Showtime's standalone streaming service comes to Xbox One

Showtime's standalone streaming service is now available on Xbox One, the company has announced. With it, you can stream any of Showtime's content on-demand, including movies, sports and original series, and even live feeds from Showtime East or West on your Xbox One.

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Xbox One joins a growing list of platforms that support Showtime's standalone streaming service, which requires a $10.99 per month subscription billed directly through Showtime itself. This is separate from the Showtime Anytime app, which has been available for Xbox One for some time, but requires you to sign in with a cable provider through which you already pay for a Showtime subscription.

If other platforms are any indication, the standalone service will be available through a separate Showtime app, rather than relying on the already available Showtime Anytime app. The app doesn't appear to be searchable through the Xbox Store just yet (as of the time of writing), but it should be available shortly. In the meantime, you can hit up Showtime's website (opens in new tab) to sign up and start diving into the latest episodes of Twin Peaks.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • see more.apps.come to the Xbox store.
  • When will it come to Windows 10 PC and Phone?
  • If you have the Hulu app, can get Showtime added for about $7 more than the regular price.
  • Does the Hulu option get you current season episodes? I had the Showtime addition for Amazon Prime for a short time, but ended up switching to Showtime through my cable provider (and Showtime Anytime) when i caught up and couldn't watch the current season episodes of Shameless and others.
  • Yes, all of the current seasons are available.
  • Was thinking the same thing too, minus the phone!
  • 5.1?
  • I get all the Showtime content I need on Stan.
  • "billed directly through Showtime itself" Does this mean you can sign up through the Showtime app on Xbox One itself, unlike HBO Now on Xbox One, which ludicrously won't let you sign up for the service and requires you have an iOS, Android, or Fire device instead, thereby preventing Windows users from signing up for the service?