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The Samsung Galaxy S6, complete with 115GB of OneDrive, OneNote and Skype

Remember those recent rumors about Microsoft services coming pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy S6? Turns out they were true. Now the phone (and its sibling, the Galaxy S6 edge) is officially official we know that it's a thing, but a pretty limited thing. OneDrive and OneNote are preloaded, with 115GB (odd number, sure) of free storage for two years, and the hands-on our buddies at Android Central had showed Skype was also pre-loaded on the demo units.

So, there we have it. If you're curious to find out more about the Galaxy S6, head on over to Android Central for everything you'll need to know.

  • Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Wow!!! That's good!!! On your face google!!!
  • Absolutely!!
  • Google will crumble after this news. Hopefully :/
  • Thank god! It doesn't have Tizen OS :P
  • *in your face
    Would have been better if it came with wp version as well
  • Agreed wish HTC one m9 and s6 came with windows version right then would've been bigger for WP!
  • This is what I want to know. Will there be a Windows 10 One M9 (wow, that's a mouthful)?
  • I think there will.
    But it will most likely be named "HTC One M9 for Windows"
  • Highly doubt it. HTC's excuse for the delay of the M8 was the Microsoft/Nokia deal. This year they had no excuse and not only they DIDN'T present a W9 (for abreviation), they released a smartband that's compatible with Android and iOS but NOT Windows Phone.
  • Yep! Microsoft has their work cut out for them..
    They can't expect respect until they earn it. But, if they do some right things in 2015 they might get a little.
  • Alot of mouths to feed there...
  • Then maybe we don't need the #10?
  • HTC M10
  • M9W
  • Only after W10. Then SD810 will be supported.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 support for Snapdragon 810........Windows 10 Phone has support for Snapdragon 820 October release date.
  • Sure wish it had a dedicated camera button for quick launch like lumias and a cam like today's standards. Heard the camera is better but not that good STILL
  • ^^^ What He Said
  • At first that's what I thought this article was about...
  • Akash294. Thanks for that grammar/word police. We all got his point and that is the real point of communicating. And if someone is from another country, they may say it as "on your face". Don't be so American centric.
  • Well, Google still gets to keep the play store... Which is slightly the biggest store out there, and what Google makes all their revenue on.
  • Haha, totally wrong. Revenue stream and profits come mostly from ads, 90% of the revenue and profits is adrelated (desktop and mobile ads). Only 10% revenue and profit come from other Google products and services. This effectively means that most of Google's products and services are losing money. The apps/play store is lossmaking, just like Youtube, Google Docs, Google Hangout, Google Cloud, Google Fiber, Android Gear, Google Glass, Google Car and most other services from Google. Even after more than a decade of investments, projects and new product developments Google is still too dependant on ads. Diversification has proved to be a big challenge and a huge problem for Google. Larry Page has stated time and time again how difficult it is to bring new products or services succesfully to the market.    
  • Most of those services are designed to lose money. They are willing to take the loss because each of those products drives people to see Google ads. So, while they might lose money themselves, they mean a higher ad revenue at the end.
  • by listing and monitoring everything people do on these so call FREE Google products, so they can sell your privet info to third parties for $$$$$$ and ads. Google is an Advertising comp, and 96% of their rev comes form that. sooooooo many people just have no idea about that. how many honest advertising comp do you all know??????? -0- none. So Google does not care whatsoever about your personal info or your privacy, as long as they can make HUGE money on YOU, in the backend. Google Prods might be free, however, its anything BUT FREE. Windows ALL THE WAY. I will hold on to my 1520, till new version comes out later this year, or Samsung, LG, HTC, Oppo,....... comeout with their flagship phns in Windows 10. 
  • Haha. Your wrong too. Google dont give a crap about the money lost from play store. Each click is what they want. As well as the fact that you buy an Android os phone. Cause they make money off the phones os as well. Afterall they made it.
  • Google doesn't solely depend on Samsung but WP depends on its unqiue services and features...IMO with HERE, Cortana, OneNote and OneDrive "gone" to other platforms its on the face of WP and its future..
    In case of Google... It wouldn't even make a dent.
