Settings on Windows 10 for Phone and PC are stark and simple

The Settings area on Windows PCs has always been a challenge. At once it needs to be simple and easy to navigate, while also letting power users have all the options that they want to change. That is a tall order to fulfil.

Windows 10 completely revamps Settings once again, but this time it trickles down to the phone. Indeed, the Settings on Windows Phone is a bit of a mess with a seemingly endless unorganized list.

Windows 10 Settings

Does Windows 10 finally fix this? It is too early to tell, but you have to admit, it looks dead simple (and hopefully you can see it better in our high-resolution photo).

Like all things in Windows 10, this too is subject to change, based mostly on your feedback. For now though, what do you think?

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This is what we
  • It's nice!
  • love this function. Really need it. @deniel please give more news about quick replay from notification. I want to hear more about it. Make an article about it.
  • "deniel"
  • Are you in Denial? Lol
  • Finally...and a quick question, will the xbox app be coming on phones cuz all that I hear and read is windows 10 pcs and tablets. And if YES can we also game and join Xbox gamers if that game has a windows 10 'phone' version??
  • scroll around and read, maybe?
  • I think that gaming with phone through phone is not possible cause the hardware
  • So more like control panel for windows on desktop?
  • Yeah! Looks cool! Like a mini Control Panel. Love it.
  • Yeah.. I can deal with this..
    We should be able to pin any, and every, setting to the start screen, and action center, if we want.
  • Just curious. Why would you pin the action centre?
  • In English those commas, and the word "and",, signify that the start screen, AND, the action center, are where I would like to pin, or add, things... Just re read what I posted.
  • Had a long day man. No need to try and be a smart ass
  • Lol!!!!!#
  • Honestly i think "or" would have been a better choice. :P
  • You're probably right.... Still, a brain damaged chimp could put it together fine... Lol.
  • In one of the videos they showed that you could tap somewhere in the action center and expand the toggle area to show a bunch of them, it could be what you're looking for (we need more detail on that, WC!).
  • Right,,,,, but we don't know if they limit only certain settings... I'm saying that we should be able to pin ever one to the AC, and the SC..
  • I also approve. My boss recently made the #switch from Android and its a bit drawn-out at the moment.
  • Wait a second, the upper part in the windows phone is white, (also the keyboard was white in previous photos) but the background is black. Does that mean we have lost the choices of black/white backgrounds for native apps?
  • Doubt it. And I certainly hope not
  • No, it's just an early build that is not reacting to the current theme colour.
  • Feb comes soon!
  • This!
  • Something of massive importance that they didn't mention, is the possibility to have custom ringtones, which is a must have. WP has always been kind of lazy in that area...i hope it comes straight since the first version of W10
  • Wtf dude, u can already get custom ringtones now...
  • They didn't mention it because custom ringtones have been there for years now
  • I had a custom ringtone on my HTC Mozart back in 2012...that was WP7!
  • Guess the ringtone folder is just for decoration then? lol...
  • Come on man! :)
  • Looks pretty much like the desktop control panel...
  • After all.. Both are windows 10 ryt ;)
  • It is, the control panel is now a universal app.
  • And that's the point, if I remember they said it would also sync... everything seems like it will sync, sync sync and add onedrive in the middle for that.
  • And add Cortana in the middle of that too. Awesome idea.
  • Yeah cool design and simple
  • Finally! Organization :)
  • My Lumia 620 gets the Windows 10 update next month? I am already on Developers Preview (Got the latest WP8.1 updates already)... Little confused...    (my comment was removed earlier?)
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  • Can you guys have a mod dedicated to just deleting comments that belong in the forums? (Pet peeves)
  • You can go and volunteer... 
  • No cuz I'd delete your account too.
  • You Spam more than anyone in WindowsCentral! where is the free speech? WHEREEE? stop it Daniel, just stop it. ^____________^   I have a question thought, what kind of underwear are you wearing now?   anyway I wonder how many settings will sync across devices, I liked the old way, becuase while people complained so much about so many settings, I knew where they were regardless of language. at least we now seem to get icons, and that's always good to get to recognize immediately what settings you want.
  • grey
  • The answer is 42
  • There is a place for questions like that. That place is not here.
  • Didn't know, sorry.
  • Yes you did
  • I just got 80 ish comments bruh, I hardly comment here... 
