Samsung ATIV S, HTC 8X, Nokia Lumias listed on Italian carrier TIM

The HTC 8X, Nokia Lumias and Samsung ATIV S are to be pushed by the carrier TIM in Italy. The latter is priced at €599 and is subsidised by TIM on the 300 €20/month plan or €10/month with the All Inclusive 700/1500 plan. Both are 30 month contracts, which is a little over the two year deals we are generally used to in Europe.

The HTC 8X, priced at €549, is available on 24 months plans with the choice of the 300 plan for €15/month or the All Inclusive 700/1500 plan for €10/month. Both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 are also listed on the TIM website, but are not available with a subscription plan.

The Lumia 920 can be purchased for €599 (black and white), while the Lumia 820 is listed at €499 (black, white and red). It's good to see the ATIV S making its way to consumers. Note that all Windows Phones aren't available just yet, but are indeed listed.

Source: TIM (opens in new tab), via: Windows Phone Italy

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I am ready for the Ativ S
  • +1
  • Does anyone know when that elusive HTC Zenith will be popping its head up?
  • Haven't even heard about it since that road map for HTC came out. I believe it is coming, but who knows when.
  • Good price on the 920, I just hope it won't be overly overpriced when it comes to Croatia. But, HTC 8X costs 662 € off contract, so... :/
  • Likely 599€ like most of the Europe.
    Getting my red Lumia 920 this week here in Sweden. 
  • Waiting for Vodafone...
  • With supply issues with existing countries, is it wise to compound the problem by adding even more countries to the waiting list?
  • The HTC 8S is listed, too!
  • WP +US != WP -US :'(
  • WRONG!
    You guys use a not so reliable source (windows phone italy) IMHO
    Both Nokia's Lumia 920 and 820 are also available with a subscription.
    Lumia 920 has the same price as HTC 8X, 10Euros/month with All Inclusice 700/1500 for 24 months, or 15Euros/month with All Inclusive 300 or All Smarphone.
    Or you can get for 5 euros less a month the Lumia 820
  • In addition to that I told them, also the other 3 operators are offering the new Windows Phones.
  • God I want an ativ s but that lumia 920 is awfully nice as well..... What to do!