Santa Claus shows up in France; brings giant Nokia Lumia 800 and joy to the world [More Photos]

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and this year he's bringing you a Giant frickin' Windows Phone. On the Champs Elysees in Paris, France, there has arrived a 30 foot tall Nokia Lumia 800 (which we told you about earlier). We've gotten a few more photos from the event unfolding just off of the main street, and it turns out that the phone does indeed bring peace and joy to the masses; Santa Claus himself is the star of the show for each person that comes up to see the magnificent display. Children are accompanied by parents as they all file through and call, text or video chat with Santa Claus himself right up on the big screen. WP7 has scored a double-win in their market this month: parents get a chance to make thier kids excrutiatingly happy with each mega-sized phone call, and they also get to check out the latest new smartphone offerings from Nokia.

The innards of the giant phone remind us a bit of the 55 foot tall Windows Phone that was put on display in New York City. While passers-by only see a giant working screen (because yes, this is a real, live, working Mango phone out there), behind the scenes is a myriad of technicians, computers, engineers and one jolly St. Nick working to make every transition, phone call, text message and video call as enjoyable (and fluid) as possible. Away from the giant phone is a display-walkway of other more easily-grasped phones for people to try out, and we can't forget Santa's Helpers milling about and answering people's questions as they stop to look.

Now if only Santa would grant my wish and bring a Nokia Lumia 800 to my house this year. It doesn't even have to be a big one, I'll take anything! Hit the break to see a few more photos from the structure's first night alive in the city, and let it sink in that Santa really can make dreams come true.

Hey Santa! Say "Hi" to Mr. Blurry Cam!

Source: Prof. Thibault

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