Poll - Should Lumia devices go full metal?

Lumia devices feature colorful polycarbonate materials that give them a distinct look. Some devices have integrated the use of metal, like the frames on Lumia 925, Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, and Lumia 830, but no Lumia devices currently feature a unibody metallic design. Some people in the WPCentral forums have expressed interest in a metallic Lumia device. Are you one of them?

WPCentral member, maverick786us, started the topic. He says:

"The polycarbonate alloy that Nokia started using since Nokia N9 is better than the cheap plastics that Samsung uses. But it is still plastic. If Nokia start using premium material like HTC One Max uses, their devices will give an amazing look and feel."

Another member, smoheath, has a great response that has been liked by several others in the discussion:

"You do realize that if you want wireless charging, the back of the phone cannot be metal. I think this is why the 930 and 925 are designed with metal sides and a polycarbonate back. It's the best of both worlds. Would you rather have all metal design or wireless charging? You can't make everyone happy."

Nokia isn't a stranger to unibody metallic devices. They have released the metallic Nokia N8 and the Nokia E7 in the past, but not with Windows Phone. They featured anodized aluminum bodies that came in Orange, Green, Blue, White and Gray.

Of course, if you really want a metallic Windows Phone device, you can get the HTC One M8 for Windows. Nearly 90% of the body is metal. It feels great and screams premium in the hands. It was launched on August 20th for Verizon, but is also heading to AT&T and T-mobile.

So, where do you stand in this debate? Would you want a metallic Lumia device? Sound off below and take our poll! (If on mobile, please head to m.wpcentral.com to take the poll on your phone, or in our app, swipe to the right and hit 'Show in Browser.')

Mark Guim

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  • Oooh i still have my N8 in green, love it :D
  • I still have the black one and I love it too ;-)
  • I had a green one and liked it, I thought it looked like gold but I sent it back coz I could get a silver one £50 cheaper at Carphone warehouse. Only problem is the stupid light leak problem around the home button. I did drop it screen first and it was fine. I also left it in my glove box when I was in work and it froze at -14C. I left it on charge and it came back to life after the days lol
  • I have my Silver N8 sitting next to me right now, 4 years old and still going strong, no bent metal, no scratches on the Gorilla Glass screen. You can see it in my avatar photo. I originally had a black N8 and Nokia sent me the silver N8 as a thank you gift. I sold the black N8 to my friend that I convinced to buy a N82, silling his iPhone in the process.
  • How does the N8 camera compare to the current Lumias? I looked at some sample N8 photos and they are so crisp!
  • Only if it bends. My jeans are reeeal tight.
  • I still have my Blue N8 - Love the design!  If only it ran the WP OS...
  • YES.
    Metal is premium. Nokia keep using plastics on all phones which is big mistake.
  • Lumia 925 is an exception.  If they sput L930 specs into the L925 casing and add a microSD, it would be a very successful phone.
  • I agree, lets hope the 925 replacement is just like that
  • Metal may look premium but function wise it is not. It does not rebound like polycarbonate, is not the same color through unless bare, is not wireless transparent, transmits heat more, and dents easier. Polycarbonate may be in the same family as plastic but has much different properties. The same could be said of materials such as lexan. That stuff that packages kids toys and fighter plane cockpits that seems to defy the strongest attempt to tear and barely gives to a knife. That said, I still want a full unibody magnesium or maybe titanium Lumia. :-) You just can't beat the premium look of metal.
  • You do realise that Mg is way too reactive, right? Imagine what would happen to your magnesium phone in the presence of steam.
  • Surface is magnesium.
  • No, it's not.
  • Magnesium alloy, I believe.
  • I didn't say it's 100% magnesium. But they could do the same thing with a phone.
  • No one uses pure Al or Mg for devices manufacturing. It's always alloys. Most professional grade windows Laptops uses Mg, like the Thinkpad line, or Dell's Latitude series.
  • The test was done recently and it turned out that metal phones - iPhone 6, 6+ and HTC ONe - are the most bendable. Or, to make it clear - plastic phones were flexing (and returning to default shape once the pressure was expended), metal phones were bending (and staying bent after the pressure was released). I like metal like everyone else, but it appears to me that, with this thiner-and-thiner craze, metal phones simply don't have enough "flesh" left to give them good rigidity - especially around button holes, where frame is dramatically thin, and aluminum does not flex back. According to Consumer Reports, HTC One bends at 60 pounds. iPhone 6 does that at 70 pounds. iPhone 6+ is actually stronger (bends at 90 pounds) but larger size probably negates advantage of stronger frame. They also remained bent after force was gone. Of tested plastic phones, they were also flexing, but permanent damage happened much later (and was terminal). Samsung's Galaxy Note 3, for example, flexed back to normal shape until screen shattered at 150 pounds of force. So, yeah. Looks or robustness? I am personally happy with how my Lumia 920 looks, and the fact that I really don't need cover to protect it from scratches - it seems to scratch harder than aluminum, and being bright yellow, those small scratches that do happen are really all but invisible. All my friends with iPhone 5 and 5s have their babies in covers, and even then some have nicks  on exposed edges. I will buy my next phone based on specs and my needs, and if it turns out to be plastic, I will not mind at all.
  • It will heat a lot
  • My One doesn't get hot. My Icon and 928 did though
  • My icon use to heat up when the pre view for developers first came out. But with all the updates I don't have that problem no more
  • But my 520 heat a looooooot :\
  • Really? Mine doesn't? Maybe you have too many apps running in the background?
  • Full metal as in full metal alchemist?
  • Yes, a phone made by Edward Elric running Windows Phone 8.1.1.  Didn't you hear the annoucement? Microsoft hired him on in exchange for a philospher's stone.
  • I could have sworn I read that the exchange was for a Chaos Emerald....
  • I thought he a got free lunch, just once though. Have to fire him if he is still hungry.
  • If that metal wont make a scratch.. I would agree...
  • if they choose metal, im ok with it. but the choose alluminium, then that's a hell to the no, just look at that crappy iShit 6+
  • Why does it have to be either or?  Can't they make a metal flagship as well as some polycarbonate models?
  • Loved my N8, until I lost it :( It took lovely photos and was very solid, survived lots of drops.
  • Exactly! Lumia Pro for premium flagship models, *and* Lumia Essential for entry-level. Just don't call it Lumia RT :-)
  • Metal only for top of the range, metal frame for the middle and full plastic for lower end.
  • me too :D my sweet nokia n8... and after all this years it never bended :D
  • Well I still have my green n8 also and it's still looking and working great.
  • I can give up any phone to get my nokia n8 back. One of its kind, and undoubtedly, the best of all.
  • Orange and i love it. 
  • and I have my blue N8
  • me 2, love it so much
  • Nah, I'd rather not be able to bend my phone just by having it be in my pocket. :P
  • If done right though, this is not an issue. HTC One is 90% metal but freakin solid. Near impossible to bend by comparison to an iPhone.
  • Alright Daniel, yoiiu can tell us........is microsoft releasing something around the holiday? I'm about to spring for a 1520 off ebay because I'm tired of this stupied unsupported 8x
  • Buy the 1520. I got glossy red and this thing is future proofed for at least 2 more years.
  • Amen John. The 1520 is the gift that keeps on giving. Kinda like my step dad said about my mom... I don't know what he meant by that, just sayin
  • Oh jesus christ
  • Peg Leg, are you sure you are allowed to kill me slowly? Lol and hurt a rib or two
  • I actually really wanna get the 1520, I've been realy thinking about it.
  • Nothing is future proof, especially phones/technology. Still, the 1520, is nobody's b*tch.
  • You should just get the 1520 mate - I sold my Lumia 925 about 5 weeks ago and bought a 1520 brand new for just £340 off Amazon UK...even though a 1530 etc could be out soon, I'm so pleased that I bought the 1520 now because its THAT good.  IMO best phone ever made full stop, you'll be delighted with it I'm sure!
  • Good deal on unlocked Lumia 1520s here. I picked mine up about a month ago. It looks like the sale on the White version has stopped though. Keep in mind this is the 1520.3 which is not the same as the AT&T variant. The 1520.3 has 32GB of storage instead of 16GB and also includes Qi wireless charging.
  • Oh, thanks for asking him same question I have.
    So, Daniel; pretty please spill the beans.
  • I have an HTC 8X and run the latest update with no issues. If you are lazy to install Developer Preview don't blame the company.
  • I installed the DP on day one, however certain features included on Lumias are not available on the HTC 8X plus they're having some issue with the latest update available and cannot get it installed. As I said, they're not better than LG or Samsung; They basically make a phone and forget about it. This small screen is killing me even compared to my Lumia Icon on Verizon....Just too small for me now
  • If you do have the 411 on a phone coming this year I'd be interested on your speculation because I'm about to buy a 930, but realize rhe phone (icon) is already 7 months old. So maybe there something just around the corner?! 1030?!
  • Checked flexibility on my One, my finger would break before the phone showed any bend.
