Microsoft is developing a new Outlook companion app called 'Flow' for the iPhone

Microsoft appears to be developing a new and lightweight email client that can be used in tandem with its Outlook app. The app, called Flow, is apparently in internal testing among Microsoft employees for the iPhone.

The information comes from noted Microsoft leaker "WalkingCat" (also known as "h0x0d"), who posted an image of a download page with information about Flow on his Twitter account. The description reads:

"Use Flow with anyone, it's email: Reach anyone with an email address and all conversations for you and others are also in Outlook. Together, you can use Flow and Outlook interchangeably to participate in the same conversations."Fast, fluid, natural conversations: No subject lines, salutations, or signatures. Flow is designed for fast, light-weight conversations in real time."Focus on what's important: Only conversations started in Flow and their replies show up in Flow, not your whole inbox. Focus on your most important person-to-person conversations without the noise."

From the above description, Flow sounds like a combination of a messaging app with an email client, but how it all works is unknown. ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley notes that Flow could be like Microsoft's Skype Qik app, which tries to eliminate the jargon in communication.

Like other Microsoft technologies and services, if Flow comes to be it will likely also launch on Android and Windows 10 sometime down the road - in fact, there could be internal 'dogfooding' of such apps in Redmond. Of course, at this time, Microsoft's actual plans are unclear making this app a possible Garage experiment, or perhaps something more substantial.

Update: Brad Sams over at Neowin claims to have received a bit more information on the current state of Flow and how it will work. From Neowin:

The app works with more than Outlook as well, currently you can use a Gmail email account too; our sources did not agree on what was powering the backend, it could be IMAP or POP3. ​The interface of the app looks like a traditional chat application and at this time supports group chat and sending of pictures too; video chat is not supported at this time.

Source: WalkingCat (Twitter); Via: All About Microsoft

John Callaham
  • Coming soon to W10M
  • MS says (Ain't no body got time fa dat❗❗❗❗❗)
  • Just like Sway, which is available on the iphone and not on WP
  • Or maybe later. Cannibalism, each division in Microsoft eating other division. When the driver is so drunk, you going to nowhere.
  • Actually, Satya mentioned that last year, and promised to incorporate more synergy between the divisions.
  • I'd love to see it, unfortunately I can not.
  • It's happening... It literally has to happen with W10 spread across pretty much every division..
    Now, can you see where it's happening❓❓❓
  • No! I live in the present and not in the future, at this moment, Microsoft services are better on iphones.  
  • Is OneDrive better❓
  • Is OneNote better❓
  • Yes. OneDrive on iOS have the tag feature! (You know, is like Project Adam + Auto Album)
  • That's a damn shame.....
  • LOL! You really do not know what you're talking about. Onedrive, Skype, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Outlook are all better on iOS.
  • Onedrive is not better on iOS.  It crashes often (mainly the fault of the OS itself) and the background uploading is terrible.
  • The days of apps being better on other platforms will be over in just a few short months.....
    Marketing is the biggest challenge.
  • Is Skype better❓
  • Skype has to be better for the iPhone, it's shocking on WP.
  • Well, we'd have to have an iPhone to compare... My point is that although it's true that some services are offered on iDroid, and not WP, and possibly better on iDroid, we shouldn't assume that's the case with every service, unless that's been confirmed by many.
  • Ya ur right... Even android 's skype is very much better than windows phone.. Not only Skype even all the ms outlook office apps all of are better in android and IOS.. But in windows phone that have given lollypop
  • I can confirm Skype is better on IOS but not on Android. WP version sits somewhere between the two.
  • Skype is way way way better on android, sorry Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What exactly is better, when it comes to Skype on Android? Voice quailty sucks big time and Skype crashes all the time.
  • Well, I am asking about both platforms, so thanks.