  • If u can get WP 8.1 to it then I believe from what MS said, it should be able to get Windows 10. So the preview is also a go.
  • Don't worry you ll get that definitely
  • Omg ...what an amazing .thing is this ...really awesome ...becoming more Than android and ios ...feling proud of owing windows phone ...great..
  • +930
    +Surface Pro 3
  • Great thanks Ms... Now pls release denim fast
  • I'm not sure how I feel about the new Metro flavor Microsoft seems to be embracing. Looks like it took a few pages from Android pre-Lollipop's book, not a good thing in my opinion. Hopefully it's refined with time.
  • I don't like how the new design seems to be abandoning the appbars and large text headers.
  • +920 I don't like the top bar and I wish the text was definetely larger. Feels like Uglydroid.
  • It needs to happen, that look is rather dated now. It was cool when Windows Phone 7 & Windows Phone 8 first, to me looks stale. It's time to mature the metro/modern design.
  • Yes, going to a design that your competitor actually abandoned in order to copy your own design is always a great way to stay fresh and ahead of the curb!!! (Microsoft is taking too many pointed from ICS, while Google actually abandoned the ICS style in favor of Material Design, and design language that takes many pointers from the Metro UI) Huge step backwards, I feel. No longer looks as clean nor as readable.
  • Personally to me the icons look far too similar to the settings screen on the Samsung B7610 (Omnia Pro 2). The only saving grace imo is that the UX can change depending on feedback therefore may not be the final UX.    
  • It definitely has a wannabe Ice Cream Sandwich design to it.
  • When was ICS released? After WP7 came out and everyone was talking about "metro" The fact that anyone is saying anything looks Android-like, must not remember what android looked like before ICS.   The Top bar can only look so different.  Its a small area with icons and text.  Windows using Segoe UI doesnt look like Android using Trebuchet or whatever font they use.
  • It still looks like a poor attempt at an Android style setttings screen. Lazy design shouldn't be defended.
  • Finally some sensible comment. But this is what the WP users wanted through uservoice forum. And I agree they could've made the "settings" title a bit more WP/Metro native but then it mightn't match with the iconic page it's currently based on.
    Next is hamburger menu, it's going viral. How'll people react to it now? Everyone criticized the appearance of it on an OneDrive app update as if it was the end of the world, guess Microsoft was actually planting the idea in their office apps by that time already. To our dislikes, the hamburger menu, is where the world is going to :|
  • What is the difference between three dots and three bars? And why can't they simply move the top bar to the bottom on thumb-devices?
  • I personally prefer the three dots simply because it's more subtle, less distracting. It's "cleaner" in that sense. Basically, embodies what Metro is all about. The hamburger button isn't bad, mind you, but I definitely feel the three dots are better.
  • That why Insiders Program exists. To let us, give them feedbacks like this one.
  • Nice indeed! Minimalist is the way to go without compromising on user friendliness.
  • Yeah, I like the minimalistic concept. Better with eye candy design and a beautiful experience.
  • Hey, if i say "xbox turn off", is the game download in background? Xbox one. Thanks.
  • The game will contiue to download in the background while your Xbox One is turned off unless you hold the power button down to force a system shutdown.  No worries if you say "Xbox turn off".  You are going to a low power mode and the bits will continue to download.
  • Thanks!!
  • Provided you have that option turned on in Settings > Power > Download updates while switched off. By the way, very off-topic ...
  • Looks better than what we have now. I'm curious if when you install the preview on current phones if OEM settings (like boomsound on the One M8) will still be available.
  • Good point!
  • It looks like OEM specific settings will fall under "extras."
  • Windows 10 for all my devices.. I'm happy with the announcement... Goodbye to Apple products.. And tc google.. The future is here.. B-)
  • Ohh yes ..reallly ... A great challenge for the android and ios will be the WINDOWS 10 ...BEST OF LUCK google and ios
  • Awesome. Time will tell if it works as well as it looks.
  • Omg noooo. I will miss scrolling up and down... And down and up again just to find something in the settings. /s
  • ^This
  • Can't take over on ios neither Android looks like to me (but i don't hope so )
  • OMG. Finally!