  • Maybe you should out your test on YouTube compared to the guy why who did the e test on the iPhone 6 so the world can see the truth as some of the behinds on the verge immediately started saying that the galaxy, the one and many other never to defend the fact that someone who clearly cost iPhone s his platform of choice pointed out what happened to him. I don't see why they can't just chalk it up as defective materials in a particular batch instead of bashing other phones for something that happened to his phone of choice.....
  • Good one. :P
  • Shots fired
  • It doesn't bend in your pocket. It's already been proven that the bending in your pocket thing is false and the whole situation is being blown way out of proportion.
  • Saw their "proof." Nobody tested the stress points where the bending is occurring right by the volume rocker.
  • So teh guy at the wedding lied??? C'mon Man!
  • Well ... FYI ... iPhone 6 Plus is bending, not because the use of aluminium alloy. It's because of geometric design of the frame.
    Notice that iPhone only bend in an exact point in every bend-test. Yes, the point right at the base of volume down button. In that particular area, Apple made a mistake when designing the frame layout, which makes the phone bending-prone.
  • I would say no, I love the back on my Lumia. :D
  • I agree, and with the additional weight of all metal just does not compare. Wireless charging is a must so again no. The polycarbonate body is really tough and does not dent like metal. So no no to all metal, just saying.
  • +928
  • +928
  • +928
  • Second that.
  • 925 proves your opinion wrong :)
  • I am a strong believer the 925 is still the best built Nokia device I've ever held. Not because I have one or anything...
  • I agree, had one and upgraded to 930, but the 925 is built better,
  • Opinions can't be "wrong", they are opinions. You can disagree...but that's your opinion.
  • Have you used an N8. It wasn't heavy. Not as heavy as my 1020 and I accidently dropped it 6 feet, screen down, onto concrete and only had a few scratches. I certainly hasn't got any dents on it. Can't see why wireless charging is a must. I can play games and other things while my phone is plugged in.
  • I dont find for the price wireless charging useful when I could buy a usb cable thats a yard long.
  • This. I really don't understand the whole wireless charging fad. I tried it for a while and it's really not worth the price in my opinion. Someone enlighten me?
  • I'm the opposite. Having used wireless charging on my 920, I will never go back to wired charging. If you aren't annoyed by the endless hassle of having to find the cable, put it in the right way, having to unplug it if you want to use the device more than a few feet away from the cable, then good for you. I, for one, have always hated wires and have always looked for ways to hide/minimize their impact on my daily life.
  • +1
  • Wireless charging is good because every time you plug in a connector, be it USB or thunderbolt you are slowly wearing it out. If you are rough you can end up with a phone that doesn't charge. With wireless charging even if you only use it a third of the time you are still reducing the strain on the connector by a fairly hefty margin. This is just my opinion and since most phone replacement plans seem like a scam to me I have to be very careful
  • I think in the case of dropping a phone, I may have broken all records. Trust me, not a fake thing, I actually dropped my nokia n8 from 2nd floor of my college. It fell on the paving blocks on the ground floor. Everyone was silent as I went to pick it up. I just saw it first, lying screen first on ground. I prayed and picked it up.
    Observations: No scratches, no dents. Only a small dent on the left top tip of the phone. That's all. This happened two years ago. I still have the phone and use it with my 720. Best phone ever. NOKIA N8.
  • An all metal Lumia... I'd prefer metal frames with a plastic back.... Than all metal... Plastic backs are lemme say... Cool.... Has anyone here held an iPhone 5s which has heated.. Feels like your had is melting... You can only get all metal in a few colors... Unlike plastics....... But Nokia should just manufacture an ask metal Lumia and see how it turns out
  • Wireless, charging. I think my Icon is beautiful.
  • +929
  • my ICON told me... "I wish I had CYAN... I promise I will be more beautiful with that color."
  • Amen!
    Come on already Verizon!
  • Yea, true, with a metal back, you cant do wireless charging so no question that is a NO...
  • Icon does not have a metal back?! It feels and looks like metal... Even tastes like metal! :-) and the wireless charging works great.

    The Icon back used to get very hot, but after the recent Dev Preview updates it stays cool. Seems to behave like metal. Maybe it's Vapor Magnesium like Surface.
  • Speaking of wireless charging, I'm thinking of buying a 930 (icon) but a lot of reviews say the battery life sucks. How's it in real life?And would you recommend the phone?
  • I like my 930. Battery is sufficient for me but it depends of course on how you use your phone.
  • As someone who uses my Icon quite a bit I'm probably not a normal use case. I have found that the battery is quite good for a device of this power and it isn't as bad as some would have you believe. On average with decent usage with Bluetooth always I can get through the whole day without hitting the battery saver mode. Gaming I can play halo Spartan assault with Bluetooth on for around three hours straight. (I use Bluetooth headset and moga pro alot) like most smartphones these days in any event you will want to charge it every night.. If it helps the battery life is similar to what I was getting with my 928
  • Wireless charging for the win
  • Yep.
  • I'm not as interested in materials as I am in ergonomics. I think Lumia should strive to make phones in every price range that are simply a joy to hold (both shape and weight) and have the ABSOLUTE BEST CAMERAS in class available. 
  • Nice to hear others say this. I'm so frustrated with all these thin phones because there not comfortable to hold. I love design thou so there has to be a happy middle ground, I hope.
  • I would even appreciate if my 1520's were either thicker to avoid the camera pucker, or tapered differently.
  • yup agreed with u ABSOLUTE BEST CAMERA! :D +1020
  • +808 +1020 +N8 +N82
  • Yep. I'm of this opinion too. I loved my metal N8, but I dig my 920 even more. Why, all of a sudden is metal 'premium'? Surely 'appropriate' is a better aspiration? Not sure I'd want a car made of platinum, just because it's more valuable than steel.
  • My question exactly, who suddenly decided that an aluminium phone is "premium"? I for one would like to see a Lumia carved out of oak or mahogany, now there's some premium materials
  • Ooh ooh I call 1520 made of Red Sandalwood! For that awesome sound quality!
  • Haha
  • Yes, full metal is good.
  • Until it hits the pavement. The polycarb of my 1020 and 920 before it are great, tough and handle abuse well. They just need to work on the "in-the-hand" shape. I think that the One (M8) Windows (phone) nails the shape thing, but it but that aluminium case doesn't wear the knocks of life very well.   
  • My N8 was tough as old boots. I don't understand why people say that aluminium isn't any good. My 1020 is nowhere near as durable. The case is fine but the edge of the camera surround is scratched to **** and it only dropped a few inches onto a hard floor when it skipped out of my hand
  • You just said it yourself, aluminum scratech easy! its not that is won't hold up, it wears even when sitting it down on surfaces and look worn.
  • Well i could throw my old htc radar in concrete! Not even a single tiny micro scratch on the screen! Cant say that with other phones! Even my Lumia 1520 has one and i handled it with extreme care the First few Days! So metal all the way!
    Edit: I think the wear on metal, scratches and bits and bolts are awesome! :D
  • And also can shock you.... If you're charging it and you got water on ya hands
  • Yes hate plastic
  • If built like the E7-00, N8 yes if like the iPhone no !!
  • Not for ALL devices but a little variation wouldn't hurt
  • Exactly❗❗❗❗
    Make some different... But, Nokia started the color trend, so why not continue that with metal devices as well.... We need colored metal phones❗❗
    Nevertheless, I hope we see more metal, but never get rid of the classic polycarbonate Lumia design..
  • .We need colored metal phones... damn I hope the mobile team is reading this... I hope a light bulb just went off somewhere in a Microsoft campus lol
  • Yes!! Anodized Red, Cyan, Dark Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green,,,,,,.... I don't care if it's made of plastic, or aluminum, it just has to be red❗❗
  • I'd like metal only if its colorful....i hope it will have an affordable price
  • This.
  • Yes! Love the feel/look!
  • I'm for wireless charging, but if AT&T is going to remove it anyways...should that open up other avenues? Also, Lumia 925 did not have Qi, yet polycarb back.
  • at&t is going to remove wireless charging??? .........Why?  As my contract is up in November and if that's the case..... 
  • He's saying att doesn't support or offer qi charging.
  • No. They are shifting to the competing system developed by Duracell and supported by some other industry types. Evidently, if you have a charge cover for your Lumia, you can switch it out for the new tech and just slap it on. But, you know, it's not like Ma Bell is going to come into your home and take your Qi chargers.
  • The reason I prefer qi though is because its built in... The other standard that att has chosen to support makes people buy extra cases and the sort. It sucks big time. I don't want a case so should me and people like me be punished? Not like you can exactly remove all phones backs to out qi in yourself without warranty voidings. Bastard att.
  • It makes me sad to think wireless charging could go away.  I feel it could be a niche for MS to help attract customers.  If all new lumias had it, MS would be the wireless charging brand. I have a 925, and after owning the 920 for a year, I definetly miss the integrated wireless charging.  I had the charger attached under the glass of my desk, it was so easy, just set the phone on the glass.