  • Is Cortana better❓
  • Cortana is not better, because she hasn't yet been ported.  But to all the rest you listed...yes, across the board, all better on iPhone. And in most cases it's not just a little better. Onenote, Skype and Office 365 are streets ahead on iPhone. As are some you didn't get to: Lync, Bing, Photosynth, inTune Manager...all better on iPhone.
  • Of course Cortana isn't on the iPhone yet.... Lol.
  • I stopped paying attention to that comment when you said bing was better on iPhone, I can say from personal experience that is not the case
  • The Bing app is better on iPhone because it's an app that they can update independently. As for system integration, iOS spotlight uses Bing for Web Searches and Siri as well. That's all most people care about. Apple has their own Maps etc. so they don't use Bing Maps or some of the other stuff. As for Microsoft's apps on iOS, there are barely any apps that are better in Windows Phone compared to iOS from Microsoft. Not Office, or Skype, or OneDrive. It almost seems like Microsoft puts in 5x the effort to iOS development, but Google has also been criticized for releasing superior updates to iOS as well. Even if Cortana comes to iOS I wouldn't use it due to inconvenience, and OneDrive I stopped using cause smart files are going away. And that pretty much sealed the deal on me getting the iPad cause I'm not splurging what they're asking for 64/128 GB Windows tablets in the same size range. Not with the bad app ecosystem and not with no 1st party bookstore.
  • Ummmmm, Cortana uses Bing, and from my experience Cortana is WA better than Siri..
    Anything you can access from Bing on the iPhone is more easily accessible with Cortana..
  • Is office 365 better❓ Lol.
  • My L630 is way better than moto G. My friend and I bought them at same time around a year back. He is now complaining about lags.
    PS: We both are power users.
  • Agree, they don't care about us WP users.
  • Of course it is. MS employees want great apps on their iPhones...
  • Lol..
  • They may bake this in windows messaging
  • Nice concept.. But...
  • People won't use it.
  • My thought exactly. My other thought was "why?"
  • "If you want the first and best of Microsoft buy Apple"
  • I'm starting to think the same
  • Because they can collect nore data because of more market share.. That way windows phone(windows 10 mobile.. Err.. Whatever) users will get these apps bugfree and with latest features..:)
  • More*
  • Then they should be releasing it on android first.
  • I guarantee you there are more paying Office 365 subscribers on iOS, and that's why stuff like this gets released to iPhone first. 
  • Why are people still quoting market share as the excuse for everything. Windows Phone has MILLIONS of users regardless of what that market share is. There is plenty of data for them to use.
  • But its not idata.....
  • Exactly my point.
  • But then it's not data supplied by United States of Apple , which is more important
  • It's not market share, it's buying power.  One iPhone user spends enough more money on his/her device to counteract 10 Lumia 4XX, 5XX or 6XX users.  That's why iOS and Mac OS, with their negligible shares, are still first-rate choices. Then, once you do the math, think of the perspective of a developer: "If I have X hours in a day, and I can use those X hours to gain access to get 50% of WP users, or 5% of iOS users, I go for iOS every time.  They will (handily) outspend the WP users because there are more of them (even at tiny share) and they spend more money."
  • Where do you get your spending data? I've never seen numbers like that. Spending on a device doesn't = spending on apps. Besides, Microsoft isn't charging so this whole speculation-based line of thinking is moot.
  • It is an extrapolation from Android vs. iOS data, of which there is plenty. iOS users spend more on apps and, even more importantly, spend more via apps (and Web pages, FWIW) than Android users, by a long mile.  As Android commodifies, the gap widens.  And since Android has plenty of high-end devices, but Windows Phone doesn't have any, I think it is safe to assume that WP users spend even less. For one reference, see here:
  • It's not marketshare or data it is that most of tge enterprises are using iDevices these days and with iDevices most of them are having Office 365 so Microsoft must make sure those enterprise users always have the best.
  • No.  It's market share.  But you have to understand what the market is. It isn't number of devices.  It's number of dollars spent via those devices.  A better term might be "wealthshare." And Apple has the lion's share of the wealthshare, Android has the scraps, and WP has essentially nothing.
