Sketch 360 lets you draw up panoramic spherical sketches on Surface Duo

Surface Duo Sketch360
Surface Duo Sketch360 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Sketch 360, a Microsoft Garage app that originally launched on Windows 10, is now available for Surface Duo.
  • The app allows you to quickly sketch out 360-degree panoramic drawings for ideas related to 3D design, VR, or just for fun.
  • Surface Duo is available now starting at $1,400 (opens in new tab).

Update: If the app is not showing for you in the app store, it is due to it being in limited testing - the developer may have shut off access to new downloads. The best bet is to keep checking back to see if a spot opens.

Sketch 360, a Microsoft Garage app that made its debut on Windows 10, is now available for Surface Duo. The app's creator, Michael Scherotter, announced its Google Play launch on Twitter, noting Sketch 360 has been something of a "passion project" in recent years.

Sketch 360 is an app designed to help you quickly draw out ideas you may have for 3D spaces. The app projects your drawings against the inside of a sphere, with you at its center. The goal is to give you a space to try out ideas that might that you might not be ready to fully model out.

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From Sketch 360's description on Google Play:

Whether you are an architect, a VR designer, an urban sketcher, a 3D game designer or a 360 video producer, you can easily construct an accurate sketch from a single viewpoint that's easily shareable online using Sketch 360.

This version of Sketch 360 is fully optimized for Duo with support for the pressure-sensitive Surface Pen. However, it will also work with other Android devices. Sketches can also be exported to Facebook, Adobe Lightroom, Kuula, and VR Media Player.

If you want to give Sketch 360 a try on your Surface Duo, you can download the app for free (opens in new tab) now from Google Play. For more apps to try out, check out our ongoing list of Surface Duo optimized apps.

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  • Ah interesting. I like the bit about pressure sensitivity.
  • I might try it.
  • Can't find in play store
  • Me either. Not in the Google Play Store. And your links a broken, so far.
  • Same here. Not found in Play store. What's up?
  • Yeah, I can't find it either.
  • It would be too cool if I could fold the Duo and get that 3D perspective.
  • ya its not in play store, can not find it.
  • I downloaded it and am trying it out
  • So, like others, it says not available. In the same tweet that announced it, within the replies, they mentioned they "disabled the download to keep the test size small" I call BS, that's what Google's beta feature is for. They announced general availability and then pass it off that they want a small test size. Wonder if there was some nasty bug or if they wanted to set it for Surface Duo devices 1st.
  • Can not get it even for surface duo
  • Greetings from a Surface Duo owner. The app is available at apkmirror. Works great. Just need to enable sideload permission in chrome.
  • Not sure how to do this. Is apkmirror safe for Surface Duo?