  • MS isn't dropping Qi anytime soon. They just unveiled a new Qi charging pad alone with the 830, 730, etc., remember.
  • ...from factory, but with a mod it has. So still a pro for a polycarb back.
  • I think carrier exclusive phones are naff. Lumias should be designed for the global market first and foremost. I still feel like the 925 is the best design Nokia has come out with in some time. I'd be just as happy with the 930 if they gave it curved sides. Kind of like a 925/920 mashup...
  • US carriers want power and control, without these they are just dumb pipes.
  • That's a clear point....i didn't understand why the 925 didn't have the Qi but it had a polycarbonate back
  • I think nokia should release one or two model in metallic.that would be a nice choice and design.
  • MS would probably make a damn entry level model or shit midrange they call flagship so they can sell more
  • The lumia 920 is imo the best designed lumia they've ever made. If it were made slightly lighter, full HD screen, and a better battery, I would buy it in a heartbeat!!
  • I agree with you, I loved the 920's design and still miss it to this day. Don't get me wrong, I love my 1520, but the feel and look of the 920 is one of the best looking phones I've owned to date.
  • I agree. I've kept my 920 even after upgrading to a 930 and have no intention of getting rid. It's just a beautiful and highly distinctive design.
  • I've done exactly the same thing for exactly the same reasons. I love the 930, but I could never get rid of the 920. It feels perfect in the hand and I've never understood the criticisms about its weight and thickness.
  • I rather like the weight of my Lumia 920. Makes it feel solid to me. Unlike so many other phones.
  • Yep, I had a look. Love the 1520, if only the glass was rolled like the 920...it looks real nice
  • I have 2 x 920's. Love this phone! I really like the 930 too (couple of friends own it) but not in any hurry to upgrade the 920.
  • My mind keeps going to "Full Metal Alchemist"
  • +FullMetalAlchemist
  • I'll take Qi wireless charging and a easy to grip surface over metal.
  • I would love to have a carbon-fiber bodied lumia
  • Wpcentral store sells carbon fiber cases for the 920, not sure about the rest.
  • Waiting for 730... :)
  • Yea, the RAZRs were hot
  • i love the design of 925   we need a successor 
  • Ugh I want both all metal and wireless charging
  • I don't care, I just want a relatively high end device with a microSD slot... on Verizon.
  • Why do you need a MicroSD? I haven't had a phone with one yet and I use SkyDrive. 32gb is plenty of space. Photos can be stored on SkyDrive.
  • Music, games, and videos to name three things.  32 GB's doesn't go as far as it used to.  As to the actual topic, I like wireless charging so I'll take that over metal.
  • 70 GB of music, 4 GB of photos, 3 GB of video, 12+ GB of apps/games... Streaming costs money... You do the math.
  • Exactly! I though I was doing great with 80GB of storage on my phone until I hit the dreaded less than 3GB of free storage. Time to invest in a 128GB card...
  • I agree with you, the people below you are crazy. I can think of no time what so ever that you would need that much space. Even if you have some crazy amount of music or apps or videos or photos you not likely to need the majority of those things on a moments notice. For those things that you don't need immediatley you can keep on Onedrive or in the case of an app redownload when you feel like playing a game again. SD card support is only really needed imo on low end devices with small amounts of storage like 4 or 8gb, possibly 16.
  • I have 512KBP/s internet....
    I need SD card support.
    Also, the USB 2 interface on my 1020 is SO slow!! Being able to pop out an SD card and copy it over quickly would be a big help.
    You also need to factor in 4K video recording....32GB won't last long!
  • The first problem is something that is your problem that no one else can fix. If you want better internet get it. Second, the speed of USB 2.0 is drastically faster than the comparable speed of a Class 10 micro SD card. The final one is only something that is going to effect the Lumia 930 as there are only going to be two WP that can record in 4k and even then the majority of people will record content in 1080p because it looks good and they do not own any devices that can properly view 4k as of this time. Plus if you want to record good quality 4k I wouldn't recommend trying to do so on a phone even if it is arguably one of the best cameras in a phone out there.
  • 'If you want better internet, get it'...
    What a stupid comment. Just a reminder, Microsoft's whole approach is to try and connect the next 1 billion people. Those are ones living in Africa, S.America and Asia that perhaps do not have reliable, fast internet. I personally live in a village in the UK. This is the absolute best speed we can get.
    Also, stop making assumptions about peoples usage scenarios. If a consumer has 4K, they'll use it (in the same way I use 1080p rather than 720p - even though for most purposes, 720p would be fine).
    Data transfer via USB is torturous with my 1020. It isn't via micro SD card. You can say what you like, but that is the reality for me.
    Also, we can't claim to be the photographers platform then expect them to work within the constraints of internal memory.
    In short, you may not have a use for a micro USB slot - but I and so many others most certainly do.
    One final benefit - it is possible to retrieve Whatsapp backup files from micro SD supported Windows Phones. My 1020 on the other hand prevents me from being able to access the Whatsapp backup files as they are stored in a hidden partition on internal memory. That means I am hesitant to reset my phone (even though it has a number of glitches)
  • He has a point SDHC is alot faster than USB 2.0. Especially on a phone since you're using the onboard bus which is going to be faster than the your USB bus on your computer... USB 2.0 is really slow. If you had USB 3.0 it could be comparable but not USB 2.0
  • Since I have to leave for the weekend instead of trying to continue this argument I'll just finish by saying that most people that read this site aren't normal people and seem to be out of touch with what normal people want/need. Normal people don't want/need  the majority of the stuff that people on this website complain about. So just remember that while you may have a voice here, it's only because of your location and not because of the significance or importance of your complaint. Most people are perfectly ok with the phone they have now and could care less about what their next phone is going to have or not have as long as it works for the basic needs they have. Let the hate and blind rage continue!
  • If I'm spending £450 on a phone, I'm going to research it and make sure it fits my criteria.
    More fool you for thinking that people are so blind and foolish with their money.
    Also, USB 2.0 is slower than SDHC...so your earlier point is null and void.
    Oh, and it is 'I couldn't care less', not 'I could care less'. The latter makes no sense.
  • Thank you for catching that gramatical error on my behalf. I try and watch out for mistakes such as those but in America such phrases are common so I find myself reverting to them on accident.
  • Before a hard drive crash (boo) I had over 40 gigs of music ripped, and that was only about half of my CDs. Why should I have to use up my monthly data allowance to listen to music I could more easily carry all the time on my phone? Why should I have to worry that on the long drive from Vegas to California that patches of spotty coverage might leave me without music or wear down my battery faster? Why should I have to carefully choose what music to put on my phone to avoid those situations when, with 128 gb sd card, I could probably just fit it all?
  • 29 GB maybe plenty for some and others not so much.
  • Dear lord no
  • Actually yes, I am waiting for a metal Lumia phone & I am pretty sure it wouldn't meet the same fate as iPhone 6+ did.
  • Yes, I already want a flexible Windows Phone device.
  • Lol
  • I would like to see diversity, anodized colors on brushed stainless or aluminum could be fun. Honestly I really like the heavy feel of my 920. Feels solid and plastic doesn't make it look any less premium. In all honesty I think I phone back makes it look cheap. But hey, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.
  • We don't do diversity, take it or leave it. Or, as Mr. Ford said: You can have any color you want, as long as it is black.
  • All I can say is going from HTC radar to L920 (current) I love that all metal feel. Likely HTC one W8 is my next phone if on att. THOUGH I always use a case on my phone so it loses it metal feel but all I have to do is take it off. What I'm trying to say is metal phone + polycarb case is best of both worlds
  • Metallic will be the upcoming trend. And touch if polycarbonate plastic colors to identify the Lumia is the best thing ever match to Lumia as an entity. Love it.
  • I love the polycarbonate bodies of the 900. Scratches are the same color all the way through! Looks great, is dent resistant and gives strength and rigidity. IMO the 900 (and the 920, though I liked the 900 more) are awesome. That said, metal looks cool. The 925 has the perfect metal look. I wish they'd update it with an 805 CPU and they'd be good to go.
  • But with the port on the bottom. Top-charging is terrible in the car mount.
  • Yes and no. Continue to make polycarbonate models and metal. It would be very nice if the metal back was removable. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Agreed.  If you can't have wireless charging at least let the battery be removable.
  • As long as they don't bend...
  • But that's the new feature apple invented. Lmao
  • I thought the metal added with the design, dated the N8 terribly.
    The HTC One looks amazing though and I am actually a fan of the iPhone 6 design.
    And the 930 is a great combination of the two materials as is the 830.
  • I would but the question is would MS Mobile be able to make it sexy? The answer is no if they rely on the same boring and uninspiring Lumia design language.
  • Thems fightin words...you best have a cannon as your name implies
  • Personally I don't like the feel of the HTC one. The metal body feels slippery. For me the L920 is perfect. It's "plastic" but still very sturdy and just feels robust. And since I started to use wireless charging recently I definitely don't want to ever miss that feature anymore.
    Edit: When the phone is made out of plastic I think only the mat plastic looks good. As soon as it is shiny plastic (Samsung or the coloured Lumias) it makes the phone look cheap.
