Session, a street skating simulator, landed on Kickstarter today. The developers are asking for around $60,000 in funding over the next thirty days. With an original control scheme and a focus on creative expression over scoring, the studio says it wants to create the most authentic skateboarding game to date.

Unlike other titles, Session uses two different thumbsticks to control each foot independently, to mimic the movements of a skater's feet. This supposedly results in controls that emulate the satisfaction of nailing tricks in real life. There isn't a points system based on whether you accomplished a trick a certain way either, meaning you can create your own style.

As Session evolves, creā-ture Studios wants to share the development process with its community. It plans on expanding filming and park creation tools and adding a story mode to tie the whole experience together.

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The game is planned to have an Early Access release on PC and Xbox One in Q2 2018. If you want to support the title, be sure to check out the game's Kickstarter campaign.

Update 11/27/17: Just like a smooth noseslide, Session has crushed its Kickstarter funding goal of around $60,000 in less than four days. However, there are still 23 days left in the campaign. The developers today listed further stretch goals which increase the scope of the project, but require almost $500,000 to achieve.

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