  • WP isn't a corporation, but Google and Microsoft are. MS is far more diversified than Google is. This hurts Google far more than Microsoft. But you do hint at the fact that it doesn't help WP users, and I agree with that sentiment.
  • Yeah. Microsoft is not losing anything by doing this( In fact they'll be profited if I'm not wrong). But number of reasons to buy WP would decrease now.
  • No matter how attractive this edge design is, I'll never buy Samsung.
  • I agree with you Cheng...
  • i feel the same way about PURE EVIL CrApple, way Overrated, Hyped-Up, 4 Years Behind Others,...........iJUNK garbage. If these awesome Samsung phns will come in Windows 10 later this year, I would for sure buy one. Maybe the Note 5 version(since i like large screens phns like my Lumia 1520, as i can NOT stand small screen phns). CrApple SUCKS, now i'm feeling the same way about Google crap too lately. 
  •  It could also bolster WP in the long run. If  W10 does what Microsoft wants it to do and unifies the platform across all devices folks will likely give Microsoft phones a look that otherwise dont now. It could also help in the sales chanel with sales folks who currently learn one platform and push customers in that direction. If they use W10 daily and realize phone is just an extention of the platform they may be more comfortable selling it. Its a coin toss at this point and the coin is still in the air.  W10 needs to be a sucess and I think it will be.
  • These apps have always been available on Samsungs and Google Play.
  • People at more likely to check out or use the app if it is preloaded
  • I feel like this was part of their license dispute deal. "Ok Samsung, we'll drop the licensing fee, but in return: You must preload our content and set out services to the default on new devices."
  • Exactly. That's what I also thought when the news of the deal broke.
  • I second that.
  • They should have got more out of it then. Like Office, Outlook, and Bing installed.
  • maybe, aslo, Samsung promised to make Windows version of these phns too. Maybe when Win10 comes out we will see some killer flagship phns by Samsung as well. Personally i think, EVERYONE, should work together and kick EVIL CrApple's ass, so hard they will not be able to get up, and to brainwash, mislead, pretend, LIE, Fool,...............those poor iSHEEP any more.  
  • Nice, can they also preinstall Windows 10 for Phones?
  • Probably not, since the S6 comes with an Exynos SoC. If they would install a Qulacomm SoC it might be possible. The HTC One M9 on the other hand...
  • Lol ... Still Google services are there. Jumping around for this minor thing? How's windows phone doing? Google asks. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Lol. What a sad victory if you think about it. This likely won't directly affect Windows Phone or it's sales and Google apps will still be on the phone. Don't you see that Play Store icon there? Also it is an indirect victory for Google, it basically shows how Microsoft has given up on it's own platform and are trying to give freebies on Android to make themselves relevant on mobile. While Android reaps in revenue in the billions. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why spewing poison, man?
  • Really? Does Google putting all its apps on iOS show that Google has given up on Android? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do you see Google desperately trying to go after iOS trying to give it nearly 10x more storage on Google Drive just to get some hold on mobile a bit? I mean the S6 is loaded up with 115 GB of OneDrive storage, remind me again how much free storage is on a 1520? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why, it has nothing to do with Google at all. Google doesn't care. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Tea bagging Google as we speak.
  • It would be nice for some to see the Ative Edge xD
  • I wish Samsung would go with Odyssey instead...ATIV sounds weak =/
  • I think he meant "active" edge. As in the galaxy s6 active with an edge look
  • Samsung ATIV 2 with Windows 8.1 Update 2 with Snapdragon 810 or 815.
  • Nice dream
  • We could use all four...
    Note4 Edge
    GS6 Edge...... All with W10
  • Cool... We need a MSFT flagship like Samsung Edge series
  • It will come.. We've to be patient
  • I've been windows phone 7 user from the beginning (year 2010). I'm done with this sinking OS, jumping to iPhone wagon when iPhone 7 comes out this year
  • Go now, why wait, nobody's holding you.
  • MS Lumia 940/1040/1540 With Windows 10 Phone and Snapdragon 815 or 820
  • Microsoft better be planning something huge with the next high end devices❗❗❗
    These phones by Samsung & HTC are really impressive... By the looks of the WP OS getting slower in recent versions maybe 3gb of ram isn't such a bad idea.