  • Build material should be something like iPhone 5S
  • Their (Microsoft) design team is very talented so I believe that whatever they chose to build the phone from it will look as good and premium as always.
  • My Lumia 1520 makes me happy with the matte finish. It feels premium an looks premium and doesn't bend ... With wireless charging of course.
  • I think there's room for both. I'd love for MS to release a Surface phone in full metal jacket. With a cover on my Icon, the metal ends are all that shows, so it's close, but I'd go full metal for the name Surface.
  • Sure there is room, if only MS would build a new flagship, a fresh flagship. Not a warmed up zombie like the m8
  • No. It means no Qi support
  • Doesn't matter in my opinion. The functions inside are more interesting than the body. But the result of using both materials like Nokia does with the still amazing Lumia 925 is absolutely great.
  • No... variety is best. Creative design and superior aethetics have always been one of Nokia's strengths. There will be all metal phones, all polycarbonate phones, and designs that combine the two. There may even be glass incorporated, as Sony does with its Xperia line. Let them continue doing what they do best.
  • Go brick, if we don't like the phone or are mad, we can still throw it in bits :P
  • Four problems I have with metal... 1. Antenna bands are ugly as hell and ruin the unibody design of most Lumias
    2. Color, how do you get color? I'm not a huge fan of the color back and metal edges of the 925, etc. Again, it lacks the unibody style. And I love seeing the color from the screen side of the phone.
    3. They're usually cold to the touch and often more slippery.
    4. If you chip or dent a polycarbonate Lumia, it's colored all the way through. What's it look like with metal?
  • U pointed really important things. Helpful comment
  • As long as it doesn't heat up.
  • I love my red 1520, I like the metal border on the 830 though. I wouldn't prefer they go full metal but the border is definitely a nice touch
  • I still have my Grey n8 ... The only thing i like at the polycarbonate is ,if you drop it directly in to the corner it dosent brake easily. On my l1020 I dropt it 2 times from 2 meters directly into the corner and seems like the screen has "melted" some how the polycarbonate
  • Lumia phones should go full carrier as in no more exclusives.
  • Though I'm not much interested in metal body phones, I think Microsoft should consider a full metal body phone as there are users who likes it. And wireless charging is not an essential rather its may be a luxury feature which is not useful in day to day busy life.
  • I like the metal body finish of HTC's devices...but with that you limit out the possibility of losing color choices (unless the OEM provides a limited color anodized metal)...which therefore might make the phone costs to manufacture higher in the end? I like the color polycarbonate choices Nokia gives us...but I would definitely like to see a line of phones with a "colorful" metal/aluminum body one of these days. IMO, I don't personally see wireless charging as a much needed feat. with phones. It's cool, and brings out the 16 year old tech nerd in me when I use it, but I think I would sacrifice it over a premium colorful anodized unibody.
  • I would rather the wireless charging.  I got a black Lumina with a black case.  But if there are different models, everyone could be happy.
  • Nothing wrong with polycarbonate.. it looks and feels right (given proper design). Metal can get cold or hot depends on the weather, and it has a coating finish that can often scratch off.
  • Where's the "don't care just make the best damn phone ever" button? Honestly, I can be impressed with plastic or metal. Just make it premium feeling, fast as possible, and have the world's greatest camera.
  • Agreed!
  • totally agree!
  • No. The heat will be uncomfortable, just like on my 925.
  • I like em both# Lumia 925
  • I'd stick to polycarbonate and metal rigging, if I wanted protection I'd buy a case.
  • I think what they should do is make three updated size variants of the L925. 4" and 4.7-5". As well as an updated version of the L1520. REALLY like the rounded metal sides and the poly back. The option of wireless charging is a must for a lot, if not most, Lumia owners.
  • Wooden body is premium material.
  • An all play-doh phone just screams premium :D
  • Lol, http://www.wp7connect.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/claylumia920.jpg it sure does :P.
  • Lol
  • I would love to see a budget Lumia with metal body around ₹30k/-
  • 830 will get there soon
  • Like it now don't want metsl
  • Those Lumias with metal frames amazed me and I'm pretty sure my next phone will be one of them ;)
  • I want phone with plastic banding around the sides and an all metal back, they could stick a circle of plastic in a bright colour for qi charging there too or just three prongs so my cases could all have a hole to allow qi to pass through /s :P
  • Absolutely
  • Hell no! Metal phones get scratched, dented, bent and beat to shit. DO NOT WANT.
  • I always imagine and think this since the deal the 830 and 930 have metallic frame and polycarbonate back which I really really like, it feels like a combination of MS Surface hardware(Metal) and Nokia's colored back(polycarbonate).
    Since then I feel 1030 with the same 930 design and the 1020's hump will make it more sexier device than ever....!
  • Had the same poll been held last week, I would have voted yes for a fullmetal lumia, but after seeing the iBend, am not so sure.... unless ofcourse they are able to get the mix & thickness right, such that its not bulky or bendable, yet quite slim & stylish at the same time. Another issue would be the overheating...
  • Yeah if they use aircraft alloy like 6061 & 7075 heat treated to t6 then it would never bend. Apple should of heat treated their chassis. Anyway my black 930 is perfect imo
  • Apple is in milking the zombie cash cattle business :P.
  • It'd be nice to have the option, even though I do rather like the plastic and colourful Lumias I've owned so far (blue 800, white 920, yellow 1020 and my current green 930). As for the fear of bending á la Apple's latest exercise in shoddy engineering, the Motorola X is as solid as a rock if those recent bending video comparisons are to be believed.
  • Not with the design used for this article....... Out would be the laughing stock of the tech world
  • Hmmmm....tephlon coated aluminum body?!?!?
  • That would be awesome! Can anyone say weatherproof? +hydrophobic Lumia
  • Carrier locked phones, blech! Then when an update comes round they pretend like they dont sell any WP devices. Could be gold plated and I wouldnt buy one.
  • What's out the radio (RF) interference with metal? Isn't that what happened to the iPhone 4S? Whatever gives the best transmission/reception performance... That's pragmatic I realize.
  • That again was poor design.
  • No. Bentgate: no thanks.
  • I'm not exactly sure at this point. I love full metallic bodies but wireless charging is an outstanding feature. I won't mind seeing a couple of, full metallic Lumias though. After all, not all Lumia are for wireless charging... :P
  • To be fair, Nokia makes about a dozen phones a year. I don't think it would hurt to have a couple metal models.
  • I don't that they would necessarily have to be 'full metal', but the Lumia line is probably due up for a design overhaul and that wouldn't be a bad start. I'd personally love it if they resembled the Surface line - i.e. dark black or grey gun-metal-type look - as long as they could find a way to do that without them looking like rip-offs of other phones.
  • Lumia Phones: Polycarbonate.
    Surface Phones: Metal. I think that's the way on how Microsoft would make customers happy: the power of choice. Although, I love the Lumia Polycarbonate design, or the combination with metal found in the 930!
  • Absolutely not.   I love the look and feel of my L1520 and I do not want to let wireless charging go.
  • Honestly, I want a thin and light phone with a premium build to it, that is also durable to an extent. I'm okay with having a wireless charging shell too. It being built in is not a deal breaker for me
  • The thickness of Lumia1520 is definitely fine but it comes with oversized screen and hump at back :(
  • That polycarbonate from Nokia, it's already premium.
  • Jop
  • Yes...it will very good as well
  • Depends on the style and how it feels. I really have no idea with it but I need some grip and a good handling .
  • My HTC Radar has an aluminum unibody chassis. Plastic is only used in places that you don't hold. I prefer metal vs plastic. My Radar has the feel of a beer can, which I don't drop. I also have an 8X, which I love as well. The texture allowed for a firm grip. I looked at the L925, but I did not like the display vs the 8X. If MS were to release a device with a metallic build similar to the One M8 WP, I'd snatch it up as ASAP. As none exists, if I were to go with another high-end WP for my next, I'll most likely go with the HTC. The L835 is appealing, but more so, I'm looking at the BLU offerings.
  • I like how the 925 is that's why I got it
  • yes but not aluminum. I want mag vapor surface style.
  • I haven't seen a bent Nokia yet...
  • Hi Daniel! Do you know what's happening with Mexico? We haven't received the 1520 or 930 and I am really desperate! I can't change my phone because there is no other Lumia to upgrade.
    I will appreciate some info.
  • Nokias plastic quality is great. But some of them should be made metal not all
  • Why can't they make metal/polycarbonate/hybrid devices? Just to improve range of products. They could even market the metallic models as the Surface phones... Also, metal phones could still have Qi charging if they have snap on charging covers? Unless I'm mistaken...
  • have my Lumia 925 and the metal sides are very slippery, I prefer the poly carbonate thingy, had no problems with my 920 love the feel of holding a tank and I love my wireless charging as well... but I would love to see a water resistant Lumia more than a metal one... best cameras now water resistant for the win , go Lumia..!!!
