Sky Go confirmed to be soon launching in Italy on Windows Phone

Sky and Windows don't go well together. We're including both Windows 8 and Windows Phone in that group, by the way. You may remember our campaign to help drum up some support to show Sky just how much demand there is for Windows clients in the UK. Little did we know the same demand was being voiced over in Italy.

While we continue to wait here in the UK, Italians rejoiced at news Sky was looking to release its Go app for Windows Phone in the region. This has now been confirmed. Sky Go (for Italy anyway) is now well on the way.

Confirmation comes from Sky Life, featuring an article about Sky go alongside Windows Phone. See below.

Sky Go Italy

What's not known is whether this app will be a Nokia exclusive (since the company has been working to get the app on the platform) or if it will be available to every Windows Phone from day of release. One thing is certain, however: Sky Go is on the way for Italians and we can't imagine BSkyB being far behind.

via: Windows Phone Italy

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Want this so bad for Sky Germany
  • Same here
  • So UK customers, where - and correct me if I'm wrong, I don't mind, lol - Sky kind of started gets shafted! At least I can hope and assume we will be getting it at some point! Bad enough I have to keep my 360 until an app surfaces on the one!!!
  • Don't hold your breath for an Xbox One app. See:
  • Presumably Xbox One app would also be compatible with Windows store?
  • So i guess its time for a region change to Italy ;-)
  • Hopefully Sky Italy will work with Sky UK to bring it to the UK. Not sure it'll happen any time soon though. Sky don't seem too fond of Windows. The Sky News and Sky Sports apps haven't been updated for 18 months and they don't even list them on their website.
  • Disgraceful Sky!
  • And they're hassling Microsoft over the name SkyDrive ...
  • I should hope that once Microsoft clears the name of their cloud storage service, they may come to terms with a reasonable solution ;)
  • one top left corner it has the same menu button from win8.1 OneNote and xbox music
  • Want this for Foxtel in Australia..
  • Awesome!
  • waiting for this in the UK
  • What is this sky
  • Its the mean ppl forcing MS to change the name of SkyDrive... They also provide cable, broadband and telephone lines.
  • Sky is a premium television network, I guess you could say. Like cable networks in the US, but delivered via satellite dish.
  • expect a heavily castrated version in comparison to their beloved ios apps, even android is still catching up to parity.
  • Do another campaign like last time, I know it certainly got noticed
  • oh, I'm sooo happy!!!!
  • Its amazing what being the #1 selling Smartphone in a Country will do in terms of getting Apps made for you :D
  • Just change the language and WAHEY!! Bellisimo!
  • What's the point if you don't understand Italian?
    SkyGo IT will only stream Italian television. If you live outside Italy you can only wait :)
  • You can definitely add XBox to that list as well. The 360 app redesign is shockingly bad and no plans for ANY Sky Go app on XBox One even though every single person I know uses it on 360. Awful service, glad I don't pay them a penny.
  • Now all they need to do on this woeful service of theirs is :- Fix the audio sync (on pc and 360) Fix the regular"buffering" (I have a 60MB connection) Fix the lack of pause / rewind Fix the pitiful 2 device limit. (there are 5 tv watchers in my house - trying to manage the registered devices is a complete pita. Fix the program guide (so don't have to scroll from the top,of,the guide EVERY time you look at the guide) Fix the guide lag on the 360. Its such a bad app on all the devices I've used it on, i really cant get excited about it being on WP - my guess the the experience will be just as shit as all their other platforms.