Samsung Video Call app now in the Marketplace [Mango]

Although none of us can use it due to the lack of a front-facing camera, Samsung's new Video Call app just landed in the Marketplace.

"3G video call lets you talk to your family and friends with both voice and video. To use 3G video call, the caller must have a 3G mobile phone capable of 3G video call too. Please note that 3G video call rate can be different from your normal voice call rate. Also, different rate is applied to roaming video call."

Okay, so it's not exactly the killer video call app out there, but it could be cool if you know some folks with Samsung phones, we suppose. That and while we all await the arrive of Skype of course. You can download here, though it won't launch on your phone--unless you have a Focus S, of course.

via: WMPU

Daniel Rubino

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  • Has anyone thought to make a small camera that plugs into the micro USB so phones without a FFC can make video calls too?
  • They don't exactly say if this is for Windows Phone's only, or all Samsung Phones with Front facing camera and 3G. If I could video chat with my friend on his Galaxy S 2 with my Omnia 7, that would be epic.
  • You can, with Tango.
  • Oh boy.
  • Considering this uses the cellular network and normal video calling channels, I'm assuming this goes to any phone compatible with video chat (including those from 10 years ago) - Not just Samsungs.I'd say that's 'the killer video call app' that we've all been waiting for, to be honest.
  • It is just using cellular data as opposed to wi-fi. You're still going to have all the compatability issues that exsist today. This isn't going to be a magical video calling catch all.
  • No, it calls a cellular number.There were never any compatibility issues, and the magical video calling 'catch all' I believe you're thinking about is 3G Video Calling, which has been around since 2001, never had any compatibility issues, is a standard, and is supported by all 3G networks.The fact that Apple went and created their own **** and then manufacturers/operating systems ignored the fact that video calling existed so removed it.How do you not remember the turning phones in the 3G world such as NEC e606, Motorola A1000, etc?
  • "Although none of us can use it due to the lack of a front-facing camera, Samsung's new Video Call app just landed in the Marketplace."Chuck Norris can use it... with the HTC Trophy... on T-Mobile... under water.Really though, if they allow the back camera, you could thereifixedit with some fine mirror angling using 2 mirrors. ;-P
  • I have been able to download the Samsung Video calling app from marketplace onto my focus S. But when I try doing video call I get a message - “Video call is not supported on this device. Check the mobile phone coverage on your mobile operator” Anybody having a clue to what it is and how I can resolve this issue. I already ensured that I am in 4G coverage area and data call is also enabled.