  • Yes windows phone has finally made it. I feel like they listened to us lol I have been with the windows phone since 2010, and its finally feeling like a full fledge product. Can't wait for my baby(1520) to get this preview. Breath new life into my phone.. Then when the flagship phone comes, take all my damn money. And im putting it on my Tmobile dealer line. $20 unlimited everythangggg
  • Baby? 1520 is a monster :P
  • Baby monster?
  • Lol, like this one from "Zombies Ate My Neighbours", a SNES game.
  • Better
  • :,)
  • windows phone settings now has icon....good!!!
  • One area that need work, messy and hard to find what you want. Didn't see anything on exploding tiles on the home page, has this been dropped.
  • no, it's buried in....maybe waiting for McLaren 2
  • Everything is experimental at this point. This is far from a final build, Microsoft is going to be making dozens of changes over the coming months. This is truly a Windows Phone beta program, seeing as users will be downloading potentially buggy previews once it goes live.
  • Settings on WP is a mess. Hopefuly this will make it easier to manage.
  • Beautiful....
    Can see "keyboard" in device settings..
    What does that mean? Will it have external keyboard support?
  • You still have keyboard in your settings. Check that.
  • It's looking sexy!   Although they seem to be abandoning typography as one of the defining elements of the OS.
  • In some places, yes. Icons are easier to pick out of a long list than words, especially when they're the same icons used across all Windows devices. I think you'll find that the use of icons is very contextual.
  • THAT is 100*%
  • They still couldn't figure out the order of their abc's ... ugggh
  • It's not meant to be alphabetical. Hasn't been since XP.
  • Let the User choose!
  • I love it. Beautiful ^^
  • I wish they would put them alphabetically. Only fault with current setup.
  • Most common at the top aids discoverability. It's been this way in Control Panel since XP.
  • and it's been wrong since XP
  • I just use search on my Surface and 930. So much easier than scrolling through lists. Where possible, would be good to have search for settings on phone though.
  • Thank. God. One of my only wants on Windows Phones. It always takes me so long to find the setting I want, and I always appreciate things organized into categories.
  • Looks great
  • Seems better than what it was, always so confusing to find something in the settings.
    So when will the new windows 10 insider preview be released for pc? What about phone?
    Microsoft still has alot of work to do if they want people to switch from iPhone and android.
    They should make an Intel windows phone so it can be a phone and your portable pc when hooked to a dock Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • PC: Next week. Phone: In February.
  • Will Never happen on the consumer side(too messy running wild code like that), maybe they might on the enterprise side of the business
  • It looks sexy so far.. All I want is more personalization options and I'm good. *cough* live wallpapers *cough*
  • I really hope they include the picture password option this time.
  • Pretty
  • Did Microsoft post a video showing windows 10 on phones or not? I only seen small tablets, desktops, convertibles, etc. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • I looked also, cant find.
  • Not an individual one, but you can check it out in the full video.
  • Daniel, i know this is off topic, but I can't find answers anywhere. Are they going to fix Xbox music and video to work now like Zune our are we just going to be in the same mess with our local libraries? Any way you can find out?
  • There will be a universal app which hasn't been shown yet. It will play your OneDrive music too. That's all we know from the articles.
  • most people don't read the articles - they go directly to the comments
    there should be ingress & summary for the modern age of faaaast everything
  • THIS!!! Sweet.
  • Boring and unispired. I would've preferred a refined pivot screen with more categories. They had the right idea to begin with. All they needed was to expand it. Heck, even some of the fan concepts that use tiles would be more exciting. On the bright side though it's simple and straight forward and people coming from Android and iOS will feel at home. Sigh.
  • omg your icon caught me off guard & i basically clicked it thinking it was real ):
  • Sweeet! Will you marry me (& blond your hair) ?
  • This Settings in PCs and Phones are very nice. I don't have anything against the old settings in Windows 8.1 except that it's not organized. But this one is better.
  • That's what we wanted MS! You are amazing! You are my love! You are superb! You've made my day. Just waiting for Feb to start.
  • What's so organized by this photo of Windows Phone Settings?  They added some icons to the left of the system items and that makes it looks better?  They have less systems settings, so does that mean they are taking away feature settings?  What I would like to see is that the system setting in WP alphabetized.  Now that would make it look organized.
  • They have grouped settings and added another nesting level. So an extra tap in some cases, but much easier to find so you come out on top.
  • I would prefer a search option as per the apps list.
  • People started switching to windows phone from ios and android ...great...
