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Best Xbox deals of August 2022: Xbox Series X, Series S, and more

Xbox Series X
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While it's easy to find Xbox bundles and deals, they're not always worth your time or money. With a growing number of Xbox consoles, plus countless retailers both in-store and online, finding a great deal isn't exactly simple. However, we're here to help you make an informed choice on which model to buy and where to purchase it.

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Xbox Series X Console | $499.99 at Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Xbox Series X has restocked at the Microsoft Store, marking the latest opportunity to score one of this year’s hottest products. While Xbox Series X deals are mostly unheard of right now, availability has shown signs of improving, making the Microsoft Store one of the few hassle-free stores to pick up an Xbox Series X right now. Act fast, while stock lasts.

While it's getting easier to pick up an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console on its own, bundles offer deals on new consoles paired with games and accessories in the warehouse. Finding a worthwhile bundle that suits you often comes down to being in the right place at the right time.

The latest Xbox consoles are yet to see significant discounts on their own, beyond a few flash sales at odd retailers. However, the arrival of the first refurbished Xbox consoles also presents a new avenue to undercut the retail price, with extensive warranties and protection for added peace of mind. While the aging Xbox One family isn’t a future-proof investment, especially in 2022, it’s the cheapest entry point into the Xbox console ecosystem right now.

Here's a breakdown of current Xbox console deals and prices.

ModelRegular PriceBest PriceCurrent Price
Xbox Series X$500$500$500 at Microsoft (opens in new tab)
Xbox Series S$300$250$290 at Microsoft (opens in new tab)
Xbox Series X (Refurbished)$500$460$460 at GameStop (opens in new tab)
Xbox Series S (Refurbished)$300$250$259 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Xbox One XDiscontinued$250$260 at GameStop (opens in new tab)
Xbox One SDiscontinued$150$200 at GameStop (opens in new tab)

Rather than having to search all the various retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and GameStop yourself, we've scoured them all for you and created the following guide to the best Xbox deals, discounts, and bundles available right now.

Best Cheap Xbox Series X Deals

While finding an Xbox Series X has historically proven challenging, availability has improved with Microsoft’s latest and greatest Xbox console. While demand remains high, Xbox Series X stock levels have steadily improved, with over 18 months since the flagship hit store shelves.

Xbox Series X represents the most powerful gaming console on the market, boasting the latest-generation CPU and GPU hardware coupled with custom 1TB SSD storage. While stock shortages have seen prices skyrocket via the resale market, picking up an Xbox Series X around its $499.99 retail price is much easier in 2022. While we’re not expecting substantial price cuts soon, you can snag a discounted Xbox Series X via Microsoft’s refurbished program, saving almost 10% on preloved consoles.

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Xbox Series X (Refurbished) | $500 $469.99 at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

With high demand for Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s own Certified Refurbished program is one of the best ways to save. These Xbox Series X consoles are generally a worthy investment, especially this early into the console lifecycle, with a 12-month warranty, also extendable up to three years. The best part is you’re saving around 6-7% on the usual going rate.

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Xbox Series X Console | $499.99 at Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

While finding Xbox Series X stock can still be a gamble at some U.S. retailers, Microsoft has kept its online inventory topped up across the globe. While we're not seeing discounts on new Xbox Series X consoles right now, picking one up is still something to celebrate, with stock still hard to come by in some regions.

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Xbox Series X | Request an invite for Prime Day (opens in new tab)

Microsoft's latest and greatest Xbox console remains in high demand and finding stock still proves challenging in the U.S. Amazon has recently started taking orders by invitation only, taking the stress out of rushing to the checkout, with sign-ups now live via the Amazon store listing.

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Xbox Series X Bundles | Shop at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

Best Buy has a variety of bundles available for Xbox Series X, though stock may vary. It’s a great way to pick up an Xbox Series X alongside must-have games and accessories, especially if you’re already in the market for the products. Options start as simple as a second Xbox controller, through one-stop bundles for all your gaming needs.

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Xbox Series X (Refurbished) | $500 $459.99 GameStop (opens in new tab)

While GameStop doesn’t stock new Xbox Series X consoles around the clock, it too offers its own refurbished units. While prices undercut Microsoft’s “Certified Refurbished” units, GameStop has an inferior 30-day warranty unless you pay for additional protection. We recommend paying up the extra $10 for Microsoft’s official refurbs.

Best Cheap Xbox Series S Deals

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S makes the jump to the latest generation a ton more affordable without compromising your gaming experience. This compact box plays all the same next-gen titles as Xbox Series X, making this ideal for HD gaming, with a growing list of titles with 120 FPS support. It also has much of the latest hardware, including a 512GB SSD with speedy load times on par with its sister console.

