See how Clean Bandit used a Lumia 930 Bullet Time rig in their new music video

One of Microsoft's latest pairings sees British group, Clean Bandit, teaming up with Lumia for various promotional activities. One of the more amazing ones is the video for latest single, Stronger, which throws no less than 50 (yes, 50!) Lumia 930s into the mix on a Bullet Time rig. And the effects are amazing.

The phones required a custom app, built by Microsoft, to do the task at hand. The 50 phones were all joined together on a curved rig and were used to capture freeze frames, light paintings and more. With the latest update the Lumia 930 is capable of shooting 4K video, and Clean Bandit is doing something truly remarkable. If a little out of the reach of the common man.

Check out how they did it and what resulted in the behind the scenes video above. Pretty cool, right?

Source: Lumia UK (YouTube)

Richard Devine
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  • You sure about that..?
  • Saw this earlier on YouTube. Amazing effects when the dancers are in the air. Love Clean Bandit too, all good here.
  • I see Lumia oh the street more and more myself, so yeah! It's the new trend guys!
  • Sadly not in the US.
  • Yeah, last year it was really difficult to see someone using a Lumia here in Brazil, now I see many people using it. But Galaxy still dominates where I live :/
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  • I just bought a steadycam rig for my Lumia1020.
  • What is your setup? I use a gorillapod thing along with the camera grip. Combined with the OIS, I get a surprisingly steady shot.
  • Every cameraman that I've met on set has had some sort of Steadycam rig. Either an actual Steadycam or some home made thing. My rig is just basically the Yellow Lumia1020 with the camera grip and the Monoprice steady camera rig
    It works really well for moving shots. Lots of Lumix, Nikon, Red and other cameras on set but everyone wants to play with my 1020. I do wish the 1020 supported external sound. That would be awesome. A movie I just wrapped up filming actually features a scene with me using my yellow Lumia1020 to call one of the main characters. You get to see lots of different types of equipment on a movie set.
  • Thanks for that. I've always been tempted to get a steadycam kind of setup - but they always seem to be so expensive. Your monoprice link seems ideal.
    (I use my 1020 for cycle touring - trying to get a steadyshot when cycling is not easy. I reckon the monoprice rig could be just what I need!).
  • You could further smooth things out in post production if needed. On set I'm an actor not a cameraman, but I do have a strong interest in all the equipment that's around me, and I've been into photography forever. Just wanted to clear that up in case you thought I was some seasoned cameraman.
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  • Not good..
  • The effect was glitchy and looked like crap, I wouldn't be bragging about it.
  • This is wonderful can't wait to see the video!
  • do you know by any chance, when the actual video is going to comeout? no big deal, i was just wondering, so i can be on the lookout for it. 
  • Great video..!
  • If only 4K recording is that useful in real usage..
  • Its not about the 4K but the effect produce with denim update to bring moment capture on the lumia camera 5.0 !! Like saving each frame you want for the footage and choose individual picture !!!
  • Well even with Denim I can't find any way to shoot 4K on my 1520 (same camera as the 930). As for being useful, there are heaps of things and features we now rely on now that were derided as 'not useful' when they were introduced.
  • I dont like the music they use and the all around thing, but the effect will be amazing, lets wait see the final work before judging !!
  • I tipped this 2 days before and no one noticed... Appreciated :-/
  • Pretty sure they saw the video themselves. It's alright, tips get ignored all the time, not the end of the world.
  • If they are not even looking into their mail box for tips.. Then why the hell they kept such a feature in their app... prrr... And yeah.. Not the end of the world anyways...
  • Ummm this video was posted today.
  • The news was out before 2 days itself :-/
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  • In other news, Google buys MTV, no more lumia music videos...
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