  • Looks nice. Even if it isn't perfect, categorized settings are the way to go.
  • Settings has needed the most improvement of anything on the phone. It has been a chaotic dumping ground far too long.
  • I'm really liking every aspect of this upgrade. BTW really nice job today Daniel.
  • The iconography is spot on!
  • I'm gonna need bifocals to read that.
  •'s to hoping...
  • I am liking the new settings layout... clean, nice, sleek, and the fact that they added icons to identify is great *whispers* try out animated icons instead of static ones... differentiate us from ios & android
    &BB but great clean up of the settings menu Observation: i noticed Extras at the bottom.. are the nokia exclisive settings going to be in there???? eg. network +, glance, Extras + Info....etc...
  • Live Icons (TM)
  • Yes! That's what we need
    Tm it quick msft and implement
  • Still there will be panel control and pc setting menu on pcs?
  • no
  • finally! can't wait till the day Windows 10 running on my phone! *and still waiting for denim for 630 :|
  • Do you guys already have some idea when this all will launch? I am really excited for this new Windows
  • Beta PC: next week, Beta pgines Februray
    The real Build for PC, late summer for Phones (which need the Update 1 for Xmas)
  • Hey Dan. Any news about USB on the go and Bluetooth HID profiles (for Bluetooth keyboards)?
  • This is what I want...superb...
  • I think they could be in larger text... Alot of unused screen real estate...
  • My idea of simplifying settings would be to get it into alphabetical order, rather than update order.
  • Exactly! The current 8.1 settings are a mess and have been since 7.0. I realise the most important stuff is at the top, but I hate having to skim over each and every line just to find the setting I'm looking for.
  • Let the User Choose!!!
  • I would like a search, as in the apps. The search has become really useful on the Surface, so simple and easy to find what's needed.
  • It looks great to me. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • It looks simple and easy to access..that's we want..nice to hear the free update soon!
  • Needs a search button
  • Nice & simple
  • Looks a bit like Android but it's OK
  • i hope they add the OTG feature in this update. Hey people, as we know that that the production of NL1020 has been stopped, so do you guys think that this phone will get that Windows 10 update?
  • For crying out loud all windows phones running wp8/8.1 will be able to upgrade
  • Yes, as per link:
  • Finally, a setting hub that works
  • Finally!!! The Settings! Haha!
  • nice microsfot. glad they are taking steps to make things easier for users instead of the never endless scrolling i sometimes have to do
  • Looks nice on WP10. But on Windows 10 needs a little more. Maybe some color icons?
  • Showing new apps at the top of the app list was one of my highlights though.  So simple and should always have been present.
  • Cool, but I will miss the "system" big letters on the top :'(
  • I like how each section has descriptions for what it inside, this could work.
  • I'm loving all this Win 10 news! Its like my birthday, but better :) thanks Daniel  
  • Well in one of articles ... to be precise one showing Skype... the font looked more like one in Nokia x series :/
    But here fonts look decent... hope it doesn't look like on lower resolution phones (qHD, WVGA) ...
    I prefer Segoe UI ... hope they include option to switch fonts. .. :D
  • Pretty much anything will be better than the Windows 8 charm bar type settings.
  • I love the Charms Bar. But, for settings (or anything else) just start typing, I.e. control panel, and it is bought up before you complete the words. This is so simple.
  • Its not that its hard to access, its that the metro-app style is poorly designed. Its clunky, slow, and lacks features.
  • I like it. 
  • Very clean look and most of all organized. Took them a while but good job MS. Let's start rolling out those previews. I am ready to give a lot of feedback on phone side.
  • Simple and is really superb
  • How does this vary from Control Panel? Settings page is a merger or a part of control panel??
  • what Control Panel? This is it! - Universal (almost) everything!
  • Ok I see where they are going but in a windows 10 operating system these options should be Tiles and they should be pinable in case the user wants to have say Devices or Networking easily available and the same for Windows 10 phone. Lets stick with the same design language for as much of the system as we can. Expanding on this it would be nice to see some contexual background colors on some elements. For instance perhaps the networking icon has an Orange tile and then across the operating system anything that has something to do with network settings has an orange tile. That might be taking it a bit too far but there sure is a lot of blank space these days and while minimalist is nice it is getting very boring. If you were on the phone with a client and needed them to click on network you could say Its the orange tile (since nobody reads what things on the screen say).  
