Sea of Thieves is getting new faction rewards, a new faction called The Reaper's Bones and pet cats

Sea Of Thieves Cats
Sea Of Thieves Cats (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • Sea of Thieves is getting several new updates and features, as detailed during Inside Xbox.
  • Players will be able to become Emissaries for different factions, with rewards themed after each faction.
  • A new faction called The Reaper's Bones is arriving, encouraging players to raid others.
  • Most importantly, pet cats are being added.

Since its release in 2018, Rare has committed to Sea of Thieves, offering numerous free updates, new gameplay features and more. That trend is continuing on, as during today's Inside Xbox presentation, Rare showed even more updates hitting the high seas. The first, Ships of Fortune, is adding the ability to become an Emissary for a particular faction.

Being an Emissary adds special ship customization items that let you deck out in the style of your chosen franchise. Be careful though, as there's another faction coming: The Reaper's Bones. This faction is all about piracy in the truest sense of the word, encouraging its followers to take the flags of Emmisaries from other factions.

Last but more certainly not least, new pets are on the way. While monkeys and parrots are already available in Sea of Thieves, players will soon be able to purchase cats! There are three breeds of cats to choose from: the Wildcat, Ragamuffin and Mau. Sea of Thieves is also coming to Steam later this year.



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