Best answer: Rainbow Six Siege's Year 4 Pass packs excellent value for frequent players. Buyers gain early access to new playable Operators, alongside exclusive gear, discounts, and bonus currency.

Amazon: Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Pass ($30)

Early Operator access and exclusive items

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege continues to grow, delivering addictive tactical shooter action to tens of millions of players. Ubisoft shows exemplary post-launch support via regular free updates, now entering its fourth year in 2019. And with a new wave of content, the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Pass is up for sale.

The main draw of the Year 4 Pass is 7-day early access to all eight Year 4 Operators. And while others will need to purchase or earn characters, you'll receive them for no additional cost. Operation Burnt Horizon's Gridlock and Mozzie kickstart this lineup, with six nationalities set to follow according to Ubisoft's Year 4 roadmap. You'll support the game's free content model and dive in on launch day.

The universal "Volcano Signature Weapon Skin" and "Lava Six Charm," exclusive to Rainbow Six Siege's Year 4 Pass.

The Year 4 Pass also packs in-game cosmetics exclusive to its premium pass. Uniforms and headgear will unlock for all eight new Operators, paired with the unique "Lava Six Charm." Buyers before March 4, 2019, will also receive the universal "Volcano Signature Weapon Skin" for all weapons, only obtainable via this pass.

While the Year 4 Pass packs extensive benefits, it's not the only way to enjoy Rainbow Six Siege in 2019. The base game still grants access to future updates for free, including new maps, features, and changes. Plus, all upcoming Operators are unlockable via 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits after the 7-day early access period concludes. While the Year 4 Pass still holds value, some may simply prefer the investment of earning each Operator over time.

You'll get the 'VIP' treatment

Year 4 Pass buyers are also granted "VIP Status" upon purchase, unlocking store benefits until Jan. 31, 2020. Delivering "VIP Perks" for your Rainbow Six career, you'll save time and money with discounts and boosters.

While in-game, VIP Status grants a 5% title-wide boost for Renown, the series' earnable in-game currency. A further 0.3% boost also applies to Alpha Pack drops, increasing the chance of receiving a randomized cosmetic pack upon completing matches.

Benefits of the Year 4 Pass also extend into paid items using the premium "R6 Credits" currency tied to real-world cash. A 10% store-wide discount will be applied until 2020, allowing you to save on skins, paid packs, and Elite sets. A 600 R6 Credits bonus also hits your account after purchase, otherwise sold separately for $5.

Why you should buy the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Pass NOW

With Rainbow Six Siege's fourth year of content soon approaching, you'll have almost a year to reap the Year 4 Pass benefits. Operation Burnt Horizon is slated for a mid-March release, and buyers will receive 7-day early access to its new Australian Operators. And with more seasons set for 2019, the privileges extend to future seasons. However, for those who play sparingly, its value may be harder to justify.

Now is a better time than ever to buy the Year 4 Pass, with time to secure the Volcano Signature Weapon Skin before March 4, 2019, running out. If you're going to buy this year, don't miss this deal.

The Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Pass is now available on Amazon, priced at $30 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Uplay for PC.

Year 4 is here

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Pass

Prepare for Year 4

The Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Pass grants full access to future content, with early access to Operators, exclusive in-game gear, and progression boosters.

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