Samsung DeX app now available for Windows and Mac

What you need to know

  • The Samsung DeX app is now available for Windows and Mac.
  • The app allows the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ to project the DeX experience onto a computer.
  • The app requires a Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+ and doesn't work with older Galaxy devices.

The Samsung DeX app (opens in new tab) is now available for Windows and Mac. The app allows users to connect the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ to their computer and use a desktop experience powered by their phone. DeX also works with monitors, but the Samsung DeX app allows users to convert any Windows PC or Mac into a screen for their DeX experience.

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The Samsung DeX app is free and works with Windows 7, Windows 10, and Mac OS versions higher than 10.13. Samsung's post announcing the availability of the app (opens in new tab) outlines some of the advantages of using DeX on a computer, including being able to use files stored locally on your phone during a presentation and being able to play mobile games on a larger screen.

One of the major drawbacks of using Samsung DeX is that many monitors don't have a spare mouse or keyboard attached. The Samsung DeX app allows you to control the DeX experience with your computer's mouse and keyboard.

Several apps have been optimized to work with Samsung DeX, including Microsoft Office and Microsoft Remote Desktop. Other popular apps like YouTube, Twitch, and Adobe Premiere Rush also work through Samsung DeX.

While Samsung DeX as a platform works with older Galaxy phones and Galaxy Tab devices, the Samsung DeX app for Windows and Mac only works with a Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy Note 10+.

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  • Good grief. Why would anyone want to do that? First, you can already connect a Samsung smartphone to a dock and get DeX (I tried it already using my Lumia dock). Second, WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO DO THAT? Sheesh.
  • ... I want to hook my phone up to my laptop so I can use anything I want from my phone on my laptop without having to go back to my phone physically. I am able to switch from my work tasks immediately over to my phone without having to move away from my keyboard and mouse. Not sure why you think this isn't useful...
  • Damnit Samsung! Make this work on my S10+! If this doesn't translate to the S10 series in the next couple months, I'll never buy a Samsung again. It's remarkably sad that Samsung is so bad about updates to previous devices, especially when the device hasn't even been out for 6 months... There's no technical reason for this to not work on any other One UI devices, but of course they're going to wait until they've fleshed out a significant update for the S10 series. I had to manually download and push an update to my S10+ (unlocked variant) because I hadn't received any OTAs in 2+ months.
  • This is stupid. My S10, which uses the SAME chip and has very similar specs to the Note, cannot do this? I hate Samsung sometimes.
  • What bummer of an exclusivity
  • ... the realization of the full potential of Continuum. Love my Pixel and impressed with S10/Note 10, still feel like android lacks some small polishes