  • 15 usual gb 100 gb for two years, there you have your odd number... Btw what does Samsung for us? What does SCREWGLE for us?
  • "What does Samsung [do] for us?"
    Umm, preloads Microsoft services and sets them as the defaults so new phone buyers are exposed to Microsoft before they're exposed to Google, hopefully helping to drive people into Microsoft's loving arms?
    "What does SCREWGLE [do] for us?"
    Nothing, at all. Google wasn't a part of this decision, and in fact I'm sure they're flaming right now, because Google and Samsung already have a very bitter relationship, this is only going to add strain to that.
  • Aside from setting search default to Bing (can't do that or device can't be shipped with Google Services) or setting the dialer to default to Skype (won't do that) the only thing Samsung can do for MS here is prominently display the app icons. It'll be up to the user to choose to use OneDrive, OneNote or Skype. Even then, on carrier locked devices the apps that get prominently displayed on the home screen are set by the carrier. This won't do much for MS, and if the user doesn't already have an account for these services the conversion rate will be a blip. Google doesn't give a squirt about this.
  • True, but you'd be surprised as to what changing the defaults can do as far as new users getting involved. This won't do anything for established Android users, but for those getting their very first smartphone and who don't know anything about technology: They might just assume that's what they're "supposed" to use. Especially when those icons are the first ones they see, as opposed to Google's offerings.
  • But there aren't defaults to change aside from search or the dialer, and those aren't going to change. OneNote, OneDrive and Skype will all require the user to choose to use them, which is fine if that user either has or is willing to set up an account. Then again, the user might just choose to use the services that work once they log in to their device. A new user that just had to either create or log in to a Google account to activate their device isn't gong to touch creating an MS account to use MS services. This isn't some seamless process switching out these services, and I think that anyone that doesn't have a Microsoft account isn't gong to mess with this.
  • True, but again: If the first icons a new user sees are OneDrive, OneNote, Skype, etc., they might feel inclined to use them, simply because those will be more obvious than Google Drive and Google Hangouts.
  • They'll only be the first icons that a user sees if Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and/or Sprint don't have an app layout that excludes them from the home screen. I've only seen a few images of the S6 from MWC and they showed the MS apps in a folder, not front and center. If a user has to sign up for a second (MS) account to use these apps while others work their phone (Google) account, that's bad for MS.
  • Plus, new smartphone users normally don't buy high-end phones but buy mid-level or entry-level phones initially. So if these Microsoft services are not going to be pre-installed in Samsung's mid/entry-level phones, in effect Microsoft is left holding the short end of the bargain. Nice way for Samsung to get away from paying what they owe Microsoft.
  • I watch a UK shopping channel that regularly sell cheap Android phones. The always make a big deal of the fact that you can Skype on these devices. Not sure if it is because Skype has become the generic term for video calling our if Hangouts is really bad. Although I have two android phones I have never used Hangouts as none of my close friends or family use Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hangouts is great. Skype is great. Either is much better than Facetime.
  • @Swim
    If you're going to correct grammar, you may as well spell correctly too. I'm *flamming* right now. :/
  • Fixed it, happy? :P
  • So you guys are ok with Microsoft making better apps for android? That was not the point though but I'm not ok with that :/
  • What's the spec sheet?
  • On Android Central... Lol
  • Oh I need to just compare it with other Wphones. ;) Does that make the question 'WindCentral' ?
  • Exynos (4x 2.1ghz and 4x 1.5ghz) 3Gb of RAM 2560x1440 resolution screen/ 5.1" 16MP camera   Those are the comparable things. Then again, it isn't easy to compare because we don't know how good the Exynos is or how bad Touchwiz is.
  • Imagine phones with these hardware specs running windows !
  • It would be a waste of resources because windows phone os doesn't need this much. Resolution would make a difference though.
  • Imagine apps/games which are resource intensive running on WP with this spec ! Like a video conversion software, audio editing software, games with high graphics etc etc.
  • Some games even smaller ones are resource hungry so it does get better if it have.
  • Comment of the year, already
  • Even if the OS doesn't, apps might. Imagine how beautiful games can be.
