Yesterday, Samsung announced a few phones, two of which are Windows Mobile. While nothing earth-shattering, new Windows Mobile phones are becoming a rare thing these days and messenger-devices even more so.

Mobility Minded got their hands on the new Samsung Omnia Pro 4 (B7350) which features Windows Mobile 6.5.3

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  • 320x320
  • 2.62" screen (AMOLED?)
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • 3.2MP camera
  • Quad-GSM/dual-band 3G
  • WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS
  • 1500mah battery
  • CPU = ? 

Mobility Minded seemed to like the device noting

My first impression was a very responsive Windows Phone that combines the versatality of a touchscreen and Windows Mobile 6.5.3 with a full QWERTY hardware keyboard, that makes e-mail, sms and text-input on Twitter, Facebook or other social media clients extremely easy.

While still not the power-house messenger-device we dream of, the Omnia Pro 4 looks decent enough for those of you still attached to that OS and form-factor--both of which we fully understand. Read the rest for the full report.

[Mobility Minded via WMPoweruser]