Serious about Twitter? Dominate the Twitterverse with new social game Tweepgods

Are you a Twitter fan? Do you love using the service so much that you could see yourself playing a social game? Liquid Daffodil, the makers behind glƏƏk! and more, has developed Tweepgods (, which may be of interest to you. Tweepgods is such a title that's now available on the Windows Store (and soon arriving for Windows Phone).

So what's it all about? Well, we feel as though the official store description can help out there:

"Become a Master of the Twitterverse by taking captive Tweeps and Tags in the wildly addictive Social phenomenon tweepgods! Where your Tweeps become a 'captive audience'! Capture users and make them your 'Underlings', take ownership of Twitter Hashtags, and then increase your godly Omniscience by claiming their use and activity on Twitter! Start your path to full on Twitterverse domination now, you won’t be sorry…gods never are!"

But should that be overwhelming for you, then fear not as it took us a few minutes to know exactly what's going on and how to work everything. Once the app is launched, you're to log into your Twitter account, which will provide you with some JeezUps! (think of this as in-game "credits"). The primary goal is to increase your omniscience and gain power. Much power!

Tweetpgods Tutorial

A brief tutorial is displayed to get you started, which can be accessed using F1 key at any point.

The interface is actually fairly clean once you're used to functionality present within the app. Searches for tweeps (users) and tags can be achieved on the left-hand side, while all purchased bits and bobs are displayed under "Underlings" and "Tags". You can 'buy' other Twitter users and hashtags, so long as they're not owned by anyone else.

You can then view the activity of Tags or Underlings. The more the hashtags are used, or the more active that user is on Twitter, the more power and omniscience is accumulated. Of course, this means the popular tags are probably already gone, but try and get in there when something happens on Twitter and watch the results.

What's great about Tweepgods is the synchronisation between Windows 8 and Windows Phone. It's entirely up-to-date as soon as you pick it up on either platform. Both apps also make full use of in-app purchases.

You may be thinking, "so I can purchase Underlings, etc. but only if they're not already owned? That's slightly limiting the gameplay a little, right?" Yes, and we'd agree there. Luckily, it's being addressed in a coming update this week:

  1. Allow users to steal from others (which would solve the above issue)
  2. Allow Underlings to Escape
  3. An "Auction Block" for Underlings and Tags that you want to "sell"

There are plans to turn this into a fully functional social marketplace of some sort. It's an interesting concept and one to keep an eye on to see where progress takes Tweepgods in the future. The Windows 8 version is currently free for 24 hours. The developer has asked those who download and enjoy the game to rate it, and for users who have feedback to contact them via support. After the free period is over the app will sell for $1.99.

You can download Tweepgod from the Windows Store for free (next 24 hours - $1.99 after). We expect the Windows Phone version to be released within a number of days. We'll update with links when available.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.