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Say hello to Windows Central's new modern logo and design

It's a brand new year, and Windows Central just got a makeover.

The year 2018 was a great one for us, with steady growth across all major performance metrics. We have more people writing more stories than ever before, and the quality of those posts has never been higher. We don't want to brag, but we're pretty darn proud of Windows Central these days.

The next step in our evolution is a major brand redesign. We're rebranding Windows Central, our YouTube channel, and some of our core personalities, with a more modern, more mature look and feel. And we wanted to share some thoughts on our redesign process, as well as some details on the development of our new logo and design elements.

What's new on Windows Central?

So what exactly has changed? Short answer: a lot, at least aesthetically.

Perhaps most notably, we have a brand new logo. We also have a shiny new set of colors to grace that logo. And instead of just having one main color we use on everything (see ya, Windows Central magenta, we'll miss ya … a little), the new logo is designed to be a bit more flexible — it can be used with a handful of core sets of colors we specifically picked to match the look and feel of our site, as well as plain ol' utilitarian black or white.

Every single post on Windows Central will not only feature our new logo, but some individual posts could eventually be specially branded based on the content type and how we want to promote our strongest stories.

Our YouTube channel and social feeds are also getting some love, and if you're not already following us there, now is a great time to start. Most of the YouTube and Instagram designs will be directly in line with our site elements. But Windows Central personalities (like Executive Editor Daniel Rubino) will also get some people-specific design and branding, though you'll have to wait just a little longer to see those changes.

About Windows Central's new logo

The centerpiece of our new site design is, of course, our logo. And though it may seem simple, a whole lot of time, effort and brainpower went into creating it. We wanted our logo to be simple but memorable, beautiful but a little edgy. And we needed it to convey not only where Windows Central is today, but where we, and where Microsoft, are going.

You may have noticed a few similarities between our logo and some common images related to Microsoft and Windows. If so, good. The logo is, of course, an evolution of the Windows "four-square" logo. But we made it our own by using motion to transform what it is a well-known Microsoft image into a graphic that's all our own. And we tapped elements of Microsoft's Fluent Design System (opens in new tab) in Windows 10 to influence the motion of the transformation, not only in the logo but in many of the other transitional design element.

Our previous Windows Central logo was also influenced by Microsoft's Windows logo, too. But as Microsoft evolves, so will we. Our old logo was lovable if a bit one dimensional. Our new logo is anything but. We think it fits our site perfectly.

Ultimately, these new changes are just a glimpse of the good stuff that's to come for Windows Central in 2019. We hope you'll stick around for the rest of the journey.

