SCOSCHE announces a plethora of new USB-C accessories

SCOSCHE announces a plethora of new USB-C accessories

Accessory maker SCOSCHE has announced a new lineup of USB-C products, including new adapters, port hubs, and cables. These new product lines give you several options for connecting, syncing, and charging your devices over USB-C connections like those found on the Lumia 950.

First up, there are a couple of new accessories that help you charge using more traditional USB ports. The strikeLINE is a USB-C to USB-A adapter, which lets you connect a device with a USB-A cable to a USB-C port. There are also the strikeLINE USB-C Charge & Sync cables, which come in two varieties: one is a USB-C to USB-A cable, while the other is USB-C to reversable Micro USB.

SCOSCHE is also introducing the strikePORT adapters, which expand port options through USB-C. The adapters feature ports for USB-A, HDMI, and USB-C (for charging), and are meant to help connect you to an external monitor.

Finally, SCOSCHE is also introducing a new accessory for drivers. The strikeDRIVE is a USB-C car adapter, which lets you charge your USB-C device while you drive. The adapter features two 12-watt ports to let you charge multiple devices on the go.

All of these accessories are set for a Spring 2016 arrival. While SCOSCHE didn't announce exact pricing, it did say that these products would fall in the range of $19.99-$79.99.

Joseph Keller
  • Looks like USB-C is taking ground
  • on the contrary. these dongles reflect the reality: nobody supports it in the real world.
  • your comment makes no sense. There is no need for a full size HDMI port on a phone. These types of accessories are required for all sorts of devices to play on tvs and monitors alike. 
  • I think he means that TVs and monitors, keyboards, etc should be using USB-C, so you wouldn't need a dongle, just straight USB cables, or maybe a hub.
  • Almost every TV and monitor has a USB port directly on it, I'm thinking its a bit premature to be cranky that not every tv supports USB-C right NOW. I mean, it just came out. Give it a rest for a bit for the manufacturers to catch up!
  • Adding a USB-C port will allow connecting a MacBook or Lumia 950 (and any other device that supports DisplayPort over USB-C) directly to the screen without adapters. Yes, you'd be able to connect usb devices through a screen just like the USB hubs on current screens but you get a lot more with USB-C (one cable connection for everything) Right now most screens don't even support mDP. I think we'll have to use adapters for a while.
  • Looks like!
  • I was thinking "yes, a possibly cheap display dock alternative" and then swa the price range. pretty sure that "strikeport" adapter is $79.99 or close to it.
  • There are similar products on the market (mainly for the MacBook) which offer an HDMI port, USB port and USB-C port for charging the device. The price is usually around $80. There's really nothing new with this product... 
  • Reality of USB-C apologists: They wanted to carry just one cable. They will, and one dongle for all the things that need to use it lol. It is so funny it cannot be made up.   
  • You know how prolific microUSB is? It wasn't that way right from the start, this last year has been the introduction of USB-C. It will take some time for adaption but we are seeing it happen.
  • Most of the USB-C stuff on Amazon is garbage. Had to return multiple cables. Orderd others and was sent micro USB. Quite anoying.
  • There is actually a Google engineer on the prowl on Amazon testing and giving reviews to all cables that claim USB C and don't live up to the specs and don't pass enough current to charge at certain rates/etc. His name is Benson Leung. Last I checked he had reviewed over 100+ usb C cables/adapter. Here is his Amazon profile so you can see which ones to buy and know that they will work as intended.    
  • USB-C is not quite ready for primetime. Basically everything except a wall wart charges my phone slowly. Slowly as is in basically not at all if you are using the phone while charging. If I plug directly into the USB port on the Surface power supply it charges well otherwise every port on the tablet and dock charge it slowly. I haven't needed to carry a charger around with me in years, maybe a decade. Now I have to.
  • I don't know why you have an issue. My 2 amp lighter adaptor charges my 950XL even while I play music and use voice navigation. I also charge fine off my laptop.
  • I don't understand why there simply can't be a direct USB-C to HDMI cable without some bulky adapter in the middle. THAT'S what I'm waiting for.
  • those are available. There was a review on here a coupleof days after the 950 was released. I know fry's has them for $24-40 depending on the brand.
  • I've seen cables, just like you have mDP-HDMI cables and adapters it's about choice and convenience. I usually have a few mDP adapters so I can connect to projectors and conference rooms and on my desk I have a mDP-HDMI cable. In the case of USB-C there's an additional reason. Most USB-C devices I've seen only have one port. That port is used to charge and to connect external devices. If you want to charge your MacBook/Lumia 950 while it's connected to an external screen and maybe connect additional peripherals you need these "bulky" adapters, which are actually hubs/docking stations
  • Do all USB-C cables work perfectly for charging devices? Or is it still like normal USB cables where an incorrect cable can cause slow charging on some devices? That would be a big plus for me if they all work well as charging cables, as they become more prominent