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Skype doubles max number of group call participants to 50

Updated April 5, 2019: Expanded group calling is now rolling out to everyone (opens in new tab).

If you find yourself holding large meetings over Skype calls, you'll soon be able to make them even bigger. As part of an update being trialed with Skype Insiders now, Microsoft is doubling the maximum number of group call participants (opens in new tab) for Skype from 25 to 50 (via Neowin).

The increase in the group call limit is also coming with a change to how Microsoft notifies invitees to calls. "When you start a call in these large groups, it will send a notification instead of ringing all the members, to not interrupt those who can't join," Microsoft says. "With this update you will also see that the audio and video buttons are now enabled in these larger groups."

The notification change is being added to all group video calls, so even members of smaller groups will get a notification instead of a ring. If you want to join in after a call has started, you'll still have the option to do that.

The increased call limit is being tested with Skyper version now.

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  • That's awesome! Now all the people using Skype can talk together... about their arthritis
  • Lol I use it for work and personal stuff a lot and healthily in my late 20s
  • Me too. Skype is fine. And unlike Facebook, and their subsidiaries Messenger and WhatsApp, Skype does not collect contact info, put in their huge data base of personal information, and use it to target ads. To me, Skype is a solid alternative to the data scrappers and data sellers. You can have other views of course.
  • But still no end-to-end encryption and Microsoft collects tons of data with Windows 10. What they do with them? Machine learning. What else? We don't know.
  • I guess using Telegram would be better.
  • ha you don't use Skype That's fine.
    I do definitely no arthritis. 🤔
  • I Skype my mom. And my mom thinks I'm cool.
  • This is really cool. We use Skype a lot during projects evaluation.