  • Do we live on the same planet? I think not.
  • Based on what are you saying that it will be released on iPhone first?
  • This app could have come to Windows first becuae it's not a need. Their customers need Outlook, Office etc but this, this is new and unecessary. They have no excuse for this, except if it was already in developement from the company they just bought.
  • I really think this is is. Tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if Acompli or Sunrise were working on this. It seems like something that would fit well.
  • Well win 10 isn't available yet. That's the excuse I am giving for now!
  • At least they can port it over using thee new tools...
  • That's funny right there....
  • u win the internet for today.. 
  • Maybe that's why they did this lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @Shadow_12213 and barryr1285:
    Suckya Nadella strikes again...
  • Ugh here we go again everyone getting all upset over an that is going to another platform first that to be honest 60% of all users on any platform won't use long term (I never understand why everyone focuses on having over a million Apps in their store because only about 0.5% will likely be downloaded by an individual user)... What you all don't realize is that these Apps will be on Windows 10 and have better UI and UX as well. The reason why they're not is because why waste time developing it for a platform that's getting a complete overhaul... But than again we live in a world where people have the attention span of fly, so I shouldn't be shocked by everyone missing the bigger picture...
  • I don;t think anyone's missing the bigger picture. Or a picture of any size. People are (quite rightly) hacked off that they invest in a platform with a company that then gives other platforms preferential treatment. It's a bit like if I walked into a shop, paid the cashier for my goods and, before handing them to me, the cashier then went and served another customer I'd be a bit miffed. And I wouldn't shop there again for quite some time. My, those Galaxy-benchmark-smashing Lenovo Note 3's are looking better value by the hour.
  • Stewie360 It's about the signal effect, "iPhone and Android is getting it first and maybe sometime later on WP"
    Why the hell can't they make it first for WP and at least on par...?
    To difficult to develop for...?
  • True...,Microsoft develops better and good,apps for IOS and android... And for windows they give lollypop.. Wtf
  • They will port
    Do not worry Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Who cares?
  • What does dogfooding mean in this context? I've this word a couple times in different tech articles, not sure what it means exactly.
  • To put it as simply possible, its basically a stage of beta testing right before release. I guess think of your typical beta as the "Insider Preview" while dogfooding would be our "Developer Preview".
  • @Donny James:
    It's a term for providing apps to (mostly internal) testers.
    Sounds rather unsavoury, doesn't it?!
  • A dog food company made their employees taste the dog food before giving it to dogs. Internal testing
  • That makes the most sense. LOL
  • Lolsss
  • Yeah! I don't have an iPhone.
  • I do. 
  • Over the last few months it's become clear why MS hasn't had the labor resources to improve on XBM or at least give us the ability to print from their own Office software.
  • Don't you people get bored of making the same complaint over and over again?
  • Don't you people get bored of complaining about people complaining about the same thing.
  • @SymoClod:
    Don't you people get bored of Microsoft screwing us over and over again?
  • You haven't been screwed here. This app is not out. We do not know Microsoft's plans. We do not know if Microsoft also has this app in testing/development for Android/Windows Mobile. There are way more unknowns than knowns, so forming an opinion on it is completely premature.
  • @Daniel Okay.. I agree.. It's all rumours and we can't judge MS by forming an Opinion.. Well, if this rumour is true.. And If MS have no plans of bringing It to Windows Mobile.. Are you gonna agree that we are screwed here? .. Or would you still defend for MS? .. Don't forget the fact that we are still testing Office apps when iOS and Android users are enjoying all new revamped Office apps already ..
  • "Or would you still defend for MS?"
    What I'm doing here is not defending for MS, it is defending for rationality and logic ;) If MS releases an app for iOS and doesn't do it for Windows 10, then sure, I'll admit that's bad. Windows 10 isn't here yet and we won't be in the full swing of things for many months. Microsoft has publicly stated numerous times that they want to privilege the Windows 10 experience over their competitors. I think we should let them release the OS, some phones and see what happens. Otherwise, I'm not bothered. Windows Phone is in a transition period right now. It's unfortunate, but you either ride it out and see what happens or don't.