  • Much needed change. Stark and simple sounds perfect for the settings.
  • It doesn't suck
  • At least some things are sorted now, like WiFi, airplane mode and cellular are all in "network and wireless" it seems
  • It is too good but when we will update windows 10
  • Beta in Feb, RTM late summer (start....) tatient....sooon....wait...for Update 1 in Xmas! :-p
  • Blue icons look cool. Is that 1520? Amazing looking
  • Finaly it will be easier to navigate in settings
  • This is awesome. Sleek and modern
  • I don't like the new design MS is following. Looks a bit like Android with that header and fonts. I like the current header style better.
  • Is excellent
  • On the one hand, it looks a lot cleaner. However, if this comes at the expense of having to press 3 different settings to get to what you want to do, then it'll suck. Scrolling's not pleasant, but it beats several transitions in a settings tree.
  • The phone kinda looks like Android's Holo design ... Hope the Cyan is part of the Accent color.
    Desktop looks cool though
  • On a windows 8.1 pc I find myself just typing in the search for the relevant settings name and clicking it that way. I know that the explorer view needs changed and I'm glad they are doing that. But I just have adapted to using the search  instead of navigating the menus.
  • It's aweomse....proud to be a WIndows Phone holder
  • Microsoft finally notice they have something very basic to fix after 3 years.....
  • Good to have a revamped settings for phones. The very least they could do is make the list alphabetical, but noooooo they had to sort it by "importance".
  • Bring this!
  • I LOVE the outline icons. so in love
  • Love the fact that it is organized now :) Also.. Seems unified messaging hub is coming in a mighty form! I would like to see WeChat, Kakao Talk and Messenger and the likes integrated in a single app.. As well as for the people Hub.. #hubsFTW :)
  • The only thing I have to ask: Will this Windows 10 phone update burden the phone, as it is present with WP8.1 Update 1 Preview program?
  • you need 8 core Intel Atom or SnapDragon 820 or ULP i3 Broadwell...
    no...wait! - My Bad...I was reading Android 6 fact sheet...
  • WP8.1 burdens your phone? o_o
  • in my opinion, it's a bit like my old Nokia N8 settings menu,simple and intuitive
  • How many of you like action centre
  • we ALL do!
  • Action Center right now is quite barren. More options are needed.
  • Love it! But a re-learning is required because I have actually gotten already into the habit of the messy settings in WP8/8.1 LOL! I actually already know where the different items are located by instinct. But still, simplification is direly needed therefore I so love it that they have organized the settings into just a few categories! 
  • There goes my Brain Training!
  • Looks great, although I've memorized the current jumbled mess that is settings in WP.
  • Its brilliant. Can be evovled more as we get into prviews and make suggestion. For now simply cool.
  • Is there any new notification centre?
  • I like the new setting but wondering how the music app look like?
  • Not too much change but will be better :D 
  • Finally. Though a search box would be cool!
  • Finally microsoft had been sort out their mess. easier for user
  • Love that settings screen
  • beautiful!
  • Apple have a lovely simpler control panel. It is possible worth a lot of effort.....
  • The Settings screen on WP8 is one of the worst UX I've seen in mobile across all platforms. It breaks all of the rules of UX brain hacking. Almost anything else would be better. These categorized view means two steps to get to any setting, that would still be faster for most things and with the expanded quick actions in the action center you'd still be able to access settings you use often without going to the settings screen itself first
  • Hello all this looks nice i had a lumia 930 then i sold it because it was overheating now i want to buy another lumia which lumia does not have overheating issues please help me
  • 1520
  • Cant wait
  • Can't wait. Looks awesome. Lets hope MS Nokia come out with an exceptionally brilliant high end phone.
    My 930 is doing great for me but Im keen for an updated version. :)
  • I'm considering picking up a 930 to replace my 1020. I love the 1020 and the Camera, but just want faster performance, SensorCore features, and the other things the Lumia 1020 misses out on due to hardware restrictions - I think it could do me for at least a year and then maybe pickup the current Flagship. I can't think in terms of hardware what the next flagship will add later this year, apart from being faster really.
  • Hopefully this will be just for rt/wp as I find it impossible as it is on w8 to navigate settings(not a tablet user)
  • Happy!