  • There are two different versions of Galaxy S6 -Exynos 7420, 16MP, 3GB RAM
    -Snapdragon 810, 20MP, 4GB RAM
    Both have 1440p and 2600 mAh battery
  • On what planet? The s6 only has the exynos.
  • That was a rumor Exynos 7420 only! Don't get me wrong the Snapdragon 810 does have bad yields on 20nm with no custom built cores "Taipan architecture" like in the Snapdragon 815 "810 refresh" and NEW 14nm Snapdragon 820 both do out in October at the same time as Windows 10 Phone by the way!
  • Their is no Snapdragon model. Haven't heard of that anywhere. The Exynos is much better than the Snapdragon at this point. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm surprised Office and Outlook weren't also preinstalled.
  • I think the demo units sent to people aren't final builds so those may end up pre-installed in the final version.
  • because they are still in beta on android.
  • google must be crying... in a corner, feeling sad, very sad...
  • I'm sure they're worried about the effect this will have on Google Drive, but I really don't think they care that much about Keep and Hangouts.
  • It's more than that though. These services lead to Bing and Maps as well. This has the potential to be bad for google. It probably wont be, but does have the potential.
  • Lol yeah they must be shaking... Not.
  • Hahah xD
  • Microsoft better have a great flag ship because the the S6 and the one M9 look really good.
  • S6 looks like the same as last couple years. They're at that iPhone point where there's nothing new to do.
  • It looks somewhat different and I like the design. Also the features look good as well. Are you watching the live stream?
  • Nothing new to do?  The edge has a curved screen that has really never been done before.  And a brand new metal frame with glass back.  This phone is vastly different than previous galaxy s models.
  • It's not vastly different. Design is the same, the materials used are better. No waterproof, microsd, or removable battery.
  • Never been done before?
    The Note Edge came out last year.
  • Metal frame with glass back? That has been done by Apple several years ago in the iPhone 4/4S.
  • That basically means more time to focus on their apps.(it only took them 3 years to port their printing app)
  • Didn't take long for someone to start crying about a MS flagship.
  • The S6 looks truly horrible!
    I honestly don't care how good the innards are. That outer design is one of the worst I have seen in a loooong time!
  • It's like Samsung going back to the original galaxy S. A blatant copy of the iphone 6 just like the galaxy S compared to iphone 3Gs.
    But I kinda like the S6 edge, at least it is different.
  • I'm going to buy the S6 Edge. Back to Samsung for me especially with the improved charging and battery life.might switch back to WP when Windows 10 comes out in 2016 with a Lumia 1040
  • I don't blame you. It comes out around April 10
  • The galaxy s looked nothing like an iPhone 3g.
  • -Windows 8.1 Update 2 is in April with Snapdragon 810 -Windows 10 Phone is in October with Snapdragon 815 / 820
  • Proof??
  • So that was the agreement between MS and Samsung :D Next step - wp Galaxy S6 :)
  • I doubt very much we will be getting a WP version of S6. If we're getting any Samsung high-end, it'll probably be a WP port on the S5 - there are a lot of the Android S5 left in Samsung's wharehouse... and porting WP 8.1 or W10 is a good way to get rid of those and at the same time keep Microsoft appeased over what Samsung owe's them.
  • Nah not good enough. Needed to come preloaded with the outlook app also. All of office, not sure if the msn apps at available for the android but those as well. The band app with a coupon to buy a band. I can think of a number of other things.
  • It should have an Ativ SE trapped to the back of it too.
  • ALL Microsoft's services are available on Android. You have Outlook, ALL the MSN apps, OneDrive, OneNote, Office, Authenticator, Skype and all the other stuff available on Google's Play Store.   IF Microsoft's SERVICES is what compels you to have a Windows Phone instead of an Android one, you should know that you can safely switch to Android and your Microsoft services will all be there waiting for you.
  • Galaxy S6 still runs Android...
  • I think he is referring about it coming preloaded as it would probably not make Google very happy as they are direct competitors to Googles own services.
  • they are still in Beta on the android platform, im sure that folder will be updated with the full suite once those apps exit beta.
  • Big get for Microsoft
  • No Windows phone version, not interested
  • Most likely Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 With Snapdragon 810 in April
  • How? This device only runs the Exynos. Where on God's green earth did you read that it would have a SD810? Source please.
