  • Why not Nokia? What's your opinion on them?
  • I prefer their phone designs over Nokia as well as their high-end phones now are typically 4.7 or 4.8.
  • I would recommend the Samsung then...i keep hearing horror stories about bad hardware/firmware issues with some HTC phones. Although it is probably just the 8x on certain carriers..? =[
  • A few months ago I would have been all over this.  But now there is a 1520 in my near future.
  • This is a pretty ugly phone. Samsung really needs to stop trolling Windows Phone like this.
  • In the words of Grumpy Cat: NO
  • Yeah, but doesn't Grumpy Cat sometimes say GOOD..? @_@
  • True, and actually Grumpy Cat is actually happy, it's her brother that isn't ;)
  • looks like a sleek and professional type phone. and a lot less bulky. if you want flower, colour and cuteness, get an iphone!
  • You don't know what "trolling" is.