Samsung Giving Away Extended Batteries

So the knocks on the Cingular BlackJack are twofold: no WiFi and terrible battery life. On the battery-life front, Cingular has been packing a free spare battery in their retail packages for a little while now - recently even updating it to a extended battery. Apparently, though, they want to share the love with the early adopters who didn't get so lucky with this rebate form - simply punch in your IMEI and phone # and they'll send out that extended battery to ya.

For the rest of you non-Blackjack owners, you still have until noon EST today to enter Day 6 of our Prize-A-Day contest, where we are giving away, yes, a spare battery for any WM device.

I saw this while tooling around the internet today. If you have a Cingular/ATT Blackjack, then you need to check this out. Cingular/ATT is offering a free battery (or so it seems) to all legitimate BJ owners.  All you have to do is surf to this page, fill out the three part form, and score a free battery.

Thanks to Gear Diary for the tip!

WC Staff