Samsung Omnia W popular on Telenor

The Samsung Omnia W, a second generation Windows Phone, is proving to be pretty popular in Sweden on Telenor. The carrier has the device listed on their "most popular" page joining the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Nokia N9 and HTC Sensation. We've only just covered the Omnia W arriving to Telenor, so this is a positive sign of the demand for a Mango handset.

Source: Telnor, via: thanks Peter for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Just a heads up
    the title of the article says "Samsing"
  • Rich is on the Wine Gums again. ;)
  • I hope that people realize that this position on the popular page could very well be sponsored. It doesn't really say much.
    I'm not a hater, just realistic. This isn't a trustworthy source for success.
  • I agree. The page doesn't say most popular, it says the newest and most popular. I haven't seen a single ad for Omnia W here so I doubt people even know it exists.
  • I have just two things to say about this...
    1. Samsung in Sweden has the worlds worst support. The problems with the Omnia 7 is not fixed for hundreds of customers!! So buying a Samsung phone in Sweden is a very risky move.
    2. Where are the commercials? I note that Lumia 800 is selling good in those countries where Nokia is doing their marketing push!. People really dont care if they buy Android or Windows Phone. They just buy the latest greatest phone. And that sadly is iPhone 4S and Android. The former through brand recognition and the later through advertising. I can just note that HTC is selling the Desire XL (as seen in the picture) and advertising it on TV commercials in Sweden. Not a word about the Titan which came out before it!! And what are they saying about the Desire XL? The Tv commercial say its BIG!! In my eyes they could as well chosen to advertise the Titan with the exact same arguments and I am sure that 80% of the Desire XL purchases would have gone to Windows Phone! Shame on HTC to only promoting Android!!
    As I love WP7 this makes me even more ignorant of HTC and Samsung. I will only concider Nokia phones as they seem to be the only "real" partner from my Swedish viewpoint! Sad but true!
  • The text by the red dot under it also says its only avalible for pre-order, presumed deliverance was this week which means it's already late by a week. Not beeing negative or anytihng, just saying.
  • Good news as more users welcome and embrace Windows Phone 7.