Go up against an undead Hitler in early 2015 with Zombie Army Trilogy for Xbox One

Want to shoot some Nazi zombies, including an undead version of Hitler himself? If you own an Xbox One, you will get your chance sometime in early 2015 when developer Rebellion launches Zombie Army Trilogy.

The game itself is a spin-off of Rebellion's more serious WWII-themed Sniper Elite first person shooter series. Zombie Army Trilogy, which will also be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC, is a bundle of the first two Zombie Army games that have already been launched on the PC, plus an all new installment.

Here's the lowdown on the features for this grindhouse movie-themed game:

  • INTENSE SOLO & CO-OP CAMPAIGN - Battle back-to-back through 15 gut-wrenching missions spanning THREE epic campaigns. Fight alone or in online co-op for 2-4 players.
  • BRUTAL HORDE MODE - Face off against unlimited and increasingly difficult waves of enemies in the ultimate survival challenge. Play by yourself or in 2-4 player co-op across 5 dedicated maps.
  • DEADLY SURVIVORS. DEADLIER ARSENAL - Fight as elite sniper, Karl Fairburne or one of EIGHT playable heroes including 4 new female characters, armed with over 25 iconic weapons and explosive traps.
  • TERRIFYING ENEMIES - Take on legions of Undead Super Soldiers, Armoured Skeletons, Zombie Snipers, Chainsaw Elites, Fire Demons and more before facing Hitler - the demonic Führer himself!
  • X-RAY KILL CAM & ZOMBIE DISMEMBERMENT - See your bullets riddle the putrid insides of the undead as the infamous X-ray Kill Camera returns, and use tactical zombie dismemberment to remove body parts to disarm or slow your targets.

Source: Zombie Army Trilogy

John Callaham
  • +1
  • That's racism..!! /s\
  • Against Zombies!
  • Except zombies aren't a race. So there's that.
  • Can't wait, they were so badly optimised that I never got chance to play properly on PC.
  • I love games by Rebellion!
  • They ruined sniper elite francise
  • Ok.... I like Rebellion?
  • How dare you have a opinion
  • (-_-)
  • More like fundead. Amiryte?
  • Thought the thumbnail was a heavily edited image of the film Downfall for a sec. >_>
  • c:
  • Zombies and Hitler... How original...
  • Whatever sells I guess. I liked the Zombie take in The Strain though esp the long Tongue. World War Z Zombies were also good. Favorites are still in PvZ.
  • Dude The Strain is all about vampires not zombies. That's why the "long tongue" comes out and sucks blood, infecting more people. The show does have a storyline that does start with a nazi during WWII.
  • I guess it won't be available in Austria for some reason... :(
  • idoits should have been undead Churchill
  • Is this going to be a retail release or a digital download only?
  • Hello,could someone tell me what happened if I already own the first 2parts of the game on my PC from Steam? Would it be possible to get only the third part?
  • I had the same question. Either we will get a discount on the bundle, or we will be able to buy the game separately.
  • Third Person view
  • Whatever you do, don't buy on PC. I bought Nazi Zombie Army on Steam for my high end Nvidia based gaming PC. Insta lag, sound issues, etc. Worst unoptimized game for PC I've ever purchased (other than Crysis 1. Note: Crysis 1 is so hard to run on PC not because of it's great graphics but because of how unoptimized it is.) Worst part is that they haven't fixed the bugs and took my money. Game is almost unplayable.
  • Awesome!