Al Sacco is content director of Future PLC's Mobile Technology Vertical, which includes, and He is a veteran reporter, writer, reviewer and editor who has professionally covered and evaluated IT and mobile technology, and countless associated gadgets and accessories, for more than a decade. You can keep up with Al on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Fun design. Great work to the team.
  • Nice work! Is there an app update to accompany the site? A new-design UWP, or are you perhaps aiming for a Windows Store PWA...?
  • Once the dust settles we'll revisit the app/or PWA debate. Lot going on right now, so hold tight.
  • Sometimes old comments will emerge in new article / news, that's kinda confusing...
  • Probably from old articles being updated
  • PWA is both a "web site" and an app as well, no? I think... with PWA you can bring a lot of interactive and exciting features to the web site rather than being a just a plain old blog :) About the icon, it looks nice... just wondering if it's make sense to add drop shadows (and texture ?) like the upcoming redesigned office app icons !
  • sorry my comments are hard to read with dropped words, typos and grammatical errors.
    What I meant to say....the updated office icons seem to have drop shadows and texture...
    it'd be cool to add them to the WC log as well....
  • My eyes like the adjustment. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out for certain stories and all.
  • I dont know whether to buy car insurance from you or book a flight to europe. that logo just screams travel and leisure tbh.
  • I'll miss the magenta theme :D .
  • and while youre in this redesign stage, can u guys do a true dark mode like windows phone and not some cheap imitation from android Q
  • Literally just reloaded the page and saw the new logo. It's absolutely lovely. Good job!
  • Liking the new look... I have two suggestion can you guys and gals please justify the darn text! lol. It would look much cleaner and even more professional :) - just do a side by side with non justified text and justified text and you will see what I mean. The other is allow users to justify the text in forum posts lol.
  • Hmm … I personally find justified text harder to read so I am quite happy that it is not :D
  • I love it. Good job team!
  • Looks good. 🙂
    Is the Rubino "branding" the same as used on twitter?
  • Something like that. Being finalized now.
  • Very nice design! My tabs in Edge still show the old favicon. 😕
  • Hellooooo Windows Central's new modern logo and design, you are beautiful :3 Great design choices. Clever way of using fluent to transition from four squares to your own. Very impressive. Good work guys and girls that was the result of this 💙
  • Oh and also smart with the colour difference like the new Office logos - I guess you beat them to it (at least in Denmark) 🙂
  • Do you have any plans to have a dark theme on the website?
    Apps are adopting it, so websites should do it too.
  • Please introduce this logo to Windows Central UWP app.
  • UWP is dead.
  • How? The newest versions of Windows are UWP. MS can't turn back now, you Bleached fan🙄🙄
  • If Microsoft releases a new version of Windows that only runs UWP apps and can't run Win32 applications, it will be a failure - Windows RT version 2.0. UWP might be fine for "phone" apps, but Microsoft doesn't do phones anymore. UWP is not suitable for writing large complex applications. ( Microsoft kind of tried with Office and Edge. An office suite and a web browser are large complex pieces of software, but the UWP Office didn't do everything regular Office did and now Microsoft has sort of abandoned it. Microsoft is "retrenching" Edge using Chromium and it will not be a UWP app. This is like Microsoft putting up a big sign that says "Hey developers, do you want to write a large complex application and have it be successful? Don't use UWP!!!" OK, you really did not need to tell me, I already figured that part out. After their whole (very expensive) phone experiment completely failed they tried to tell developers that they should really be using UWP even if you are only writing desktop ( The problem for Microsoft is that developers aren't stupid (well maybe the ones using UWP are...).
    Developers will move to a new platform if it is better / makes their life easier Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) - good, now we can write object oriented UI code in C++ .NET WinForms - good, now we can use C#, use the .NET framwork and have automatic memory management, etc. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) - great, now we have a modern UI framework that is not just a wrapper around archaic Win32 UI components and have really advanced graphics that is not just a wrapper around GDI UWP - WTF is this crap! LOL
