Simple Truths - trivia made simple for Windows 10 and Windows Phone

Trivia games are a great way to pass the time and in the process, you might learn a little along the way. We have a host of quality trivia games in the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Store and Simple Truths may be the simplest, with regards to design, trivia game in the pack.

In a nutshell, Simple Truths will present you with two statements and it is your job to choose the correct statement. The mechanics of game play is not complicated and there are plenty of questions to challenge your brain. Topics range from the science to entertainment to the crazy.

The game is available for both Windows Phone and Windows computers and you may be surprised how addictive it can be.

Simple Truths

When you first launch Simple Truths, the directions for game play will flash before your eyes. Blink and you might miss it, but there is no need to worry. You will be presented with two statements, one false and one true. Your job is to tap on the truthful statement. When you do, you will immediately see how other players answered.

Simple Truths

The layout of the game isn't very complicated either. In the upper right corner of the screen, you will find your coin count and a menu button. Coins are earned in various ways, such as advancing in game experience, liking the game on Facebook, sharing the game with friends, etc. The menu button opens up the gaming store where you can spend your coins on new trivia categories, view your gaming stats and create your own trivia questions.

The questions in the Starter Pack cover a broad scope of topics from the color of the sun to what happens to bee testicles after mating. You do have a few gimme questions such as "North Korea and South Korea are two separate countries" or "North Korea and South Korea belong to the same country of Korea".

Simple Truths

As you correctly answer questions, you advance in gaming levels. The first level is at ten correct choices and the correct answers required to advance will double for each level afterward. With each advancement in levels, you will earn a few gaming coins that can be used to unlock additional trivia topics.

Overall Impression

Simple Truths is an uncomplicated, challenging trivia game that is fun to play from either your Windows Phone or Windows computer. The questions offer a wide variety of topics and you will learn a lot as you play the game. I'm not sure how useful it is to know that the yolk of an egg can be colorless depending on the hen's diet, but you never know.

The Starter pack of questions will begin to repeat in the neighborhood of 45 correct questions. The repetition isn't frequent enough to render the game boring though. However, it won't take terribly long before you will need to buy one of the additional topics with your coins.

Simple Truths

I also experienced a few graphics glitches where portions of the game store would superimpose itself on the gaming screen. While you will need to restart the game to get the graphics to reset, the reoccurrence of this glitch is bearable.

Overall, I can see Simple Truths as a fun game to pick up when you need help passing the time or a game to play amongst friends for bragging rights. The questions can definitely be a conversation starter.

Simple Truths is a free, ad-supported game available in both the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Stores. There are a few in-app purchases available in the form of donations to the developer. Please note, you will need an active data/internet connection to play this game.

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