  • +925. I'm actually using the wireless cover for the 925 and it helps with the slippery feel. I agree very much on having water resistant phones.
  • yes indeed water resistance should be their next step... and yeah the wireless charging shell does help with the slipperiness a bit.. but I put the wireless charging ability within the phone itself lol
  • I like the polycarb, although the 1020 is a little slippery. 
  • Nah I like my polycarbonate Lumia. Metal is alright but Lumia looks better polycarbonate
  • If done in a way it wouldn't #bendgate, I think there should be some full metal Lumias, yes. A 1020 successor would be nice in an aluminum chassis.
  • As long as it comes with a Jacket or Alchemist.
  • Dunno...
  • Would be a nice alternative, though I like wireless charging.
  • Polycarbonates are durable, flexes and break apart; aluminium is too soft and holds that shape. If you have sensitive component inside a shell and want to have a high survivability, it need to absorb energy. Flexing or breaking parts away from the other more important components it the best choice.
  • Full metal panic!
  • Should all of them be metal? No. It should be a mix of plastic low end phones (like Lumia 920), metal frame polycarbonate back mid-range phones (like Lumia 930), and full metal flagships (like HTC One M8)
  • The next Lumia's are using denim no?
  • I could see metal for the 9 or 10 series. Can't imagine a 1520 with a full metal body though.
  • Nokia N9 was the best design they ever made. not even lumia 920 could beat that. N9 was just perfect or balanced. I think lumia 730 might feel same. i wish lumia 830 had that fabula design. Anyways i would still buy a Lumia 830.
  • I want a Lumia made of wood....
  • No
  • Why not make both
  • A premium flagship should be metal.
  • i would rather have xenon flash, water resistance and stereo speakers on all high end PUREVIEW lumias, metal looks and feels better but the tradeoffs are hard to digest, i think they can keep the metal frame-sides and use ceramic, glass or carbon fiber for the back so it doesnt interfere with qi charging and antennas
  • Depends on the way they did full metal. If they do it like HTC - slippery - then no. If not, then sure. I just doubt Microsoft is capable of designing a full metal phone that looks beyond a metal brick.
  • Definitely a metal frame on all the flagship models like the 930 and a polycarbonate back for wireless charging. Winner
  • Disagree Microsoft have done amazing with the surface pro 3
  • Given Nokia's\Microsoft heavy investment in Wireless Charging & their current Design Language, Polycarbonate (or even Metal Framed) works best imo.
    I didn't really like the N8 ... I think it was one of Nokia's ugliest phones. The Arte series was cool though.
    Plus, Nokia's current Design Language won't translate well to a Full Metal construction like HTC's.
    Maybe explore with Glass\Metal? I love the Xperia Z line & imo the iPhone 4/S was the best looking iPhone of them all. ___
    What ticks me off though, is Faux Materials, there's nothing wrong with plastic ... As long as the Fit & Finish are top notch ... Faux Metal\Leather finishes are awful.
  • Given the recent #bendgate catastrophy over at Apple, it's quite obious that metal isn't really that much of a "premium" material.  Sure it looks nice, but metal bends, especially when it's paper thin.  Polycarbonate is much more forgiving and could be made to look like metal.  Having said that, if Microsoft were to go all metal, I would suggest they use the same magnesium quality metal that is in the Surface tablets.
  • Since wireless charging hasn't gone mainstream yet having a metal phone is nice, it might help boost sales and image.
  • No
  • Honestly metal might trick a lot of people into feeling "premium" but there are tons of advantages to the current polycarbonate bodies. It's about as strong as the very thin metal bodies used, is cheaper and more environmentally responsible, it's less slippery in the hand, allows for wireless charging, and if you live in areas with extreme temperatures suffers less expansion and contraction from rapid temperature change.
    So IMHO I think metal wouldn't be a premium material but actually a step backwards in design.
  • I'm not really particular on polycarbonate or full metal when buying a phone. I had the full polycarbonate 920 and now the the mix metal/plastic 930. It doesn't matter as long as it looks nice and as long as its Windows Phone.
  • Ugh, I hate how Apple have brainwashed the public into thinking aluminium is a "premium" material. It's not a bad material, but there's nothing magical about it, and an aluminium phone isn't inherently better than a polycarbonate one. I'd much rather see Nokia/MS release more phones that use the iconic Fabula design as seen in the N9, 920, 1020 and most recently the 730. Some of the newer flagships like the 930 and 830, while not bad-looking, are simply uninteresting and bland-looking rectangles, whereas the combination of rounded sides, flat top/bottom and curved glass at least had some character to it.
  • I don't hate the polycarbonate frame on my Lumia 928, but it doesn't scream high end phone (at the time the 928 was a flagship phone). I liked the hybrid approach of the icon, but a full metal frame Lumia like the HTC One would be very hard to resist
  • NO... Boooring
  • The way these phones heat now .. And once the steel body will come .. Then my problem of making omelette anytime..anywhere..and at any place... will be solved
  • Good design is good, bad design is bad. Choice of materials may play a role but not that important.
  • Wireless charging is why I didnt buy the htc m8...
  • they could offer one high end phone fully metal
  • Surface Phone in VaporMG
  • If they built a Lumia phone with the magnesium build of the surface pro 3, I'd buy it sight on seen
  • No!
  • Yes please..full metallic Lumia would make them even more awesome. :)
  • No metal. Maybe on a surface phone to distinguish the line
  • never
  • I have my c7 its metal too...and feels stronger than my 720
  • Give a choice for both! But I prefer the current polycarbonate with wireless charging
  • Frankly, I find the current belief that metal looks 'premium' baffling.  Metal scratches and dents, if it isn't heavy.  Maybe it's because I grew up in the era of cheap stamped-metal toys, but I have no love for metal gadgets.  Just one old guy's opinion, of course.
  • A Lumia with a VaporMg body would be phenomenal! Microsoft should consider it. But I also would like to see others policarbonate Lumia in the future. Maybe they could make a very high end model in VaporMg with a cover that add the wireless charging (as the 925), and the others lower end Lumias in polycarbonate.
  • I would rather go for something more special, like magnesium. (Like car rims.) magnesium rims Although I would not like to give up on wireless charging which I really like. Wireless charging is a feature that doesn't get enough credit and before the Lumia 920 I also thought that it was a gimmick, but now I don't want a phone without. So I really like to have a phone built to look and feel very premium and modern, but I don't want to give up wireless charging and I don't know if that is possible with magnesium.
  • Surface pro 3 uses a magnesium alloy body... I think that in a phone wouldn't be bad.
  • No
  • Yes
  • No love the option in different colors
  • For variety sure. I love polycarbonate, myself. :)
  • Honesty, I just want a 41MP sensor, awesome optics and a modern-day chipset. Maybe with a dedicated photo chip a la HTC.
  • Keep the Qi. It's a must for me
  • Don't you know? You never go full metal. Only half metal.
  • I quote of mine is featured in article. Woot!
  • Metal yes.... Not all models, but one or two would be perfect.
    But most of all, waterproof models too :-)
    I dream of a waterproof 1020 successor :-)
  • +925 on waterproof
  • Agreed! +scubasafe lumia
  • I have icon black but love that I could change back cover in orange green cyan covers from 930
  • 925 is beautiful. All my friends love it.. Would be great to have an evolution from it. Love the policarbonate ones, but is great having an alternative.
  • Not if it gets as hot as the 925. You need heat dissipating materials these days, not metal. Aesthetics needs to be balanced with practicality.
  • I'm honestly not a big fan of Wireless Charging... So for me the metal body would be great. when I used to have the Nokia N8 it felt great and the looks: To die for it Let's start seing some metal and waterproof on our Lumias
  • I vote waterproof...
  • Yeah I had the N8 and it was great camera too the N9 was far better for reception. One of my offices has poor reception ( phones dont work indoors) my N9 was the only one that worked... The n8 was not as good for reception.
  • Its look good with full metal, its amazing to see nokia metal, today the design is more important,
  • I am fine with my 1520. While we have plenty models of Nokia Lumias out there, it would be a good idea to have some of them in full metal to absorb more customers.
  • I wished my L920 was polycarbonate sigh
  • I like my Lumia 1020 exactly as it is. Please don't add metal around the sides or anywhere!
  • What's the big deal with metal?
    Stop...just stop.
  • I think the combination of polycarbonate and aluminum Nokia has used for the 925, 930 and 830 is just fine. You can have new issues making the phones fully metal. Also, at least the plastic they do use doesn't feel cheap and flimsy.
  • You people who voted for metal apparently didn't learn a cotton-picking thing from Apple's disaster with the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • On flagships yes, not on budget friendly phones though. Keep the cost down on those.
  • Let's test out a couple first.
  • No I love my 1020
  • Unless they do it pretty solidly, otherwise, I still am cool with the polycarbonate shells or polycarbonate shells with the aluminium band like in the 930/ Icon
  • As long as the phone has a quality build to it, I don't really mind having either or.But I would like to see a waterproof Windows phone, whether plastic or metal....