  • Looks very nice
  • I like. Looks more finished, professional. Touch is a graphics environment, and while the text Metro UI has its place, "a picture is worth 1000 words."
  • Much, much better. I like it.
  • Bluetooth: The bastard sibbling of wireless signals.
  • Hopefully we'll be getting default app selection in those settings and an improved file explorer too (Files can't even move/copy folders).
  • Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!
  • 1520 look even more sexy Now *cool*
  • By creating groups in settings you would probably have a better oversight when you first come to Settings - at least on a phone. We already have that in the control panel on the PC. But what erach group will contain and how to convey that information is probably the trick here. And if you wish for a step further, for me that would be that some if not all groups were customizeable so you could group most used options into one group or move one setting from one group to another because it suits you better.
  • Why this ugly white bar at the top of the screen ?
  • Arrgghhhh. Still not in alphabetical order. Why why why. . I need a job. Microsoft assistant will do.
  • I kind of like the current looks better, WP is a black&white minimalistic, barebones UI, that's why I loved it from the first time, I would rather keep it that way, no more clutter pls
  • Awesome
  • It looks pretty cool....
  • Microsoft is going in the complete wrong direction here (in my opinion). Fine with unified apps, but to create little to no differentiation between phones and computers, makes me wanna ask one thing: Do people really want computers in their pockets? Do they really need that? (Are we that fucking important 24/7)   No they don't! Apple has proven this countless times. Yes! They want a design language that is familiar (if they use the same platforms), but they don't need or want to think or work with "real" computers on a daily basis. Because it isn't simple, it isn't "really" a computer, so why make people believe that's a thing.   Same way as with the progression of voice assistants like Cortana (Or Google now, or BB's new whatever and.... SIRI). Who the fuck uses this shit!? No one!!! NO ONE!!!! and we don't want to use it, because we don't wanna be assholes in public as is the problem with Google Glass. We don't want it! "Listening to the users" WTF are they talking about? There are no users pushing this shit, so why even have an open (developed) focus or pressence with this? Seriously!   All this clutter!!!! All of it! I thought.... As Microsoft said half a decade ago.... needed to go. So they made Metro, they made a windows phone.... They made tiles.... All of that is going down the shitter now. Fx. Notifications now trumps live tiles and we get to hear about that woman who got bombed by a wolf, twice! And everything is automated so it's not about adding features anymore. It's about having to subtract shit in order to just get a nice, neat, hassle free experience!   I've been on Windows for a long time..... Really long time... Been a huge windows phone fan (Even Zune fan).... But, as i see it. As i saw Windows phone (Windows 10).   I think i may be out! Just like integrated touchpads on laptops! It's shitty and not versatile, not flex enough for me. I want choices and add ons, not forced computing and subtractions!    
  • Cool this is good. Or bring search to settings
  • Yeah to search, like in app section.
  • This must be 8.2 update , because I don't see any facelift of a big change
  • Guys if you were listening to the event yesterday the early builds were are seeing here will be constantly improved by user feedback on the Insider or Preview Programs so any glitches or inconsistency will be hammered out hopefully come the final full release of Windows 10.... I am for excited to try out the Windows Insider Program and see the transition of this OS improve along the way. Just relax and enjoy it we are better off here than on any other platform at the moment.
  • Leave it as in the photo. I don't think you can get it better than that unless MS maybe wraps each letter in diamonds.... I kid od course ;)
  • It doesn't look like hell anymore! Yay!
  • UI Settings in WP in sleek. seems more organized.  
  • Staying with 8.1 because of shitty design!
  • I loved the metro design on the old one i just wanted it to be organized now it's completely gone
  • Awesome !!! Great job dude haha love it
  • Yes, its much simple and organized than windows phone 8.1
  • Phone UI looks really good - I think the PC UI will definitely evolve past what's in the screenshot but it's looking good so far!
  • We are still miles (or builds, rather) away from the final build. These are just initial previews. I bet there would be many changes coming henceforth. That's why this preview stuff is all about. So for people worrying about losing the original Metro touch, relax and save the anger after the final build rolls out. On a related note, I despise the hamburger icon though ;)
  • Oh yeah, make my phone work like a desktop. This is the new era my friends. Android and ios look like a pile of nasty shit in front of win10. Haha, i told them, nobody listens. To bad microsoft killed Nokia for this.