  • Considering the fact that WP is in transitional phase, you have a point... But there are some areas where MS is being bad.. And you guys never points out that but starts "defending for rationality and logic" without thinking about the thoughts of someone who is using WP.. You have to look at the both side of the coin.. That's all.. :)
  • I assure you, we do. But let's be clear: the people who are super passionate about this stuff are a minority of the Windows Phone users. As such, we do not believe they do or should represent the conversation completely.
  • I agree with you about that though ..
  • "transition period" you made a good point here. it has a critical effect to not only windows phone but the whole windows ecosystem. I think that people show understand that it has effects in the current state and in the long run. May it be bad in the current state but good in the long run.
  • Time will tell ;)
  • oh they do release an app for us after some 2-3 months of release on other platforms, if at all for wp8.1 and when they do they'll be half-cooked(group-me, skype qik,...)
  • Windows Phone is in transition every year. At some point you have to stop calling it a transition and start calling it a miscalculation. Seems like every year they're second guessing themselves. The platform has never really been allowed to flourish and from a developer perspective that's a strike because you never know when Microsoft will trash your work with tons of changes or a new development model.
  • Let them keep the hate flowing, it's why they come here after all. 
  • Sometimes you got to be rude to make sure something you like is not turning it's back at you.. We are not here to hate.. We are here to make our point clear.. Just like you did.. Everyone has their own openion.. Unless you have anything specific to say about the current topic, better keep calm and read..
  • "...there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know."
  • Exactly... Meh.. What ? O_O
  • I still waiting the Sway app for WP.... I think MS you will port with Project Islandwood. LOL
  • So... Texting through your email address?
  • If they integrate this with Skype it can be an interesting alternative to iMessage.
  • So write the code in apple then port it to windows phone MS. Hahaha
  • Good one hahaha
  • Didn't MS just make developer tools to do just that?
  • Here is the strategy I see MS is using. They test their new products on other platforms first than deliver it to WP
  • "Here is the strategy I see MS is using. They test their new products on other platforms first than deliver it to WP"
    The lack of evidence for an Android/Windows Mobile version does not preclude their existence. Just saying.
  • How is an application lightweight?
  • They used scales to see how heavyit was 
  • or they attached a light to the weight
  • Essentially, it lacks features. In the old days, a lightweight app meant it was coded in Assembly language or C, but those days are long gone.
  • Yes like ms products released on other platforms always work on windows perfectly. Lollilololollll
  • This hasn't been released yet. Lollilololollll
  • What's the I in Lollilololollll mean ?
  • Basically that one Apple/Microsoft engineer with the surprisingly addictive laugh.
  • Why not make a few apps first for iOS and use the new porting tools to make them Universal Apps?  Also, I see Microsoft doesnt care much about iOS traffic but is more at war with Google and Android traffic. Could this be a theme going forward? iOS and WP get things first while Android has to wait for them? We will see once Windows 10 comes out I guess. Its hard to tell if even WP will get things first until WP10 comes out. 
  • "Why not make a few apps first for iOS and use the new porting tools to make them Universal Apps? "
    The porting tools are good. Native is (and always will be) better.
  • I'm buying iPhone 6 , fuck Microsoft
  • Yeah, that will show you use Microsoft services on an iPhone. lol You are also missing the point here BIG time. Just because someone found some info accidentally about an in-development iPhone app it does not mean one for Windows 10 is also not in the works. Arriving at that conclusion is very premature and uninformed. Finally, you are talking about smartphones, not a life or death situation in life. It's okay to not get emotional over such things.
  • Microsoft should invest more and more and more, this is ridiculous and is not just this info or so, but really a kamikaze style of Windows phone
  • "Microsoft should invest more and more and more,"
    I'm not a fan of people telling companies how to best spend their money or resources. Seems like armchair CEO'ing.
