Sexy puzzler 'Catherine' finally hits PC, complete with Japanese voiceovers

Catherine is a sexy puzzle game that originally launched in 2011. The game deals with topics such as committed relationships, affairs, and even demons. While the title starts off in a rather mundane way, it becomes rather wacky towards the end, especially if you consider the multiple endings, some of which are quite bizarre to say the least.

Catherine was previously only available on consoles, but it's not available on PC through Steam. It took many years for the title to make the jump, but I'm sure countless PC gamers will be glad it did. To mark this occasion, the developer said, "After three weeks of speculation, teasers and hidden Steam keys, we are excited to confirm that we are announcing and launching Catherine Classic on PC today. The classic action-adventure puzzler is available now for the first time on PC, ahead of the Catherine Full Body release on February 14, 2019 in Japan."

Sega is bringing the game to PC and Catherine Classic costs $19.99 or equivalent on Steam. The title tells a twisting tale of love, betrayal, and the terror of commitment. During the day Vincent has a hard choice to make to either marry his long-time girlfriend Katherine or move on to the blonde he just woke up next to, named Catherine. The story can take many paths. If you make the wrong choice and you could end up dead. At night Vincent's desperation results in terrifying nightmares in which he must climb his way up to survival, with various obstacles hindering his path.

Sega said that players can choose either single-player, local co-op, or versus mode for the tower's challenges to determine who is the better climber! The PC version features modern tweaks like 4K resolution, unlocked frame rate, customizable keyboard and mouse controls, and optional Japanese voiceover.

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Asher Madan

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