  • I like old and new, and like Rodney King, I just wish we could all get along. I have Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 Computers they all work now, and I want them to continue to work. I do not want to 'upgrade'. I have Surface 2 with Win RT that cannot be upgraded, I did upgrade my 8.1 Surface 2 Pro to Win 10 as it's hardware allowed me to do it, We have two Surface Pro's (5's not 6's) and even a Surface Go, thinking of adding a second Go with more memory. Still we use what we have, that Surface 2 with Win RT is on 12 hours a day. Phones, we have two 950XL's, just replaced a battery in one. Updates are far and few for it, but we don't want to pay the bucks and get a foreign to us, OS. No to Apple and no to Android. We want window's OS. We will just replace the battery as needed. I would like it if they did a major update as it is losing some compatibility with some of the few Apps it had. Thanks to Microsoft for their unwavering support for Windows Mobile.
  • This would have been a great chance to switch to Azure Central. /Troll But honestly, Microsoft Central would probably be a better name. Who knows how long Windows will really be front and center for Microsoft. Windows centric articles seem to be getting rare on this site.
  • lol, bleached you're literally the last person on this site I'd ever ask for advice about anything related to tech. And even then, I'd shake my head and still say "no" to whatever it was.
  • It wouldn't be the same without that interaction.
  • Tell us all about how Surface Phone is real again!
  • If it doesn't ever come out does that mean it's not real? Are you saying nothing exist inside MS labs?
  • Your track record isn't that stellar. Your site is always arguing that Windows whatever isn't dead until it is. WP7, WP8, W10M, Windows RT, Windows 8, UWP, Band, Groove, Live Tiles, WoA, Cortana, etc. The list goes on. Why would this be any different? Satya definitely isn't positioning Windows for the future. They will probably release Windows Lite or Core next year and it won't have an ecosystem because he has abandoned everything. It won't go anywhere. Classic windows will be around, but how interesting is that going to be? You are already branching out to other platforms and XBox to fill in the gaps, not to mention the constant ads disguised as articles. It is time for Microsoft Central. Be forward thinking for once.
  • "Your track record isn't that stellar. Your site is always arguing that Windows whatever isn't dead until it is. " So leave. No one is asking you to stay, in fact I'll gladly show you the way out. Since our track record isn't stellar, not sure why you hang around at all. Let me be clear: I'm asking you 100 percent to leave our site, never return and leave our bad judgements in your past.
  • Could we get that lucky? Not sure why he won't just stay over at Android Central.
    I wonder if Shredded Beef is his secondary account. BTW love the new design, I actually like when it is in this view personally.
  • Lol. This is the best stuff I've read on Windows Central in a long time. I owe Daniel Rubino an apology for being a jerk. I'll never doubt him again. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
  • Hahahaha. Good one, Daniel. The "Bleached" writes and rants before he/she thinks.
  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 Greatest reply ever. Thanks... "she talks". Lol
  • So what if I am a girl? Girls can't have opinions that are taking taken seriously? You think this is the 1950s still? Both your accounts should be temporarily banned for sexism.
  • No, obviously females like you, and annoying men alike, can't have opinions. Only respectful women, so check your slip. It's hanging🙄
  • "So leave. No one is asking you to stay, in fact I'll gladly show you the way out. Since our track record isn't stellar, not sure why you hang around at all. Let me be clear: I'm asking you 100 percent to leave our site, never return and leave our bad judgements in your past." Just how you forcefully banned my prev account? You know who else approached its users the same way? That's correct - Nadella. He didn't need consumer-oriented users. Now he is regretting as reported. So careful with your words here. Bleached is right in everything he says on this forum, like it or not, the truth hurts. Good design though
  • Agreed. Personally, I used to visit this site EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now, I think it's the first time that I've actually typed in almost a year and a half. That being said, it's sad that Daniel still has his typical smartass responses towards anyone who doesn't agree with him. You'd expect a professional response coming from the editorial chief of the site, but oh no, not hapenning here. I guess that's the Trump effect taking over the country. Sad!
  • I don't come to the site as often for sure. All the ads disguised as articles make it tough to find the real content. It is fun watching and reading you twist yourself into knots trying to justify Microsoft's stumbles. I know it is hard being a Microsoft blogger in 2019 and I don't expect you to be Thurrot, but you have to be a bit more realistic with your arguments. For instance, I am sure you're still arguing that Cortana isn't doomed when you know deep inside that the announcement is just a matter of time.
