Site News - HTC 8S and 8X have landed on the Windows Phone Central Forums

HTC announced the 8X and 8S today at its New York Windows Phone 8 presentation. These two new smartphones are the company's Apollo entries to go up against Samsung's ATIV S and Nokia's family of Lumias. 

The HTC 8X and 8S sport new designs and implemented features that are sure to turn heads and demand attention - particularly the choice of colours and Beats Audio support. Both featuring LCD 2 displays and dual-core S4 chips, the new HTC Windows Phones aren't slouches by any means.

We've opened up two new forums -- one for the 8X and another for the 8S -- for these handsets, which can now be discussed as well as any compatible accessories. 

Be sure to head on over to our community forums to mingle with other Windows Phone fans and voice your opinions. Why join the Windows Phone Central forums? Well, we're the largest Windows Phone community out there with bags of activity and a superb readership / userbase. There's never a quiet day and our aim is to continue this trend.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Yess
  • Shit just got real...
  • Welcome HTC 8X!!!
  • To tmobile!!!
  • This phones are nice, but still only competing against other windows phone while they should be competing against other platforms. This is wrong!!!
  • Its a damn shame huh. I hate the Nokia comparisons because I see many differences. Its not against the law to use colors is it?
  • I think the competition within the platform is still beneficial to the WP brand. Buzz from this competition will make more people aware. Now that the 920 is mentioned with the iPhone and Galaxy other WP will come into the picture
  • The more competition there is, the best the prices get for consumers :)
  • I dont mind the competition between wp oem, but it will be nice to see a Galaxy S3 vs Ative S or HTC 8x vs Motorola Droid HD, price will only get better for consumers then
  • Well competition amongst Windows Phones is only the beginning aspect. Competition drives to make OEMs give their best which in turn will create better phones regardless of the platform. That's a good thing.
  • HTC came through today with a great product. On top of that they even announced carriers and availability. Here, there is no exclusivity. Everyone will have a chance to purchase one. The WP winner here, HTC.
  • Well put sir
  • Ok the exclusive thing that Nokia is pulling with the L920 is a turn off this is why if your not on AT&T than all you get is the low end HTC did a samsung they put there best WP8 device everywhere they have me sold. Kuddos to HTC for not EXCLUDING people from a good product learn Nokia!
  • I like them all! the black and white 8s is gorgeous but I'm still going for the Lumia 820 :)
  • I will have the 920, but I will be sure to get my sons the htc 8S.....we're gonna show my new coined term, "Platform spirit"....Yeah
  • Why do some sites say they both support micro SD and other don't.
    Can we add and SD card or not?
  • No 8x. Yes 8s.
  • I don't see why the high end phones don't have SD card support.
    I don't want to store and dl everything from the cloud.
    SD would've made the 920 and 8x near perfect.
  • So far the Samsung ATIV S is the only high end Windows Phone 8 with SD card support! ......but I cant fine any info on ATIV S north america model if it has LTE support? Im with Telus Mobility and I hope they get my "Samsung ATIV S 32GB LTE" PLEASE!!
  • I'm not sure why you'd go for such a boring looking phone.
  • As he said.. 32GB internal + microSD. Also the biggest screen so far 4.8".   So far the ATIV S is the only one that has those features. Plus not all people will buy or like the colorful phone and not all people care too much about design as opposed to features.
  • If only they come up with bigger screen, more ram for the 8S
  • Let me start by saying fuck windows phones. Its just one let down after another. Especially the hd7. You can't even listen to music without having a Zune subscription. There's no files storaging neither which is fucking odd because theres a sd card embedded in the bottom half of the phone when you take the bottom cover off. It doesn't perform simple task like uploading word documents on the browse uploaded yet it has an app to make word documents. The marketplace is absolutely horrible, very little apps. I can go on forever. basically I can't do any of the things an android does. I had all types of windows phones including the mobile wing, shadow, touch diamond, took a break went to android, figured WP got there shit together by the time the hd7 came out but I was wrong. Android the the best mobile system. Can't wait til my upgrade next month. Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich here I come
  • Dude what a hell are you talking about the HD7 is two years old and mobile wing, shadow, touch diamond are not even windows phones.... you must be smoking some good s£$^