Here's a first look at Microsoft's upcoming Flow chat-email hybrid app

Earlier this week, word got out that Microsoft was working internally on a new email-chat client hybrid for the iPhone called Flow. Now the first screenshots of Flow have been leaked onto the Internet, along with some new information on the app.

Flow for the iPhone

The screenshots come from Neowin, via its inside sources at Microsoft, and even though parts of the images have been deliberately blurred, this early version looks more like a chat application than an email client. The report adds that texts from the chat are sent to a regular email program such as Outlook, which allows the chats to be search. The report claims that the message engine itself is being run by Microsoft Exchange.

There's still no word on when, or even if, Flow will be released outside of Microsoft. If it does, the company will most likely offer versions for Windows 10 and Android as well.

Source: Neowin

John Callaham