  • The only one to blame is the poor quality of WPCentral publishing off topic news that can be misunderstood and create flames
    Expecially ones from J. Callam extremely, low quality stuff
  • This site writes about Microsoft, and this news is about a Microsoft app, use your brain.  I can't imagine it's easy for the writers here, day after day they need to come up with stories to write about, and sometimes the pickings are slim. I wish people here would be more understanding of that, instead of lashing out like childish, immature little fanboys. 
  • We are not discussing about this Site.. We are here to talk about MS.. And in your comments you are talking about being "childish fanboys" .. Well, guess what , It was these fanboys like us who kept supporting WP since it was launched.. And 1% out of 2.7% of WP market are just fan boys... So don't make us feel like a sh*8
  • Open your eyes and read the comment I was responding to ffs
  • "The only one to blame is the poor quality of WPCentral publishing off topic news that can be misunderstood and create flames"
    How is a mobile Microsoft app off topic? Regardless, I make those calls around here, not the audience.
  • I don't back that statement by max-ecs
  • Cnet article on the same app claims iOS first, but MS saying nothing.
    It's all rumours these days :)
  • Please, everyone, read and take to heart the last 2 sentences of the above post by Daniel. Perspective is key!
  • I feel that MS is waiting for windows 10 before they release these apps. We have to be patient no matter how frustrating it may be
  • Patience is the key word. It's all getting way better, my patience has been rewarded multiple times the past few years. It seems Microsoft is making great steps toward the future with smart moves and great products. Looking forward to my 1520 replacement even if it has an Apple price tag....patience :P
  • You mean this flo
  • I don't get it really, what is wrong with Microsoft, is it suicidal or what?!! It's ruining the Windows phone eco system
  • Windows Phone is only a small part of what Microsoft does, you act as though it should be the #1 thing for them to focus on.
  • If your people don't treat your own platform as a first class citizen, then why on earth should anyone else?
  • Can I attach documents with his application?
  • It doesn't seems like that... It's gonna be a simple easy text sending feature.. Which wont even have a subject or signature.. Just like an e-sms service.. :)
  • But i already have sms
  • Aarrghhh.. It's just a messaging option brother.. Consider sending just a 'Hi' to someone through mail ( imagine that you don't have his/her phone number to sms ) .. A full mail just for a Hi... Well that's sounds awful right.. So MS is bringing something to outlook mail app to give us an option to send easy simple lightweight texts without forcing us to send a big mail... I tried My best to explain..pheww
  • SMS is (often) metered, asynchronous and (in original spec) limited in characters. Data-based messaging services (of which there are many) overcome some/all of the drawbacks of SMS. I'm not sure trying to integrate/crowbar some sort of synchronous messaging service into an email platform/service is a good plan.
    I'm usually at great pains to point out to users that email isn't instant messaging (the underlying concept is too old and too broken for that), so I'm not sure I want to try and explain/support some sort of Mailbox/Contact-integrated instant messaging service hybrid. Sounds nasty.
  • So many ignorant commentators in this thread. MS has not released the app. For all we know, they have a Windows 10 and an Android version in testing as well. The main I don't get is the need for this app, seems like it would just be better to include this kind of highlighting functionality in Outlook itself. But I guess we shouldn't judge before it's released anyways. And maybe this is leftovers from the company they bought that built what is now their Outlook client for iOS.
  • Yeah right.. MS released awsome Office apps for Android and iOS few months before and we are still testing it with the Beta tag.. Long live insiders
  • Lol, you really have no concept of how things work do you? You also release that we have had Office apps on WP for almost 5 years, but iOS and Android for just a year. Again, commentators here at ignorant.
  • I agree that some of us are being too ignorant.. But if we are acting like this.. The blame goes to MS.. If MS was so much committed about us, and fulfilled out needs.. We won't be being ignorant like this.
