Scalebound will allow you to control and customize your dragon

Microsoft revealed more information on Scalebound, the upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 fantasy RPG from PlatinumGames. Specifically, the game will allow the player character to both control his dragon, along with a way to customize its appearance and abilities.

Xbox Wire (opens in new tab) talks about controling the dragon Thuban via the player character of Drew:

We're debuting Dragon Link as a way to directly control Thuban through Drew's point of view, making your dragon a playable character. Using a button press, you'll be able to switch in and out of the mode to exploit enemy weaknesses and create openings for Drew. This collaboration with Thuban translates into the stylish-action that so many fans of PlatinumGames have come to know and love. High-level play really opens up when you take control of Thuban and use him to complement Drew; however, when Drew is using Dragon Link, he is defenseless, so you have to be really smart about where and when you use this critical technique. It also creates a fun metagame in multiplayer where you cover each other as you use your different dragon's unique abilities in Dragon Link.

The game will have three core dragon types (Rex, Tank and Wyvern) but Scalebound will also allow players to morph those types into one creature:

These types are connected in an evolutionary circle and by using gems at a dragon shrine, players will be able to seamlessly blend both their physical and visual attributes, whether it's the strength of the Tank or the swiftness of the Wyvern. You can even make our personal favorite – fat Rex. He's a blend of a Tank and a Rex that is a bit slower than a normal Rex, but can also take and deal more damage.

Even more customization will be possible by adding dragon parts that will throw in new attributes as well as changing the physical look of the creature. Finally, armor can also be added to the dragon to provide better protection. Scalebound is due for release in 2017.

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  • I'm going to make my dragon like Puff. Magical!
  • And a stoner.
  • Nothing I've seen about this game has wowed me yet, I'll wait until it's out and then catch a few reviews before i dive in.
  • I'm right there with you. So much hype so little substance.
  • Same here. I have high expectations though, at least it's from the makers of Bayonetta!
  • Yeah, that's the one thing that keeps me checking articles about the game. It will be interesting to play as the dragon though, and hopefully you can battle dragons with people, not sure if I've seen anything about that yet.
  • Why would a dragon have to wear armor? Their skin IS armor!
  • There are different types of dragons. Lighter, faster high damage dragons, bigger, armor plated defensive dragons, etc. They're fighting other creatures of their scale etc, bit of armor wouldn't hurt.
  • Hurry...i hope we get it in jan or feb. Dragon age inquisition is my scalebound for now then I'll sell it when scalebound is out. My game library has too many shooters. Dam you ms for lack of variety. I'm desperate for non shooter first party
  • Lack of variety? I think MS has amazing variety. Killer Instinct is the most owned and played fighter since its inception. Over 7 million unique users as of June this year. ORI is one of the best 2d platformers around. Quantum Break has shooting in it, but is a heavy storytelling game. Forza Horizon is the best arcade racer. Forza sim is the best sim racer this gen. Rise Of the Tomb Raider is an amazing adventure platformer. Sea Of Thieves, Scale bound, Recore, Elite Dangerous among many more. Only Halo and Gears are the shooter crowds games.
  • Day One for me! Can't wait, my Scalebound lock screen won't change until this game is mine!
  • Good news, I am keeping an eye on this one.
    Just enough hype and tease to maintain a balanced interest.
  • Very excited for this game. Looks and sounds awesome.
  • Can't wait for Scalebound. Looks really good.
  • I love dragons! Can't wait to play this.