  • Nokia, like Blackberry, too a dive due to falling market share. Not Microsoft's doing!
  • They are capitalizing the settings now, small observation.. Metro style is gone. Also that double bar at the top.. I don't like it.
  • I agree, but they said it's beta and not the final release. Also, they are listening to our views. So hoping the double bar effect goes.
  • Yes is
  • Yay! Finally!
  • Animation in windows phone should change and also options to disable animations should be available.
  • Hello Microsoft, I'm Windows Phone 8.1 user from Myanmar. I'd to request to allow to install Myanmar font on Windows Phone 8.1. I hope, Windows 10 can customize the font in mobile device.  
  • I like it!
  • Looks like a great step in the right direction! It also be cool if they kept a recently user list of settings that you swipe right/left to get to.
  • Or pin to notifications and action center, for quick access.
  • yes the super long list of items in Settings has been a pain.... thanks MS.
  • Having an organized and logical 'control panel' or 'PC Settings' menu for all devices is extremely overdue. It was a problem even with win95, and has only gotten worse with time, so I am happy to see it being addressed. My only fear is that the nice clean organized UI will mean less features and settings to mess with, and more utilities and tricks required to make changes. If they keep the flexibility of the current system, then I am all for it and this may be my favorite new feature.
  • One thing that attracted me to WP was its design language and it is exceedingly becoming more like iOS-ish and Android-ish with each refresh. Yes Microsoft we want more functionality and organization but not at the expense of UI. What's with this top ribbon? Where is the large typography for headers? What's with the ugly icons? What about let the typography do the talking? Where are the horizontal carousel for each organizational groups?
    I'm glad that Microsoft is bringing the user requested features but doing so on the expense of UI that attracted us to WP is making us hate it. I wish Microsoft would learn the meaning of options. And employ the new UI refreshes as optional themes while also keeping the previous UI as options and maybe categorize them as themes in customization settings. These themes could range from Simplest Modern(WP7.5/8) to More Modern(W10) themes.
  • No, I like the old way, exactly what feature/setting I need, this normally complicates thinga ​
  • 'Devices>keyboard'
    Ding ding ding...finally, Microsoft is going to give us Bluetooth HID support! Windows Phones will finally be a serious productivity device. Nice
  • Yeah ! Please USB otg !
    Wi-Fi direct !
  • Looks great! I like that you don't have to scroll.
  • Haven't had time to read all the comments - but did anyone else notice the"keyboard" bit under devices!!! Suggesting Bluetooth keyboard (or perhaps otg) support?
  • You're so awesome man!!
  • There is alreadey Keyboard in the WP 8 Settings.
  • Keyboard in WP 8 means that you can add or delete language
    But here
    It shows keyboards in devices
    That means a keyboard device !
  • Any one think the vpn will work like full version of windows or is still like a (wp 8.1) and video player can look all my folder or just still same... i hope the ui will be more open like a real windows
  • Very nice
  • I really what you think
  • Can't wait for the preview !
  • It's finally a bit easier to navigate but those icons are way too stylistic to the point that you end to ignoring them and read the bold headlines instead
  • So cool!!!!!
  • I think the settings app looks horrible now. Agreed that the icons and organization makes it way more easier to get to the right settings you want, but come on, the pivot is removed, the font isn't "Windows phone" soege (sry for the spelling) anymore. I hope Microsoft isn't just done here on this section and gets some improvement in the UI here
  • I'm gonna miss the style of wp8's settings (I mean the minimalist look) but this looks way clearer, better organized and it's still clean and elegant. So it definitely is an improvement as far as I'm concerned.
  • It looks nice, will there be landscape view though?
  • About time.  Can't believe it's taken them 3 years to clean up the Settings screen.
  • Yes! Finally!
  • It just looks like it won't be as fluid as Windows phone is now. I just have that weird impression haha.
  • Does Windows 10 for phones have Exploding tiles? Really love tat feature.
  • Seems familiar.
  • Nice
  • Looks good. I can work with this.
  • Well done.  The icons almost feel Sumerian or Egyptian hieroglyphs - a great merging of future and ancient. I like that the page is organized by likelihood of use from top to bottom.  If its all on one page they are good since it would glanceable.
  • Great
  • mucho better! never can find a setting quickly xD have to read tru all the settings to finally find it