  • Not sure if you read Apple forums but Apple users really like the outlook app and people who own the watch are sad the outlook app does not play with the watch. In my opinion Microsoft is playing the smart card providing a great experience with Microsoft tools and people might flow (pun intended) back to experience Microsoft on Microsoft hardware, remember it's not only a phone battle ;-).
  • That's really cool to read... But the last part didn't make any sense.. Consider iOS users are so obsessed with MS services as you said.. and they are feeling frustrated about Outlook not working with the watch..
    Well, if this is happening.. MS will give an update for the outlook app and will make it support the watch as well.. iOS users are convinced and they are never gonna switch. The End
  • You are so paradigmatic.
  • Ahem
  • Look, somebody with common sense commenting on an article........
  • I can understand why some are irked by this news. Let's be honest, Microsoft hasn't always put their mobile platform first, BUT I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt here. It sounds like Flow was already in development for iOS when Microsoft acquired Acompli or at least that's what I feel is happening here.
  • " MS hasn't always put their mobile platform first " ... And just because of that MS doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt..
  • Hahaha for IOS
  • I don't remember MS releasing a Preview version of their apps to iOS or Android.. But still those Apps works like a charm .. But our apps are buggy and we are testing it forever.. Am I missing something here..
  • "I don't remember MS releasing a Preview version of their apps to iOS or Android."
    Okay, now I know you are trolling and/or full of it. Let's see: Office Preview for Android. Office Preview for iOS Outlook didn't need to, as MS literally bought the company (Acompli) who already had an iOS and Android app, rebranded it, re-released it. Not exactly in-house magic. They did not write from scratch an Outlook app for either platform. Finally, if you actually used Android and iOS (like I do in addition to Windows Phone), you would quickly recognize that Windows Phone has many, many more Microsoft Mobile apps than either. But I get it, you're into the whole "victim" thing.
  • You don't have to bring the trolling thing to the comment brother... Consider it as my lesser knowledge about the Office apps for iOS and Android..that's why I was asking "Am I missing something here".. I was asking a question.. Not a trolling statement.. Please don't always feel offended when someone comments..
  • Don't try and pretend you were just asking. You were using it rhetorically, not asking.
  • I asked the same thing in a different comment and no one replied .. That's why I reposted it as a new comment.. There is nothing rhetorical here.. Change your mind set
  • As a developer I see universal apps to be pretty serious stuff. I say wait to see what windows 10 will do. Now before you say that we are gonna wait forever. Think of it. Microsoft can't ignore the PC OS, and PC apps aren't buggy and they work like a charm. Introducing 1 universal code on all platforms (besides slight modifications to how a UI is scaled or rendered) will allow the Windows team to not only make good apps but even give them more time to add requested features. So its more like once you have coded for PC you have coded for phone at the same time :D Edit: Forgot to mention that PC apps get more updates than windows apps (referring to Microsoft apps). So with windows 10, phones will get more updates as well whether they are features or Improvements.
  • First of all I never doubted the fact that Universal Apps are pretty serious stuff... And I didn't say we have to wait forever.. What I said was we are still testing the app when iOS users got the app already.. And Daniel did clear my doubts.. Now let's come to the universal app thing... What you said is right.. You just have to make few changes to the code to make it work with phones as well.. And that's a great thing for windows phone.. But I'm more interested in another Statement made by MS during BUILD ... And I still have doubts about it.. They said.. x32 traditional desktop apps also can be converted to universal app using their tools.. And that points out about desktops apps working on a phone as well ( since it is Universal ) ... Please correct me if I'm wrong..
  • True about the x32 apps. however it depends weather the UI is going to be rewritten to modern UI. As I don't think windows app certification process will allow traditional desktop UI to be used instead of modern UI (windows store apps) unless its a 1 window or static app (e.g calculator).
  • We may have to wait till MS make any official statement/clarification about this
  • How many apps has Apple developed for Windows Phone?
  • Real question: How many would you actually want? I count 0 for myself. I mean, which do you really want: iTunes, Facetime, iCloud? No one really like those. (You should also note Apple does not make apps for Android either, so kind of a moot point).
