Samsung ATIV S Neo

The Samsung ATIV S Neo will be launching on AT&T on November 8th. Announced today, the Samsung Windows Phone will be available for $99.99 when taken out with a two-year contract. Already available over on Sprint, you'll soon be able to pick the first Samsung Windows Phone 8 device on AT&T. What's more is this device will enable you to take full advantage of LTE.

Sporting a 4.77-inch HD display, expandable memory (16GB integrated) and the dual-core CPU, the ATIV S Neo is a worthy upgrade if you're arriving from competitor platforms, or upgrading from a previous generation Samsung Windows Phone. An 8MP rear shooter will help you prevent missing those special moments, and the 1.9MP front-facing camera can be utilised for Skype calls.

AT&T will also include 5GB free online storage with its Locker service. Head on over to the AT&T website for more details.

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