Should you buy the Phantom Black Xbox controller?

Should you buy the Phantom Black Xbox controller?

Best answer: Absolutely. The Phantom Black Xbox One wireless limited edition controller is a must buy if you want an accessory with big style and flair for only a small amount of extra money.Amazon: Phantom Black Xbox One Controller ($69)

What makes the Phantom Black special?

Controller skins are nothing new in the market for Xbox accessories, but the Phantom Black controller is unique in that it features a sleek fading translucent shell. Depending on how the lighting in your room hits your controller, you'll be able to see the inner workings of the device. This in and of itself isn't unheard of, either, though — custom designers have made clear controller skins before. What makes the Phantom Black's casing truly one of a kind is the way that it can appear to look like an opaque black surface when the light isn't shining on it.

Due to this, turning the controller in your hands causes various parts of the inner hardware to become both visible and invisible right before your eyes. It looks amazing, and gives off a ghastly ethereal vibe; the controller definitely earns its title of Phantom Black. It's sleek, stylish and functional. In fact, ur games editor Jez Corden loves this controller and literally called it "the sexiest accessory Microsoft ever made" in his full review.

An affordable upgrade

While some high-quality custom controllers will cost you anywhere from $75 to $90, the Phantom Black's price tag of $70 is only $10 higher than a standard generation-three Xbox One controller. This puts it in line with custom-made controllers from Xbox Design Lab and ensures that it is an affordable upgrade from the regular controllers. For just a little bit of money, you can give your controller a hell of a lot of personality.

It is worth pointing out that the Phantom Black doesn't come with any of its own unique features aside from its outer shell. It's all about the style. Personally, I feel that the incredible skin is easily worth the cost, and I highly recommend the controller. You won't regret this purchase.

Brendan Lowry

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