Should you buy an Xbox One on Prime Day?

Xbox One X, Xbox One S
Xbox One X, Xbox One S (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Should you buy an Xbox One on Prime Day?

Xbox One consoles continue to provide value this holiday, with many current releases still headed to the device family, including Halo Infinite in 2021. The Xbox One X and Xbox One S also feature an integrated 4K UHD Blu-ray drive with dozens of video and music apps, providing entertainment value unmatched by standalone Blu-ray players. However, Xbox One consoles are rapidly aging, and support for new games will unlikely last more than a few more years.

But Xbox Series X and Series S availability restricted, it's worth looking out for limited-time deals. While current world events have inflated pricing, Xbox One S provides outstanding value if found significantly below its $300 RRP, while we recommend acting on new Xbox One X consoles below $400.Xbox One X 1TB Console at AmazonXbox One S 500GB Console at Amazon

Amazon soon kicks off its Prime Day deals, serving up two days of site-wide savings, with potential discounts on Xbox One hardware. It comes as Microsoft looks to launch enter the next generation with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and production of the Xbox One family begins to slow. And while it soon falls out of the spotlight, there's still reason to keep an eye out for the best Xbox One deals.

Some of the best Xbox deals happen on Prime Day

With the Xbox One taking a backseat later this year, Prime Day could bring savings for those looking at new consoles. The Xbox One has become a hot commodity in the current age, with soaring demand for at-home entertainment draining stock and raising prices. That means that for any decent discount that appears, you'll want to act fast.

We also recommend keeping an eye out for any accompanying purchases, with Prime Day Xbox One headsets deals and Prime Day video game deals categories to watch.

Should you buy an Xbox One on Prime Day?

With Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S scheduled for early November availability, both Prime Day and Black Friday come with further considerations when in the market for game consoles. But even with new consoles just weeks from shipping, the Xbox One won't become obsolete overnight, with emerging changes in the cross-generation transition. Microsoft and third-party partners have committed to delivering various upcoming titles on older hardware, for the time being.

Cross-generation releases are far from a new concept, but with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Microsoft continues to blur the lines between its hardware cycles. Even console launch exclusives like Gears Tactics hit both device families, while Halo Infinite bridges generations in 2021 with Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S availability. Microsoft's backward compatibility pledge also makes it safe to invest in its older consoles, with all Xbox One titles playable with next-gen hardware. While new releases will eventually cut the cord, the Xbox One still retains some value after this holiday.

The newer Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles also cater to entertainment, with integrated 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drives ideal for physical disc-based movies and TV. With dedicated budget players often pushing close to $200, it may prove smart to secure a discounted Xbox One S. The disc drive, coupled with support for games and dozens of top video and music apps, makes this a real living room centerpiece.

But while Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S soon hit homes across the globe, you'll have a hard time placing your preorder. The flagship Xbox Series X remains almost impossible to find, while Xbox Series S stock also remains scarce in many regions. While their $499 and $299 respective RRPs aren't much more than the current Xbox One asking price, don't expect surplus next-generation hardware until next year.

Xbox One S

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

However, for those eyeing the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the short wait should reward with the superior gaming experience once availability allows. Improved graphics and reduced load times are among just some of the performance benefits, with compatibility for all major releases in years to come. The Xbox One S and Xbox One X don't have the hardware to compete, based on foundations almost one decade old.

When buying an Xbox One for games in 2020, this may be a short-term investment. The years ahead will see fewer titles targeting older hardware, as interest shifts to the latest and greatest. That's not to discredit the Xbox One lineup, all highly-capable consoles even today, but the Xbox Series S provides long-term value for budget-conscious buyers with its $299 starting price. However, for 4K Blu-ray and video streaming, the older Xbox One S is one to watch this Prime Day.

And while any Xbox One S and Xbox One X deals may be tempting, it's crucial to find pricing that still provides relative value. Xbox One stock has been hard to find in an era of social distancing, and following the discontinuation of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and Xbox One X, prices have drastically inflated. While we continue to track the best Xbox One deals, you're looking for Xbox One S consoles below their $299 RRP, or an Xbox One X below $399, where possible.

Xbox One S

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US""> Xbox One S

Entry-level Xbox

The Xbox One S might not be powerful enough for gaming on your 4K TV, but it sports thousands of games and 4K media for an affordable price.

Xbox One X

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US""> Xbox One X

Full 4K gaming

The Xbox One X is significantly more potent than any other console out there, providing the best-looking games built for your 4K TV.

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