Sky and Windows don't go well together. We're including both Windows 8 and Windows Phone in that group, by the way. You may remember our campaign to help drum up some support to show Sky just how much demand there is for Windows clients in the UK. Little did we know the same demand was being voiced over in Italy.

While we continue to wait here in the UK, Italians rejoiced at news Sky was looking to release its Go app for Windows Phone in the region. This has now been confirmed. Sky Go (for Italy anyway) is now well on the way.

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Confirmation comes from Sky Life, featuring an article about Sky go alongside Windows Phone. See below.

Sky Go Italy

What's not known is whether this app will be a Nokia exclusive (since the company has been working to get the app on the platform) or if it will be available to every Windows Phone from day of release. One thing is certain, however: Sky Go is on the way for Italians and we can't imagine BSkyB being far behind.

via: Windows Phone Italy