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Xbox Design Lab delivers the tools to create your own controller, adding a personal flair to your Xbox One. Microsoft's digital workshop stows the tools to mix and match from a vast parts range, before being assembled and shipped to order. It's the best way to add a personal touch to your Xbox experience with a creative twist. And now, we want to see what you've made.

What is Xbox Design Lab?

Xbox Design Lab is Microsoft's official service for custom Xbox One controllers, facilitating over one billion color combinations via its DIY online tools. With the potential to fine-tune designs across an array of colored components, it injects personality into your gaming from the comfort of the home.

Microsoft's website provides options to fine-tune the latest Xbox One controller and use individual parts from an extensive (and ever-growing) lineup of choices. While faceplates and paneling dictate the tone of your design, options to tune buttons and thumbsticks round up the detailing. Xbox Design Lab is ultimately your best route for Xbox One custom controllers, available at only a small premium upon standard controllers, with Microsoft's stamp of approval.

Is Xbox Design Lab worth it?

Xbox One Design Lab controller

Xbox One Design Lab controller

While Xbox Design Lab understandably falls short of many highly bespoke third-party alternatives, there's still variety and affordability to be found. As of publication, the service boasts 19 color variants and 10 supplementary premium finishes, paired with a choice of rubberized grips, metallic finishes, and personal engraving. The culmination of these options means you can truly personalize the product, ideal as a controller upgrade or earnest gift.

Controllers start from $70, with added premiums for specialist components and finishes. The entry price mirrors many of Microsoft's special edition spins, even undercutting some of the latest Xbox hardware on the market. When in the market for a new gamepad, Xbox Design Lab takes it to the next level without crazy cost.

Share your Xbox Design Lab controllers

With the endless capabilities of Xbox Design Lab, locking down your ideal style isn't easy. Whether you're rocking a custom design on the daily or hovering over the checkout button, we want to see your Xbox Design Lab creations for inspiration. We've kicked off a dedicated thread on the Windows Central forums, sharing our concepts alongside the community.

Recently been experimenting with Xbox Design Lab more, the in-house Microsoft service for custom Xbox One controllers, where you can assemble design from various parts. Looking at bringing together a collection of our favorite Xbox Design Lab gamepads, so wondered if any of you had designs that you are proud of? Kicking off this thread with a controller built by our Executive Editor, Daniel...

Matt Brown

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