  • Truth in every word you say, bleached. Even rodneyj stopped with his bs about lame enthusiasm and his retarded "Surface Scribe" and bought Android. Dude is realist. We expect realism from MS watchers and not biased opinions and fanboyism to keep their jobs. We know times are hard form MS because they are not seen as a consumer company anymore, and that is what attracts people to read sites like this. Sorry, but you are not AndroidCentral, iMore etc. Just get with times, accept Microsoft as what it is and enough hype for vaporware (no matter what definition you're going to put into this) and yes stupid ads disguised as articles about products, services and software loosely connected to Microsoft "EXCLUSIVELY" or laptop reviews. Just report facts. I don't care how much you despise mspoweruser and Surur, but there I can find quick reporting on small facts. Ill be a little opinionated here but I personally hate to see articles about games and Xbox. Ok its consumer oriented, fine. It's just me. You can branch out the Xbox thing? Just a proposal. Since I am business person related to Microsoft, I would love to see more business oriented reporting about Azure, Cloud, Enterprise, Education, Industries etc. If you open MS' channels in YouTube you can see so much cool videos about what they are doing in every area of the world and why is this information not reported anywhere. It is so inspiring and news-worthy. Then sprinkle some Surface/Windows/Xbox news here and there. Report on small features like Surur. And there you have it. Stop being a dick Rubino and what you're gonna ban this account of mine too? Used to like you, used to hate Thurrott, but now I understand him. My current favourites are Zac and MJF to a certain extend.
  • Lol. I planned on getting an Android device long before that, and I still think Andromeda would be cool. So, what's your point?
  • I totally agree with everything you said. Haven't seen so many gullibles at one place before.
  • Lol.. Daniel. It's times like these I wish I was nicer to you. Thank you for calling out the resident broken record troll. ❤️❤️❤️
  • I was very clear about the troll part of my comment. The rest was a legitimate response. It is only a matter of time before Windows isn't the forefront of Microsoft. What if Windows Core isn't called Windows?
  • ^ Now he's being sincere, guys. Hey, that could be your new hobby!
  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Stfu already. Smdh
  • I was thinking the same thing bleached. Microsoft is clearly distancing themselves from "Windows." I suspect Windows Central will take the "W" in the new logo and flip it upside down into an "M" and rebrand as Microsoft Central.
  • Bleached isn't talking about tech, he's talking about Marketing.
  • Was the troll tag really necessary?
  • The second paragraph is more sensible, so I guess... For this post only... Maybe? :)
  • I hadn't noticed any difference. That said, I only ever use the Android or Windows 10 app. 😁
  • So How about Windows "Central The Android App" Major Update?
  • The Android apps for Mobile Nations sites aren't controlled by the Windows Central team. It's updated in line (usually) with whatever happens in the AC app.
  • One more thumbs up here. Very well done. Me likey.
  • Nothing like some fire engine red to celebrate the demise of W10 Mobile. Is it supposed to be some kind of "burn in hell" allegory?
  • Yes, for the fans that are left...we're trying to burn them out of here so we can move on with our lives from four years ago.
  • Yep. I still yearn for the Windows Phone Central days. :)
  • I hate it. No, I love it. No, someone pay me to say I hate it again!
  • I like it. I kind of liked the old logo better, though.
  • I like the new font.
    And the new logo is clever...even though I think the old one was prettier.
    I also like the idea of it not having fixed colours, specially as I loath warm colours.
    But I'm assuming that the green version will be used for Xbox related stuff, the darker blue one to Office stuff etc. Which would make sense. As for the people-specific design and branding, I'll judge them when I see them. Although honestly I couldn't care less about that specific redesign as I normally skip opinion articles.
  • Yeah pretty much the idea of the colors is to apply different visuals to different content under the same overall branding. It'll take a bit to get it all rolled out fully, but we're excited for how it looks.
  • Looks like something from 1974.
  • Every comment you make around here is complaining, whining, bitching, and hating on literally everything. In other words, your opinion carries no water and it's clear you're just trolling.
  • Too bad it's an entirely valid comment. I spent a lot of time building graphics on an Odyssey2 that were at least as 'advanced' as that logo. It's also too clunky and too wide. You've turned your logo into The Windows Centipede.
  • Oh no! Infinity scroll! Any way to turn it off?
  • Infinity scroll was introduced nearly 2 years ago.
