Shifting strategy Microsoft closed all its Specialty Stores and kiosks in the US

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has closed all its Specialty Stores in the US.
  • 17 kiosks were closed in malls, down from a peak of 34 in 2013.
  • Over 80 full-retail stores remain.
  • No retail stores have closed.

Microsoft is on the cusp of finally opening its flagship retail store in the UK on July 11, but all of the smaller Microsoft Specialty Stores have evidently been shuttered with many reportedly closing this past weekend.

As of June 2019, Microsoft has just over 80 full-fledged Microsoft Stores (opens in new tab) in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia, but 17 of the smaller kiosks and so-called specialty stores have now been removed. Indeed, all the specialty stores are now gone implying a planned shift in retail strategy.

A standard Microsoft Specialty Store. Image via Bing Maps.

A standard Microsoft Specialty Store. Image via Bing Maps.

Comparing Microsoft's store locator today to the Internet Way Back Machine it's evident which locations are affected:

  • Brea, Brea Mall, CA
  • Glendale, Glendale Galleria, CA
  • Roseville, Westfield Galleria at Roseville, CA (2017)
  • Broomfield, FlatIron Crossing, CO
  • Denver, Cherry Creek Mall, CO
  • Des Moines, Jordan Creek Town Ctr, IA
  • Chicago, Shops at North Bridge, IL (2017)
  • Lexington, Fayette Mall, KY
  • Louisville, Oxmoor Center, KY
  • South Portland, The Maine Mall, MA
  • Columbia, The Mall in Columbia, MD
  • New York, Time Warner Center - The Shops at Columbus Circle, NY (2017)
  • Portland, Washington Square, OR
  • Pittsburgh, Ross Park Mall, PA
  • Providence, Providence Place, RI (2017)
  • Knoxville, West Town Mall, TN
  • San Antonio, North Star Mall, TX
  • Murray, Fashion Place Mall, UT
  • Lynnwood, Alderwood, WA
  • Seattle, Pacific Place, WA (2017)
  • Seattle, Westfield Southcenter, WA
  • Wauwatosa, Mayfair, WI

Five of those locations closed in 2017. Going back to 2013 Cnet reported there were 34 Specialty Stores at the time, strongly suggesting this has been a trend for many years now.

This week's closures mean Maine, Kentucky, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin no longer any Microsoft retail presence.

Out of all the locations since 2017 only one full-fledged store – located in Bethesda, Westfield Montgomery, Maryland – has shut down. (Microsoft has said this store is not closed)

Update 4:30 PM ET: Microsoft, via Cnet, has released a statement confirming the news:

After careful discussion and evaluation, we've made the decision to close our specialty store locations. We are focused on delivering great experiences throughout the customer journey. We will continue to connect with and empower our customers to achieve more and discover all that's possible with Microsoft through Microsoft Store across the globe online and in our physical stores in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, and coming soon to the U.K. We look forward to continuing to showcase a robust lineup of products and services at our full line and flagship stores, providing the space and support for us to deliver experiences that our customers are excited about.

Microsoft retail our take

Microsoft's Specialty Stores were always odd destinations. Located in malls, which have been steadily declining in the United States due to strong online retail sales they also seemed like temporary fixtures. Focusing on "curated" Microsoft products – especially Surface, and at one time Windows Phone – these specialty stores tended to be significantly smaller than the full retail experience with little partner participation.

Many kiosks also presumably served as experiments to see if the foot traffic warranted opening a full store, something that takes years.

Though the small retail concept started in 2009 and grew from there Microsoft has been focusing more on more substantial, flagship stores in New York, California, Boston, and now London (rumored since 2012) that also double as training centers for new customers.

Likewise, Best Buy has been an important Microsoft partner with all its significant stores having a dedicated Windows PC section. Best Buy has managed to outlast many malls as standalone stores, and when considering the rent-free aspect for Microsoft, it makes sense to focus attention there.

The new Microsoft Store hits Oxford Circus on July 11, 2019, packing 21,932 square feet across three floors of Surface, Windows, Xbox, HoloLens, and more. Windows Central will be there for the opening.

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  • Yup, I worked at the Wisconsin one, they shut us down on Sunday Evening
  • Damn shame too, loved visiting you guys and now I'm pretty concerned as to if one will replace it in Wisconsin at all... definitely was nice to have for warranty and one stop shop for my Xbox and Surface gear.
  • As far as we know right now there are no other plans for a store in Wisconsin at the moment
  • that's good news since Microsoft will likely be focusing on opening stores in other countries finally!
  • Yes that's great news that for Asinine47 lost his job so someone overseas can take it...
  • Damn, sorry to hear.
  • I was there at the launch of the New York Microsoft Store (And I am 95% sure I saw Dan Rubino walking up the stairs with his film crew). I loved that store and I really hope they keep open the Freehold Mall location in NJ. That has been my primary MS retailer.
  • Hah, probably was me as we were there filming.
  • The specialty stores were only ever suppose to temporary pop ups to promote Surface Feel for all employees involved. Hopefully they can get transferred
  • they are doing everything in their power to make sure those of us that wants to be transferred to another store have that capability of doing so
  • I almost went to the south Portland Maine Mall Kiosk last year while Camping near by to get my Surface Go, but instead Ordered it Online and sent it to the Campground where I stay every year. Whish I had gone there.
  • I live just around the corner from the Westfield Montgomery Mall - and the MICROSOFT store there is very much still open and operating.
  • I came here to say the same thing. Maybe they're confused because it opened later? Bethesda used to have a Specialty store and got upgraded to a full store. That store is there. I have friends who work there.
  • I hope Zac Bowden is planning on being there when it opens!
  • Well, they closed all of them in my state. But it's not like I ever go into the mall.