While the Xbox Series S axes the traditional disc drive, it makes this ideal for digital downloads and subscriptions, both booming sections in the industry. It pairs best with Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s Netflix-style membership for games, granting access to hundreds of titles from day one.

While the Xbox Series S faced hardware shortages at launch, the console is now more regularly stocked on store shelves. We’ve already seen the first deals, shaving a few bucks off the $299 retail price, while refurbished consoles offer further price cuts if on a budget.

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Xbox Series S (Refurbished) | $300 $259.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Picking up a refurbished Xbox Series S offers huge savings, undercutting other deals out there in 2022. While Microsoft is yet to stock Xbox Series S refurbs, Amazon’s Renewed program cuts $50 off devices in “excellent condition,” both “professionally inspected and tested” before shipping. Amazon offers a 90-day guarantee on its refurbished devices, with 3-year protection plans also available for a small fee.

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Xbox Series S Console | $300 $289.99 at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

With Xbox Series S stock improving with time, Microsoft hosts one of the first deals on the console to date. You can pick up Microsoft’s all-digital console below its $300 RRP, with stock available right now. While we don't expect huge price cuts this year, it makes the console just a tad more affordable.

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Xbox Series S (Fortnite & Rocket League Bundle) | $289.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Fortnite and Rocket League make up the first Xbox Series S bundle packed with free bonuses. It’s the same 512GB Xbox Series S console, with around $20 of virtual currency for fans of the free-to-play hits. While it's not currently seeing major discounts, it's an ideal bundle for fans of those games.

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Xbox Series S Console | Shop at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

While Xbox Series S stock is much easier to find, Best Buy has some discounted bundles available, with games and accessories included. They’re an ideal way to kickstart your Xbox experience, or make for an ideal gift to family and friends.

Best Cheap Xbox One Deals

The Xbox One family contains the most affordable Xbox consoles available, but it can be difficult to find them in new condition these days with the Xbox Series X|S models on the market. That does help create some excellent deals though as there are more offers than ever on refurbished and preowned Xbox One consoles and bundles — especially at GameStop. While the oldest Xbox One has dropped to a record-low price, the upgraded Xbox One X inches closer to Xbox Series X|S family in terms of raw performance.

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Xbox One 500GB (Refurbished) | $149.99 at GameStop (opens in new tab)

The standard Xbox One console is now in stock at GameStop for a limited time in pre-owned condition. This is one of the most affordable ways to get your hands on an Xbox One right now, though it likely won't be around forever.

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Xbox One S 1TB (Pre-owned) | $199.99 at GameStop (opens in new tab)

Shop at GameStop to score the Xbox One S 1TB console for less than an Xbox Series S. This pre-owned model has been tested and inspected to ensure it's in proper working condition. Be sure to click "Pre-owned" on GameStop's product page or it may appear out of stock.

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Xbox One S 1TB console | Shop at eBay (opens in new tab)

Getting your hands on the Xbox One S is pretty difficult right now, but there are plenty of options for sale on eBay if you're willing to purchase a used model.

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Xbox One X 1TB console | $259.99 at GameStop (opens in new tab)

Save on the Xbox One X's regular price when you pick up a refurbished console today at GameStop. Considering it's hard to find this console in stock in any condition, it's one of the best ways to pick up this previous-gen device.

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Xbox One X 1TB Console | Shop at eBay (opens in new tab)

While the Xbox One X isn't in stock at any major retailers right now, you can find new and pre-owned consoles for sale at eBay.

Xbox Series X and Series S price tracking

It probably goes without saying, but the best time to find a deal on an Xbox console is during the holidays. While we're in the middle of the year, it can be a bit more difficult to find discounts that are worth snagging. With these consoles, it's best not to worry too much about the lowest price they've ever reached; most of those deals were very limited and only lasted for a few days, at most. If you're hoping to wait until one reaches a new low price, Black Friday might have more to offer, following a relatively light Prime Day earlier this year.

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Xbox One: Which should you buy in 2022?

Microsoft's latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have shaken up the console market, introducing a new generation of gaming, upgrading visuals, with exclusive games to pair. While Xbox One consoles are a valid entry point into the Xbox ecosystem, available at ultra-low prices, they're discontinued and lack the future-proofing of the latest Xbox devices.

This question really comes down to how you like to play video games. Microsoft's Xbox Series X offers the best performance out there, delivering 4K visuals, plus features like 120 FPS and ray-tracing support. If you already have a collection of physical Xbox One games which you intend to keep playing, the Xbox Series X is also for you.

On the other hand, if you can live with only playing digital games, the Xbox Series S is a great choice. You might not find as many sales on digital games, but with an Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, you'll have access to play over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games whenever you want. Plus, new games are added to the service all the time. The Xbox Series S might not deliver identical performance to Xbox Series X, though the guaranteed compatibility for years of future releases makes this a compelling option when on a budget.

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