  • I would rather not. I feel metal is more classy, but more expensive. Also, I feel that if the phone falls, poly is more able to absorb the damage (and deform less) than metal.
  • Steel on flag ship polycarbonate for others
  • Wireless all the way!
  • I dropped my Nokia Icon a month after I got it. The only damage is to the Metal frame. I think the pastic material looks better too.
  • Sure. As long as it doesn't bend hahaha
  • I don't find it a necessity, might be good as an option for people that only likes metal designs. But if there's a definite loss of wireless charging ability and potential signal strength weakening, then no it is not worth it
  • I would rather have wireless charging over anything else.
  • No I love the metal edges of the 930 but I went with the 930 over the HTC one m8 because of the full metal body they get hot and do not look as nice
  • I'd be curious to see the design of a full metal body, but I'd be happy to see a new flagship with the 920 body style in glossy polycarbonate. Love the look of Nokia's glossy 920 models.
  • Just saying, the HTC one material is very very week. Seems like very thin metal frame.
  • I love my Lumia 1020, and all the case. It's a great design.
  • Wireless charging is a fad. It's not a 'wire-free' existence - you still need to plug your charger into a charging plate. Also, in a business sense, good design is better because it sells more units. Hardly anyone actually buys a phone because of the 'futuristic' wireless charging feature. Don't give me any 'I bought my -insert bloated mobile here- because it had wireless charging' crap, most people really have no actual use for it.
  • It is simplier and as more places offer it its good for them as its just a surface you place the phone on not a mess of cables and mostly broken.  wireless charging makes things easier travelling.
  • YES.
  • Yes I wish lumias were full metal. Personally i feel Current designs look tacky.
  • Wow, I thought "Full Metal Jacket".. We're both showing our age. 8P
  • Yes!
  • TBH no IMO it will heat up too fast because of the polycarbonate :/ correct me if I am wrong
  • No
  • No they shouldn't. Metal body brings radio problems, bendiness and slipperiness.
  • No metal Lumias please. The polycarbonate they use now is the best material for a phone. Durable, light, nice to touch and with lovely colours. Don't follow this aluminum trend, let alone Apple and their bendy iPhones.
    I had a N8 and, while I loved it, it was heavy, slippery, was getting extremely hot with heavy use or when in the car holder in summer (I live on Greece where the sun shines), and was attracting grease. My 1020's polycarbonate is much more premium than aluminum, more impressive and more comfortable to hold.
  • It should be an option. I think the more options the better. MS can make phones that cover all points. I think this will give it an appeal to more people. Ultimately, MS has to make all phones available for all carriers. I do realize carriers choose which phones they want to showcase, but if phone versions are made to work on more than one carrier, it would be so much better. The 1520 is a great phone and an injustice was done by MS allowing long term exclusive deals. If and when MS make a successor to the 1520, it needs to be available for all carriers, if they choose and possibly have material options, metal vs polycarbonate, or a combination of both.
  • Although the n8 was nice along with other metal clad devices. I'm gonna say hell no for the love of reliable cellular and WiFi radio performance and wireless charging. Then there's durability, polycarbonate is more robust and forgiving. Just because Apple in particular set the trend for using materials considered more 'premium' doesn't mean they're right, their phones haven't exactly had a good record for reliable cellular performance or durability over the years.
  • A big NO! All metal looks soooo 2000.. it excist from the old brick phones. I like the hyber carbonate (matte) look and feel from the new way of phones, with the new standard (yet to come) of wireless charging. i just compare my E7-00 and 1520. Both are breathtaking, only the E is a couplle of years old. We have to go forward, not backward.
  • Please god no. Cold slippery, bendable metal. While at it lets go back to washing our cloths by bashing them in a creek with rocks. The polycarbonate back on the 1520 is perfection for a big phone.
  • r u kidding? NO. stay polycarbonate and beautiful. I don't want a bending slippery phone. maybe carbon fiber or something innovative but they can certainly do better than aluminum
  • My phone Lumia 920 gets scorching hot already and its made of plastic. I bet I would literally be able to fry an egg in my phone if it was made of metal. MS is not ready for metal there are still overheating bugs in the OS
  • What makes you think it's the OS. Ativ S doesn't get that hot. I know I've had the 920 and towards the camera area it does get hot. I have Lumia 520 now and it doesn't get as hot as my 920 used to.
  • Nokia 925 (part metal, similar to 920 but slimmer without qi wireless charging) here and it does not overheat. And I live in phoenix area where average tempts in summer are above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, triple digit heat as they say here.... You may have another issue...
  • In my opinion, the 830 should have been metallic unibody windows phone and should have skipped the wireless charging in it... It would have given it a premium look and would truly stand in the competition against the other premium devices... As a matter of fact i think the 830 was a wrong move by Microsoft... They should have done that with the 730 and should have gine a little more premium look to 830..
  • As a personal preference I don't like the look of a full metal phone, even a partial metal phone. To me it looks cheap, idk why I just always think cheap with I see metal on a phone. I prefer the bright carbon bodies and the glossy almost glassy look of the Lumias the best so far.
  • Yes they should. But with the option to upgrade my Lumia 1520 with a new aluminum or tungsten bezel/casing.
  • I would prefer a classic windows phone design like Nokia 920 or 730 with their colour back. It makes the phones more noticeable. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Honestly if they make their designs short and simple, thin profile..and still make it their premium flagship, that would be a device I'd get. All their phones are bulky and even worse the 1520 isn't pocketable, 1020 is more camera than phone, etc. Make a phone that has the specs, the thinness, and a pureview camera still. The 930 had it all but the design was uninspiring. Too fat. The 830 was perfect but it doesn't have a 1080p screen, or and the specs aren't that great like the CPU or RAM. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • A gold Lumia? Might as well lose an arm and a leg.
  • I like the mix of metal and polycarbonate like the 930 and 925. I think Microsoft should think of more artistic ways to mix the two materials. Actually if they released a metal and polycarbonate 1530 that would be my ideal device.
  • An all metal & glass phone would be awesome. Need to cover that premium category
  • There must be atleast two variants (first two) and rest are optional: Lumia: Full Polycarbonate and Poylcarbonate with Metal Sides Surface: Premium Metal Alloy Finish E Series: Non Smartphone Mobiles - Just Phones which can call & text, great battery n solid build. Code: Next Gen Zero Bezel Phones or the ones with Curved Displays Mutant: Modular SmartPhones The Glass Phone: Remember those Nextgen Glass made concept transparent mobiles or those Hologram Mobile Devices ?  ;)  
  • Polycarbonate plastics are premium no matter what apple and Samsung have tricked people into thinking in their real form polycarbonates can be near indestructible and it sets the Lumia range apart in look and feel the texture of my 1320 is beautiful to the touch. Just my opinion
  • No metal body phones!
    1. Wireless charging might give you a shock.
    2. WP OS with flat and colorful live tiles looks good with vibrant colors only which is hard for the metal to give that finishing.
    3. In metal colors don't look good and honestly. We get very few 3-4 color choices at max in metal bodies.
    4. Newer and bigger display phones may experience the famous Apple Bendgate issues.
  • The bottom line is that they can't manufacture a phone with a metal back and have Qi wireless charging. So, if people had to choose a feature, I believe they would go for the wireless charging. BTW, for those who wonder why, it's because the heat build up could possibly cause a burn for some unlucky individual and that smells like a lawsuit.
  • I personally love the polycarbonate that Nokia has been using. It is durable and has a nice feel to it. Going full metal would likely increase the cost of the phones.
  • I only want a Nokia with dual front blasting speakers :) and sd card and pureview camera and OLED screen and Lumia 800 body and NFC :P
  • Make it out of cardboard if that's necessary for Qi. Ain't nothing worth giving up wireless charging.
  • i prefer the 925 which is a little bit both
  • Titanium Windows should kick the shit out of ibend69.
  • Definetly switch to metal. Its almost impossible for Polycarb to retain a bend.
  • No!!
  • Carbon fiber
  • Lumia's should do whatever it takes to stay unique in the marketplace carve out it's own niche. They also protect their designs from the likes of Samsung, their Alpha is cutting it a little too close design wise
  • Plastic is better than metal
  • Yea full metal
  • Although full metal casing would be gorgeous, I think wireless charging is too important a feature to lose over this.
  • I'll go with wireless and polycarbonate body, thank you.
  • I like my icon, I wish it had more curves but the poly doesn't feel cheap to me. It has numerous benefits and if someone wants a metal WP they can buy the 8x.
    I wish Microsoft would make a universal carrier model based on the 1520 model but with a slim stylus also.
  • Metal is a big contribution to making a phone take some real damage when it takes a fall. Plastics tend to distribute the shock from the fall much better than metal.
  • Why not do both?
  • Yes, they should.
  • I prefer a mix like the 925, plus the metal did not work out for the iPhone 6
  • I fell madly in love with the Nokia E71 because it was a great size, trim and aluminum and all these poly whatever cases cannot match up to that for hand feel. I say yes, bring it on please.