  • my family uses Facetime all the time only way my Mom sees the Great Grandchildren and that is how my sister and I planned our trip to Hawaii since she is in AZ
  • But do they like them? :)
  • iMessage/Facetime will be good. Skype sucks on WP.
  • Apple is selfish. Starting with their phone
  • A real father will start from his kids..not someone else's.. And that's not selfishness
  • The "late" Google talk did this for years before it was killed by the not so friendly hangouts⁉⁉
  • Please make the Outlook App work first same mail forever and when you go to get rid of it the app constantly crashes
  • oh shoot I meant the Outlook app for Apple
  • iOS first. Who'd have guessed. Sigh.
  • Sad... A house divided cannot stand.
  • As usual, this is hard to understand, Microsoft can do confusing things, a lot these days though
  • I'm sure they'll change the name to something more Microsoft-like when it's released. Like Outlook Express... Hey...
  • I hope it's not supporting POP. That's way too legacy.
  • For wp 8.1?!? Why not?
  • It'll probably be a universal app, "in tandem with its Outlook app".
  • Bcoz focus should be in windows 10 now.
  • This actually looks pretty interesting. Kind of like messaging through your email address, although I don't know exactly what the point of it would be competing with so many messaging apps already available. Maybe not having to share your phone number with everybody?
  • Sounds like a take on Google Wave
  • Microsoft is becoming more and more full of you know what when it comes to Windows phone users. Are they trying to make people jump ship?
  • Jumping ship over an app?? Pathetic!
  • Weird, someone I know that got a job at MS was told to get rid of his iPhone. Not forced but strongly suggested.
  • Ouch. If I worked anywhere that tried to suggest what products and services I could use in my personal life I'd tell them where to get off.  
  • I can understand why Microsoft would want an employee to use their hardware and software, just like I'm sure Apple and Google would too.
  • There are lots of people with iPhones all over the Microsoft campus and even Android phones.
  • Should've switched to iOS... That way, Microsoft would at least give me them snappy apps.
  • My friend works for Neowin. Yay.
  • And you might be getting them in serious trouble!!
  • This looks like a really interesting app, REGARDLESS of platform. Will I use it? Probably not, but I know people that might.
    I wouldn't be surprised to find that it never gets released or gets broken by Google within days of release.
  • Just get an iPhone or android device and you be first to get the best Microsoft apps and features. Ha ha ha so damn gunny Microsoft..
  • Microsoft will use project islandwoods for porting apps to windows!
  • Sometimes later! W10M releasing on iPhone ahead of WP !! LOL!!
  • I believe, in spite of Daniel trying to make people see reason, that there is a real issue here: Perception creates reality in the mind of a consumer... MS should be aware of this and take more significant steps to fix this perception problem. Myself and many others understand the reasons MS may occasionally update products on other platforms first (windows 10 transition and all that)... Problem is MOST do not understand including some in the media... For this group perception is creating a reality in which MS does not care about their own platform and THATS a problem... The truth doesn't matter much if this large group BELIEVES MS to be making Windows a second class citizen. Given the importance of a good reaction the the entire windows 10 transition I think MS needs to go on the PR offensive AND should consider delaying releases of software on competing platforms even if they are ready... In a perfect world they shouldn't have to but protecting public perceptions of their new ecosystem DOES have significant value.
  • In all honesty, there's no reason not to delay so that your dedicated users get it at least at the same time as everyone else.
  • MS may occasionally update products on other platforms
      The issue is that it's not occasional. It's constant. Each and every MS service for mobile devices gets released/updated on non-MS platforms first.  
  • Yeah. Thats why we all should vote here:
  • Meanwhile, myself and fellow peasants that use windows phone... *sigh* I know its coming to w10... But that's what they've been saying for years on each subsequent update. They've just let me down too many times.
  • Well, since POP3 doesn't support Push, then I would say with something like Flow, you will probably want IMAP. Fetch would be insanely wasteful on mobile devices.