  • And it still sucks.
  • You guys forgot the m & d. Windows Central Marketplace And Deals. Just kidding. :D
  • Seems faster, and I am on IE. That's much important to me than the looks.
    Also I am reading about plans to update the app. Which app is that? because the app on WP is too far behind.
  • Don't forget to update the browser icon. I am still seeing the old one there.
  • Sucks though. The previous one looks good enough
  • We stopped liking pink.
  • unless it's headphones 😎
  • Love the look! looks awesome! starting 2019 strong fam!
  • Kinda sucks. But you tried
  • like the concept but the "c" kind of feel not in place
  • Sorry, the old one was better.
  • Looks nice! But unfortunately the content needs an overhaul too. Nowadays this site feels too much like a coupon site for bargain hunters rather then a site with any real, honest technical depth. I do blame Microsoft for not focusing on consumers anymore, and I understand you have a business to run, but more objective articles about the Windows world would be a nice addition to the articles about web-enabled doorbells that are on sale for $50 off.
  • As I write this there is a solitary deal post in the "Recent news" section, which is also filled with stories about Bing, Microsoft Whiteboard, Office, Skype, To-Do and more besides. Yes we have a deals block and we have a dedicated team funnelling that content to the WC audience and yes it helps keep this site a) in existence and b) free for you to access. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it, but we do have a dedicated block on the homepage that highlights that content right now and we're continually working on it.
  • Great job so far. The site is well optimised for mobile too.
  • Can't say I'm digging the shape of the new Logo. To me, it doesn't identify with the Windows brandy anymore.
    Could be a Kitchen Tile maker that happened to have a 'W' in it's name and decided to incorporate the Letter into the Company Logo.
  • I couldn't disagree more. Check out the GIF at the top of the post. The new logo literally begins as the Windows logo ... not sure how that doesn't identify with the Windows brand. Also, I've never seen any sort of tile maker with this much STYLE.
  • Nice re-design, Love the color palette.
  • Looks awesome! The pink + yellow combo gives the website a warm look though :(
  • We like warm. We have lots of people who live in Canada where it's the opposite of warm.
  • So, with this new Modern logo and design does that mean you will also be creating a iPhone and Android app since, many of you on your staff have made that move already, and Microsoft is encouraging all users to do the same?
  • 2016 called and wants it's snark back 🙄
  • I don't like the color but aside from that it looks cool.
  • New
  • For whatever reason it takes me back to my Brown Zune. *(**&***(( Microsoft. Not saying that's a bad thing.
  • Did you get a chance to trim the video intro ? That was 10 seconds long. The logo looks good too.
  • Hope you didn't pay anyone for that. Rhonda and Karsten from Dreamland? Looks like something a kid would leave on a Lego base after they took what they actually built all apart and were putting their blocks away in the bag. Clunky and all the chic of a Motorola Odyssey2 console; screaming into the Future of 8-Bit(?) Graphics. Either The Windows Centipede or a Hungry Caterpillar run amok. It's too wide and squat; how's it gonna show up in a square icon space, truncated and/or tiny compared to the old one and everyone else's?
  • Hello “Commodore 64” central
  • Lol nice. I wonder how many folks here even know what that is.
  • Not many, considering the responses here. The Odyssey2 had a 'programming' cartridge that let you machine code animations and the like, one of which was a 'worm' that crawled around the screen and which looked just like that logo.
  • Damn good looking logo!!! Was this commissioned out? Or was it designed in house? If it were in house whomever came up with the idea should get a nice raise if not a huge bonus!
  • At least it’s less, um, effeminate than the old pink layout.
  • I like it. Any wallpapers yet?
  • I like new font. The logo, while pretty, doesn't suit. The "c" looks disjointed, and it takes effort to see the C is part of the W. It doesn't pop out as a W, it looks like pretty squares and a C. Almost like those images you have to stare to figure out what's hidden. The intention is right, poor design IMO.
  • I really like the new design and the flexibility that it added to it. As one who dabbles in graphic design it looks great, it's functional and memorable. To be honest, the old logo bugged me as it appears to be cut off.
  • I like it! Much more inspired than the old one.
  • I'm not a big fan of the new logo, it looks a bit like a skittle. And why is the C part of the W?
  • Water-Closet? Hmmmmm interesting.
  • On the new Logo. I noticed it right off and liked it. I got the connection of the 'Windows' and 'Central' just fine, my brain is just old, not dead.