  • I'm just glad they're not making any phones anymore. Maybe MS can help them in the quality department. Then again...RROD anyone.
  • Love the look of my 930 metal with green back. Best of both worlds.
  • I think metal is a bad idea... Forgetting the bending part, it will heat, a lot... and if you sweat just a little bit of your hands or you have your hands wet It will slip up faster
  • Since I haven't bought into the "metal is better" propaganda, I still much prefer the high-quality polycarbonate.  I like the way my 920 feels in my hand.  That said, whether or not I'd like a metal cased phone really depends on the execution and if reception is compromised for the sake of appearance.
  • Polycarbonate is the way to go. The new apple 6 went full metal jacket and now its bending in ppls pockets. Besides poly is cooler to touch and allows wireless charging. I should add, I'm a happy Lumia 930 owner.
  • Sure give a try!
  • But uni-non-metal also great, only Nokia.
  • No...it would be more expensive and more people cant afford it and WP is not very famous for that
  • Keep it polycarbonate.
  • Unfortunately my n8 motherboard last only 1 year.
  • Poly, either with a fully replaceable body, or a body with design specifically to support a wrap around case that won't bulk it up.
  • Why could Qi charging not be added back in for a metal phone with use of a charging case? Let's talk slide out physical QWERTY as well. Who wants?
  • Get a Jolla lol. they have one now.
  • Er - um - ouch? Is that supposed to be some sort of wounding barb? I've used Jolla Sailfish as a port to Nexus 4. It's actually quite a nice UX; the Pulley Menus and Live Covers are quite effective and unique. If it's meant to be an insult it's not taken as one. I probably would already have a Jolla if they made one with a North American compatible radio set. As for the Jolla phone itself: It is not all metal They do not have a Qi charging method There is a physical QWERTY in the works for the "other half" (you do know what that is, don't you, Mark?), but it is still prototyping and not available as such It is quite clear you have absolutely no idea what you are saying and your remark has no bearing on anything I said in my comment... Thanks for trying though. Perhaps you thought you were pulling out some obscure term meant to befuddle me? Better luck next time.
  • Yes
  • Its been years since Nokia been working on graphene. Now, if Microsoft's first official phone was made with this material that would be beyond awesome! :)
  • I want a vapor mag phone just like what they use on surface.
  • I prefer plastic...
  •    I love the look and feel of my Icon but I don’t want to give up my wireless charging. But at the same time, the Lumia design has to evolve. Microsoft can’t use polycarbonate forever and you can only do so much with it. I'm anxious to see what the future holds as far as hardware design, what innovations they have in store for us....
  • I love the matte finish on the Nokia phones. The color options are nice and make my phone distinctly different from others. I'm always asked about my 1520. It would be nice to have the M8 DOT View option w/ Cortana integration on all Nokia phones.
  • I think the low end of the market like the 520 to 7xx should be plastic, the mid level from high 8xx to 10xx should be like current 925 and the high end like the 1xxx should be fully metal, a bit like the N8 and they should all include SD card slot as standard.
  • Never
  • It's time they go full metal with built-in screen solar power charger XD drop those nfc and charging plates, so 2012.
  • I couldn't vote in the poll as one choice was missing, and that is choice. Why not make one with both and give people the choice.     Bob
  • I think there may be a case for making one or two but Qi is an issue as said... polycarbonate is more durable and with wear doesnt show as badly the other thing is antenna performance they all do better with a polycarbonate back. even the 5c had better reception than the 5s (see bluetick -telstra) I understand people get confused between a premium look and a premium material for build quality and performance.
  • I have a Lumia 900, 925, and 1020. I couldn't stand the metal band on the 925, so it went into a case after a few days, which was an added benefit as it concealed the white body, and protected the camera bump. The cyan 900 and yellow 1020 also got cases, as I don't find the texture grippy enough, and these are matte finished, so they also got a case, but a color-matched one for each. Thus, the material doesn't explicitly matter, but I prefer the durable feeling of the polycarbonate, and it wears well, and no reception or charging issues. Leave the Lumias polycarbonate. Make a Surface phone if Microsoft feels the need for an all-metal unit.
  • Would have to use something other than aluminum it scratches too easily, polycarbonate fine buy me.
  • IMO , there is no need for Lumia device go full metal. The polycarbonate cover is pretty tough. I've using my Lumia 630 for 5 month already without using any condom & no single scratch found on the back cover. The thing that should be fully metal is the inside the phone, I mean at the circuit board area, since the processor for smartphone doesn't have a fan to cool it down. What I actually mean is the smartphone circuit board need a big & more heat sink(alloy) on it.
  • Hell YESSS!!!!!!!!
  • Nope. Nokia does not need to go full metal. The Lumia 930 is already very good. Its back poly plastic is a nice feel, much nicer than Samsung's plastic built phones. The designs too. Thanks to the Lumia 930 built quality, many can afford. Unlike the new iPhone, so much of the Sapphire and aluminium investment, the phone still shatter after a 3 drops and easily bent.
  • You know what else makes wireless charging not work? AT$T
  • Yes, make it like a tank. The flimsy phones are junk. More people want durable phone that will last longer than 3 months
  • Microsoft Mobile devices should be diverse. All polycarbonate. Ok. Items like the 930 with a combination. Great. All aluminum. Sure, why not? The more diverse the offering the greater chance they will get picked up, handled, and discovered to be great devices. More colors? Sure. Brushed aluminum? Yes indeed. Android is easily distinguished by the hardware being not easily categorized. There are many who think that Lumia is only a chunky hunk of plastic on the high end.
  • Make an edge to edge screen :)
  • I think all the recent complaints about metal body phones bending in peoples pockets is the experiment that answers this question.
  • They should go full graphene.... I think the poll should have asked a wider question....There should be metal phones, polycarbonate phones, phones with both, phones with materials not yet tried on phones... I think the poll (and the message to Microsoft/Nokia) must have been about asking whether to try a greater variety of materials/material combinations on phones... rather than insisting on having some polycarbonate on phones...
  • Yeah
  • same unibody design with L925 would be enough...
  • I'd like an option of matte finish plastic with every colour..metal doesn't excite me as much..its a bit weird to control it in your hands..it slips too often..my yellow Lumia 920 has great grip, but would have preferred it in matte.
  • No reason for that!
  • I think it should go to full metal.. Mostly no one uses wireless charging thing..
  • Hate to break it to you but Nobody says that his sister Everybody is the one that is addicted to wireless charging... That is why it's called a fad
  • Oh goodness that came out kind of troll-ish my bad. Was going more for funny then mean
  • No... I have mine white plastic body love it
  • They should try it atleast... since MS is removing the NOKIA branding they should release a LUMIA 1, LUMIA 2 or something like that, 1 high-end smartphone every year.
  • Microsoft Surface phone should be all metal perhaps except maybe where it allows for better signal reception. They definitely need to preserve the identity of the Lumia devices in at least 1 model.
  • To be honest, i prefer the high quality plastics of Lumia generation. As long as the level of quality is that, i'd go for plastic. However, adding some metal models in the line will not hurt.
  • No
  • I miss my E7 :( Nokia care messed up its charging port which is now irreparable, I still remember people use to drool over that phone whenever I took it out of pocket.
    I believe even without Wireless charging nokia should make some Metallic phones because its always great to have options and that too a metallic design, there are many people who crave for it.
  • Hell no. My work iPhone 5s was dropped once in my driveway and has major roadrash. I've dropped my caseless 920 more times than I can count and you can barely tell. Thin and metal requires a case. I'd rather have more robust and nit require some fugly case.
  • Please no bendable metals...
  • Like iPhone 5s
  • Nope! I think this will make heating condition even worse.
  • it doesnt matter, when the platform is in a vry distant 3rd spot! sure, it'll gain a short span of attention... but what's nxt aftr that?
    has HTC for windows even made a huge impact to the platform, did it help WP marketshare boosts up to a higher %? NO. enough with these petty issues... if they don't like the polycarb, might as well switch.
  • Yes, beging used of polycarbonate for high-end phones for years, I will like to see MSFT/Nokia using another material. Metal is always the synonym of premium.     
  • Yes defo
  • metal is more premium, feels like you bought something like a weapon, reason i bought a 925 was the metal body factor.
  • no full metal phones for hot temperate countries like india, in summer the metal parts of phone gets very hot and drains the battery twice as quickly
  • Well,I had Lg viewty back in the day and it looked and feeled great,my next phone was N97 and when I first took it it was...cheap. But I really don't care. The hype is now all bacause uf iphone. Yet again. You see? That's sad. I want more market share for wp,aluminium or not. Because OS is great. I use 520 now and can put on shame some android,iphone friends with low end wp. More wp. Plastic or not
  • Later it can be bent like the iPhone
  • Didn't you hear that Apple already patented the innovative feature "bending iPhone"? Nobody can do it now except the iPhone LOL! But seriously, Nokia knows how to do it properly because they have already done full metal phones in the past with their Symbian OS.
  • Yes I want Lumia Windows Phone in full metal this time around. HTC has already shown how it's done properly, now let Microsoft/Nokia show them the proper way of making phones with full metal body!
