What you need to know

  • Satisfactory is a first-person factory building experience.
  • It launched on the Epic Games Store last year.
  • It's finally hitting Steam Early Access today.
  • Update 3 brings a number of changes including pipes.

Coffee Stain Studios just revealed that Satisfactory, the first-person factory building simulator, will launch on Steam Early Access with the latest update. Update 3 lands today and adds pipes to the game. Curiously enough, this was the single most requested feature from the community since its launch on the Epic Games Store in 2019.

Update 3 also introduces a new "Resource Sink," "Hypertubes," and a new starting area in the remade "Dune Desert." According to the press release Windows Central received, the "introduction of pipes to Satisfactory adds a completely new layer of complexity for budding factory architects with the addition of fluids. Pioneers can now command the flow of Fluid Oil resources and harness the power of the Water Extractor whilst tinkering with Pipes & Flow Indicators, Pipe Pumps, Fluid Tanks for Trains and command their very own Oil Refinery."

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You'll be happy to know that Update 3 also brings a number of technical fixes, balancing improvements, and other optimizations so it'll be a better experience on PC. Do you play the game? Are you excited for this update? Let us know.

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