We've had some great deals on online tech courses already this year, but if you've been holding out for a deep discount, you'll be happy to know our annual "Dream Big" sale is here. Any online courses already on sale will have an extra 70% taken off when you use the code LEARN70 at checkout.

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There are a ton of courses on offer here, but there are three that really stand out for their popularity, practicality, and price.

Become a Professional Python Programmer

  • Regular discount price: $39
  • Today's price: $11.70
  • Best for learning a versatile programming language from scratch

Python is a programming language that will get you into the world of web development, data analytics, and game development; it is truly versatile. To cover everything you need to know, this course has 291 lectures and 34.5 hours of content, including everything from the absolute basics all the way up to developing your own flappy bird clone. At only $11.70, there's really no better time to get started with Python.

Take the next step on your way to a lucrative programming career with Python!

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Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide

  • Regular discount price: $69
  • Today's price: $20.70
  • Best for adding container knowledge to your repertoire

The open-source tool known as Docker was created to allow developers to wrap their code into small packets to be sent and used on other systems. It's so popular, many companies are desperate to hire anyone with extensive Docker knowledge. This course delivers 61 lectures and eight hours of content to ensure you know Docker like the back of your hand when you're finished. For only $20.70, why not add this valuable skill set to your resume?

Learn the ins and outs of Docker now!

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Build 30 Mini Virtual Reality Games in Unity 3D From Scratch

  • Regular discount price: $19.99
  • Today's price: $5.99
  • Best for learning VR development

Virtual reality is taking off like a rocket, and many gamers are starved for content. This course has 207 lectures and 77 hours of content that will take you from amateur to pro when it comes to the Unity 3D engine; by the end, you'll have created 30 fully-functional mobile VR games, and you'll have the knowledge to integrate Blender artwork into your creations. At only $5.99, it would be almost reckless to pass this up if you have any interest in game development.

Get started on a career in virtual reality game development!

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