  • Yes! for me.
  • Nope.. I want lighter and tougher lumia,, shock, dust & water resistant for outdoor user.
  • Full aluminum is way to slippery... It rules out wireless charging, and I don't like the looks of it :)
    I really, really prefer the polycarbonate UNIbodies :)
  • Haha, i gave my n8 dark grey to my mother. The battery is not that great for me anymore, but for her is ok. She just calls with it. And besides. The phone is still in the family. As for full metal body, as i said at gsmarena. If you want to do it, do it properly so will not become ibend 2. And yes, still feel like 925 has more premium design and feel then my 1020. But hey, at least it can't beat the camera:).
  • Just wandering why aren't my comments, posted.
  • Colourful Lumia rocks!
  • I think lumia should start to go practical and safe, just like we know the old nokia to be reliable. The daily reality is that (smart)phones take a lot of beating. I like the way samsung and sony are taking with their dust and waterproof phones. I think apple and microsoft have proven enough that they're capable of putting amazing technology into a small and powerful package, but in daily life we the phones are exposed to a whole lot of potential hazards, such as bacteria, water, dust and height. High time it is not about the better chip or screen. They're already good as they are. I think more should be invested in improving the software and app quality environment and making the phones handle hazards better. In that case, metal is not always better.
  • The ultimate Lumia device in my opinion would be one that's made from the same metal as the surface pro 3 (I think its magnesium) it should resemble it in design , maybe a little bit curved from the back
    (like the htc one m8) . I think that's a perfect body for the next Lumia flagship. Yeah and they would make it even better if they call it surface phone. This will literally change the future of Microsoft. Imagine a world where you have your surface pros and your surface phones coming out throughout the year and adding to that awesome experience
  • Actually excellent idea , metal time ! , but not fully
  • I love wireless charging, for me one of the killer features of the Lumia! I would never by a htc one or something like that, because of missing WC feature. I also think that the Lumia 920 feels much better than the 930 with IRS metal frame....
  • personally I prefer full metal,, you can sacrifice the wireless charging and go for the portable charger
  • I'd love to see a full titanium Lumia, like the iconic Nokia 8910 and 8910i.
  • Metallic body should only be for the top notch phones but that would make 1520 heavy.
  • My 930 is made of good plastic
  • No way! Don't you take my wireless charging away!
  • If I'd prefere metal I'd buy an iphone!
  • Windows Phone = Colorful Plastic The thing that made WP unique in the first place was it's revolutionary rebelliousness. The bright colors, the black background, the curvy feel.... ask that. Eventually, even WPs came out in black and white (boring). I actually have a black 635, but only because I'm going to change the back plate ;D Windows Phone was never meant to be "premium", it was meant to be a rebel, hip, sexy, (oh and by the way it's better than your iPhone). No. Just don't. The N8 was a great phone, but don't carry this over please.
  • Lumias are already heavy enough, why is adding more weight a good idea? For example there's two 5" phones, lumia 930 and xiaomi mi3. 930 weights 167 grams and xiaomi weights just 145 grams. In fact xiaomi is more powerful than lumia 930 amd still weights less than the lumia, so tell me why should they make phones still heavier with a full metal body? (both of those phones are great and i prefer the lumia 930, the weight was the point)
  • Hmm... I mean, Nokia Lumias always seemed more indie pop to me. I'm not sure how the whole piercings, tattoos, Mohawk look would look on lumias, but I not opposed to it :/
  • How many of you don't use any cover on your phones? Most people I see using iPhones use a some type of cover, metal gives a premium look, add weight and in the end you will end up covering the phone to protect it.
  • I still have my N8! Use it as a camera. Still takes great pics and video!
  •   Yes! Of course.At least give this option to the users.  
  • Nah , one of the reasons I wanted this icon was that only the sides were metal lol 0_o
  • All plastic phones are not created equally first of all so compared to Samsung and even the plastic IPhones our Nokia's are premium in my book and id only like something like a 925 im not sold on the idea that my phone is premium because it's metal my black 1520 has a premium look to me and is sleek for a 6 inch phone that's only a few inches smaller that my dell venue 8 pro... But they should keep their options open
  • NO. or at least have the option of either. I love my white polycarbonate shell. The OS looks so much better with colors and whites than the metallics in my opinion. Metals are so nerd-oriented.
  • No love for X7? :(
  • 1- If you wanna see iPhone repeats go for Metal body. 1- If you wanna see the awful protrude out of the phones for bigger cameras go for Matal body. Explanation: 1- Metal frame with any material back side equals to: Out of the box: It's stylish! After A month: Pocketable easy to carry! After 6 Month: Oh! my finger scratched. Why? 'cause since the last time it was fallen the frame has some sharp point!!! 2- Camera and its quality are factors to everyday challenge since the creation of Digital cameras in any aspect; in that the better quality + more MP = the thing that nobody refuse to have. As I remember since the arrival of Digital Camera in Cell phone section the most odd faces belonged to those that have had more MP, Specially Satio (SonyEricsson), Ithink P990(LG) and N8(Nokia). Look at L1020, as it has the flexible material (Poly carbonate), the beauty is kept despite 41MP. If 808 PureView has Metal body, as I don't know! its still outstanding with beautiful curve to camera with its first ever Smartphone Huge Pixel sensor, camera, Finally, You must pay more to have overall ugly phone after 6 month. Even Samsung Wave S85800 with its excellent style and strong metal body faced the fate.
  • nope, why conform to what is currently en vouge with some other makers, nokia devices hardly need something to make them stand out, they are always easily identifiable in a good way, and their build quality, at least for me, whether polyc or metal have been well built - if they do, don't use the apple metalurgists ffs ;)
  • THIS IS LUMIA, NOT iPHONE, NOT ANDROID, they should develop Lumia's performance first before on how it looks. its whats on the inside, how can you use a full metal phone if it bends like tacos. Posted via Nokia Lumia 920
  • Will probably bend like the iPhone 6 does haha
  • Well, difficult to tell after Apple incident. It shows that metal is not always better. If Microsoft decides to change plastic for metal for its handsets, it has to choose well to avoid bending. Maybe metal make your handset look stylish, but I think plastic can be pulished to a high end.
  • Well, difficult to tell after Apple's incident. If Microsoft decides to change plastic for metal for its handsets it has to choose carefully which kind of metal makes the difference. I think metal make your phone look more stylish, but plastic can be pulished to a high end.
  • I just want tmobile to get a high end winphone... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Still have both my N8 sliver and black one
  • At most could handle the frame but absolutely need wireless charging and I've loved not having to use a case from 800 to 920 to my current 1020 and 1520. Even a serious drop for the 920 which dented one edge didn't result in a easily seen issue do to the polycarb being the same all the way through.
    IPhone is pretty as is the HTC but wouldn't trust either without some sort of case which then begs the question as to why it matters what it looks like outside of the case.
    But as to previous poster, give some choice. Perhaps have a premium edition in metal for those after jewellery rather than durability. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Well for one they should go Android... Well that boat has sailed. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Not unless done properly...My HTC Titan had a metal back and that stupid thing would ground my antenna signal...it was a POS
  • I love colored polycarbonate Lumias.
  • I'd like metal but only if they included wireless charging. Big reason I won't be upgrading to the HTC One whenever it finally arrives on T-Mobile. Otherwise, I'd totally be in. 
  • I really just want rounded corners on the lumia, and the screen as close to the edges as possible. That screams premium to me.
  • The only thing Microsoft should be concerned with is app parity. 
  • I like options... maybe they should keep some polycarbonate phones and introduce some new aluminum ones too!
  • I love quality products. I would rather spend more on quality than buying a cheap model.  That said, I would like to hear from experts the pros and cons of each. For example, if I drop a Lumina, which material would look better afterwards?  Does the plastic help give us more features and / or make the device work better? I don't like to see the iPhone's body separate from the display.  I like being reasonably sure that WHEN my Lumina takes a tumble, it's still going to work and look the same. if everything is equal, I would prefer metal to plastic.  if not, give me plastic.
  • I would have liked to see a picture of an E7, since that was mentioned, rather than the HTC picture. Yes, I know what the E7 looks like now, since I did a web search. However, many people in the US probably never saw or even heard of N8/E7. I didn't know that yellow device was the N8 not the E7, since I've never seen an N8 or E7 in a carrier store, much less in the wild.
  • Absolutely not. Where's the shock absorbtion with metal frames? Isn't that why iPhones break (never mind bending) so easily? :P
  • i dont see the point of going fully metal. have you seen the add for i phone 6 drop test it was a dissaster if thats what full metal dose for the phone then no defenatley not . A better idea would be to offer a metal snap on case /cover as this would b cheaper to re place than the full phone.
  • If by full metal you mean you mean Bullets for my Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold then yes.
  • I want mine to be made of Adamantium :) Complete with anti-theft claws :P
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdKDz66YrOI pls do this microsoft
  • I love the look and feel of my M8, and it's damn sexy too.