Seagate announces several new drives ahead of CES 2015

Seagate has unveiled its lineup for CES 2015, including some new Wi-Fi-enabled hard drives that let you take your data anywhere. Personal Cloud drives offer high-capacity storage for all of your media, accessible from any device, such as a Windows 8 PC or tablet, while the Seagate Wireless extends the space on your mobile device. They also announced a new portable hard drive in the Seagate Seven, which is said by Seagate to be the world's thinnest portable hard drive.

The Seagate Personal Cloud connects via ethernet to your wireless router. Once you've installed the Seagate Media app on your device, you can access the content stored on the Personal Cloud from anywhere. The Personal Cloud comes in multiple storage sizes, as well as a two-bay configuration. From Seagate:

Seagate Personal Cloud demystifies the often frustrating process of finding, accessing and enjoying photos, videos and music on the device of your choice. Once connected to a wireless router and after a free download of the Seagate Media app, users will be treated to an intuitive, media-rich browsing experience that makes playback of content an effortless and enjoyable experience.

The standard Personal Cloud comes in 3TB, 4TB, and 5TB capacities, while the Personal Cloud 2-Bay comes in 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB options. Both will be available later in January, and pricing for either model is yet to be announced.

The Seagate Wireless is a portable drive that lets you offload media from your mobile device. It offers 500GB of storage, and connects to your device through the Seagate Media app. The Wireless can support multiple connected devices at the same time. It will be available in early February for $129.99.

Seagate also announced the Seven portable hard drive. The Seven is a new slim drive featuring a stainless steel enclosure. It's a 500GB USB 3.0 drive that's only 7mm thick. It will see wide release later this month, and will retail for $99.99.

Source: Seagate 1, 2, 3

Joseph Keller
  • Will the wireless version have a windows app?
  • My thoughts exactly...I would hope they would not tell us about hardware or software that we can't even use on our Windows Phones but it does happen from time to time.
  • Doubt it, I need one for my Xbox one hope they wont prive them crazy high.
  • Are you joking? Of course not but in 2018...sure.
  • "Seagate Personal Cloud also serves as a central backup device for PCs, Mac computers, USB drives, iOS and Android mobile devices" So, no.
  • We'll prob have to wait a year or two......
  • Really cool idea to have a personal cloud storage solution, until of course the drive crashes and you lose everything, which defeats a large portion of benefits of cloud storage to begin with....
  • It's really stupid for any developer, especially a big company, not to release apps for Windows. Especially with Windows 10 around the corner.
  • Awesome.. Sorry for off topic guys... Here's vlc player
  • Sorry if I'm wrong,but shouldn't the publisher name be VideoLan? Its VideoLabs on the details page...
  • You are correct, smells fishy.
  • Says its a port in the description. VLC is open source, anyone can compile it.
  • It was a long wait but the App really looks promising...I've never considered using VLC also as a music app,but this makes a nice impression also for music.
  • Shut the fuck up already about vlc. It's annoying.
  • It's buggy, shit as Windows app, crashes down...
  • Will the "7" work with Xbox 1?
  • When is the CES?
  • This Wednesday until Friday I believe.
  • How to enable sound on vlc?
  • Ask in the forums.
  • Kind of like the idea lace has for their new drives gorilla glass covered
  • All my Seagate hard drives dies within a year. Not buying Seagate anymore.
  • ^this. I bought two Seagate drives in two different occasions from two different vendors, and both were defected OOTB.
    Not touching a Seagate ever again.
  • Western Digital is where it's at
  • IIRC the most recent Seagate drive - the last year or so - have used rather unusual and not great platters giving them a rather low reliability compared to other brands.  
  • Yawn. Why is this even a thing? They're wasting resources on something not nearly as good as existing solutions.
  • I have been using a Seagate Goflex net drive for years. Works great and doesn't need special SW to be installed (unless you want it).
  • Something else with a battery that wont last as per specification. Oh, and the transfer rates are so slow.
  • This is stupid. The limiting factor being your home internet connection speed. Downstream is usually fine, but upstream is always appalling. Wouldn't be good use for anything other than pics and low bit rate music files.