The Tree of Life Challenge Tomb will be found later in the game once you've reached the Mission of San Juan area. Getting into the tomb and progressing to a certain point is fairly straight forward as the puzzles don't begin right away.

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Note: Along the way Yaaxil enemies will pop up that you'll need to clear out.

  1. In this Challenge Tomb, you'll eventually get to a point where there is a suspended platform that you cannot reach. Ignite the green flammable gas with a fire arrow. The explosion will cause the platform to move.
  2. Jump onto the platform as it swings toward you.
  3. You'll come to a fork in the road where you should go left. At the bottom of this section you'll need to use your pickaxe on the mechanism on the stone face to unleash the flammable gas.
  4. Once you do this, run back to the fork in the road and go right. When you're at the jump you couldn't pass before, ignite the gas and jump onto the platform is it swings by, allowing you to jump onto the next section on the opposite side.

  5. Follow the path until you reach a point where you see a tethered suspended platform on the right of the screen followed by another suspended platform that is untethered. Go to tethered platform and cut the rope so it swings freely.

  6. Run back around and use your grapple-swing to jump onto the platforms. Hop up onto the ledge above and use your pickaxe on the mechanism to unleash more gas.
  7. Jump back onto the first suspended platform and ignite the gas from there. The platform will raise to a point where you can leap to a higher ledge.

  8. This will bring you to the last section of the puzzle. Once again you'll see two suspended platforms, one of which is tethered. You'll notice a section on the right of the screen with a climbable wall that is blocked by gas. Ignite the gas and use your pickaxe to climb the wall.

  9. Cut the tethered rope and follow the path until you reach another mechanism to unleash more gas.

  10. From here, jump onto the platform closest to the gas and use your grapple-swing to jump onto the next platform. On this platform, ignite the gas with a fire arrow. At this point both platforms will collapse, but you'll be able to jump down onto a lower area and make your way back up to where you were when you first saw the two platforms.

  11. This is where you'll run around the path on your left and walk across the beam to get to the other side.

The Challenge Tomb is now complete once you interact with the stone monolith. You will unlock a skill called Kinich Ahau's Boon, which restores your health in battle when you are near death.

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