  • Similar to the S4, the upcoming Galaxy S6 will have two versions - one with Qualcomm's 810 mobile chips built using TSMC's 20nm process technology and the other with Samsung's own 14nm solutions, the sources noted.
  • That's no source it's a link for a subscriber only article. I'm not paying for something I know Samsung hasn't confirmed. As of now, Samsung has only mentioned it's own Exynos for the GS6
  • Why does microsoft give them so much? :3
  • tbh, Microsoft gave away 100GB of free OneDrive storage to everyone on earth just last week. This is nothing special they're doing here, just pre-installing some apps.
  • So are we supposed to buy the S6?  Getting more difficult to wait.  *Almost* every Microsoft app that I use on WP has a superior Android one :) There are some great 3rd party developers on WP, but I really think Microsoft needs to step up, i.e GroupMe, OneDrive, MSN apps.. Can downvote me, but deep down we all know the truth :P  
  • You must wait. :P
  • Yeah, ZenFone 2 might break me though lol
  • I think the OneDrive WP app has come leaps and bounds. Far better now with the new design.
  • Windows 10 Phone is far superior to Android 5 but have to wait until October release date and Snapdragon 815 / 820
  • What is the price expected in India
  • 2 to 3 tech support center scams.
  • Hahahahaha yes XD
  • Maybe a w10 variant is in the works?
  • Yeah a Windows 8.1 Update 2 with Snapdragon 810
  • Troll? Lol
  • Android Troll? Lol
  • Apple ;)
  • Soooo...HTC announces flagship Android device (One M9).  Samsung announces flagship S6/S6 Edge.  So far all I have heard from Microsoft is the low-mid 640/640xl.  I really hope there is more than than.  Otherwise it is a flop.  I need to device to get EXCITED about.  And thus far, it is NOT on the Windows Phone platform.
  • M9 is supposed to have a Windows Phone version, and the M8 already has a Windows Phone version... Besides, M9 and S6 aren't much different from their predecessors.
  • I'm sure the M9 version will launch around the time of W10 for smartphones. But we'll see!
  • S6 is different from its predecessor. Wireless charging, fast charging, battery not removable and glass back. An iPhone copy sure, but I like it.
  • Because the 640 is so vastly different to the 630, right?
  • What is Samsung upto here.?
  • You guys should realize that a flagship Lumia won't be announced until closer to the release of Windows 10.
  • What's funny is low end 640 has almost the same specs as the iPhone 6
  • No it doesn't.
  • The 830 does though
  • give me s6 running on w10!!
  • Hear hear
  • Just dumbstruck
  • What's the point? There are too many ignorant people out there who will criticize the MS apps.
  • I hate Samsung nd Android
  • I love it!
  • As a ATIV S owner with no Windows 8.1 Upgrades now hate Samsung....but always hated Android.
  • Really?? I also have an ativ S and have had w8.1 officially before most Nokia phone...
  • Eagerly waiting for W10 version
  • Windows 10 Phone not till October Till then we shall have Windows 8.1 Update 2 in April
  • Better see a high end Win 10 phone from Samsung!!! Get with the program.
  • Nice. Now make it with wp 8.1.1 and capable for w10 upgrade
  • Ditto
  • Well Windows 8.1 Update 2 With Snapdragon 810 in April/May but Windows 10 Phone won't be ready till October/November very late in the year but same time as the Snapdragon 815 "810 refresh" and new Snapdragon 820 with Adreno 530 graphics.
  • Do you have any firm dates, or are these educated guesses? I was working on August to September for W10. The Snapdragon 815 & 820 surely won't be in any phone released this year.
  • Oh please stfu!
  • Is this another step for Samsung breaking its dependence on Google?
  • Hope so.
  • Lol this is the contract between Microsoft and Samsung?! There are no S6 Windows phone version :')
  • Wow that thing is ugly. Lol
  • Still ugly as f*** XD
  • you must be talking about the EVIL CrApple's Most Overrated, Hyped-Up, 4 yeard BEHIND others,........iFUCK garbage. These S6 and S6 Edge phn looks AWESOME. 
  • Looks like Samsung are pushing google to get their way... Could end badly for both parties! But the fight is fun :)