Should you buy a Surface Dock for Surface Go or Surface Go 2?

Surface Go 2
Surface Go 2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Should you buy a Surface Dock for Surface Go or Surface Go 2?

Best answer: Along with a new Surface Go 2, Microsoft has released a Surface Dock 2 with modern ports. It's a great addition to the Go or new Go 2, as it should be compatible with any Surface hardware released in 2017 or later.-Brand new dock: Surface Dock 2 ($260 at Microsoft) - Keep it simple: Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub ($100 at Microsoft)

Say hello to the Surface Dock 2

The Surface Dock 2, released alongside the Surface Go 2, brings a much-needed update to ports and overall design. It hooks up to the Go 2 with the proprietary Surface Connect port, leaving the Go 2's USB-C port free. Unfortunately, the Surface Dock 2 doesn't work with Surface hardware released before 2017, but that doesn't rule out the original Surface Go.

On the front are two USB-C 3.2 ports, each capable of 15W of charging. The back of the Surface Dock 2 includes two USB-A 3.2, Ethernet, 3.5mm audio jack, and dual USB-C 3.2 ports for external video. It appears the dock should push dual 4K displays at 60Hz or dual 5K displays at 30Hz through the rear USB-C ports. The side also has a Kensington lock slot for added security.

While connected to your Surface device, the Dock 2 is capable of delivering up to 120W of charging. For the Surface Go or Go 2, this is far more than enough to keep the battery topped up for when you need to leave home or office.

If you'd like to keep the built-in USB-C port on your Surface Go or Go 2 free for other needs, the Surface Dock 2 should be an excellent choice. Whether you need added connectivity or boosted external display support, it will get the job done.

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