SKATE 4: Everything we know and expect (so far)

Skate 3 Ea
Skate 3 Ea (Image credit: EA)

After 10 years of waiting, Skate 4 is finally headed to coming back, with Electronic Arts announcing the return of the fan-favorite series earlier this year. With the franchise finally returning, it'll be interesting to see how EA handles the return, especially with so many years have passed since the last release.

While we don't know too much of what to expect when it comes to the next entry in the Skate series, here's everything we do know about Skate 4 so far.

What is Skate 4?

For those unfamiliar, the Skate series was a skateboarding video game franchise initially started in 2007. The games were most famously known for their "flick it" control system, which gives you control over the front and back of your skateboard via the analog sticks on your controller. The last game in the series, Skate 3, was released in 2010.

Since then, fans have been clamoring for a new entry in the iconic Skate series, and during the 2020 EA Play livestream, the company finally announced that it would be returning. Like series creative director Cuz Parry said in the return video, fans have literally commented the game into existence, as the dedicated fanbase to the series has been attempting to use memes and any other form of communication to convince EA to bring the game back.

What is Skate 4's gameplay like?

Skate 3

Source: EA (Image credit: Source: EA)

When the next entry in the Skate series was announced, not much was detailed other than the fact that it was coming, and that it would feel like a Skate game. Because of this, we don't know too much about what Skate 4's gameplay will look like, but if the past games are any indication, we know some of what we can expect.

Due to how popular Skate's "flick it" control system was, it's likely that it will make a return in Skate 4 in some form. Likewise, Skate has always been a franchise that has relied extensively on the in-game physics of the world to shape just what kind of moves you can do. With that in mind, it's also possible we'll see EA using one of its newer engines to help Skate 4 render as much as possible in terms of movement. Outside of that, though, it's anyone's guess as to what we'll see when the game does launch.

What consoles is Skate 4 coming to?

Skate 3

Source: EA (Image credit: Source: EA)

Currently, it's unclear what platforms Skate 4 will release on, but it's likely that we'll see it launch across the usual suspects of Microsoft and Sony consoles when the time comes. One thing fans may be clamoring for is a PC release, which may be unlikely as none of the first three Skate titles have ever made their way to that platform. With EA having not announced much, though, it remains to be seen just what consoles Skate 4 will come on.

When is the release date?

Skate 3

Source: EA (Image credit: Source: EA)

Currently, not much is known about Skate 4's release date, and since Electronic Arts didn't divulge much in the way of details, it's unknown when the game will release. According to the announcement video from the game, though, it seems as if we'll be waiting quite a while before Skate 4 is out.



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