Skype can now help you better keep in touch with family members

The Skype team has announced a new integration that will help family members stay connected using Microsoft's Family feature. Now, if you're already taking advantage of Microsoft Family with your Microsoft account, Skype will automatically add all of your family members to your contact list. A "My Family" group will also be added to your Skype list.

From Microsoft:

This new Skype feature creates a central location for everyone to send a quick message or jump on a group video call. The best part? There's no setup required. Family members will receive a notification when the group is created, and that group will appear in everyone's conversation history on whatever device they're using Skype.

In addition to the new Skype integration, Microsoft's Family feature lets you do things like share a dedicated family calendar on Outlook or keep an eye on your kids' activity online. You can learn more about how to add family members on Microsoft's account page{.nofollow}.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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