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Skype gets iPhone X support and revamped design on iOS

Microsoft has been slowly updating its stable of apps on iOS with dedicated support for Apple's latest mobile device, the iPhone X. The latest to get that treatment is Skype, which has adopted explicit support for the iPhone X's taller screen, along with a new design in its latest update.

The update now allows Skype to extend to fill the entire screen on iPhone X, giving it more vertical space. The bigger change for all iPhone users, however, is the rollout of the new design, which first entered testing back in October. Following backlash from its previous redesign over the summer, Microsoft has implemented a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to access important functions. Numeric badges will now appear on the navigation bar for chats, calls, and highlights. Some general UI spacing and other aspects have been tweaked as well.

Here's a look at the full release notes for Skype version 8.12:

  • A new and improved design.
  • Support for iPhone X.
  • General performance and reliability improvements.

Skype Refresh

If you're using an iPhone as your mobile device of choice, you can pick up all of the changes by grabbing the latest version of Skype on the App Store now.

See at the App Store

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  • One thing I dislike about Skype is the ever-changing UI. I'm a regular Skype user, and it's changing so often that even I am lost as to where to find things. Coupled with the fact that the new UI is terrible and inconsistent between iOS and Windows 10.
  • It's not my favourite look but it's not horrible but it is not inconsistent with Android and Skype Preview on Windows.
  • I was totally lost on the PC and Mac versions when someone asked me to add them as a contact. These apps are not intuitive. I shouldn’t have to go to the web app just to have a UI that clearly labels where things are. Also, the Windows 10 and Mac versions have different navigation in multiple places.    For example, the “...” menu on Mac has a video Settings option. This is buried in settings on Windows 10.  I’m probably going to switch to Discord, anyways. It has video chat now, and better sound quality than Skype.  My laptop is a beast and UWP apps still make my fan run at full speed. I’m really starting to hate this. Sony Vegas doesn’t even do this when just sitting there idle. 
  • Android has looked like this for a long time now. iOS, slow as usual. 😛
    Is there a black bar ontop or is the app cut-off from the notch.
  • They need to update the iPad version. The app has not been updated since May! -_- On my mom's iPad Pro 2017 there is a terrible echo because the bottom speakers next to the microphone are not disabled.
  • The presence controls... still need... fixing and Skype is as reliable a paper umbrella, when you get a down pour of message it just gives up the ghost. Plus if you are some one who actually types properly and not engages in text speak, good luck in getting your message across lol. A friend and I, we almost got into argument as he thought I was engaging in a circular debate when I was not. All because Skype did not send my essay of a message. It was a mini essay as it was based on extrapolated data on game engine mechanics and self imposed theoretical boundaries of what defines a game engine. The debate was primarily about why a game engine could not do certain things that would actually make a game designers live much easier therefore enabling him to secure employment and retain it. So instead of sending my message it sent a example diagram only and that was sent several minutes after I had gone through each point in meticulous detail.
  • Maybe I am one of but I really appreciate it when apps follow the design language set by the OS. It just makes things consistent with other aspects of the OS.
  • Skype UWP I won't say works bad, coz it doesn't even work most of the time. Its as if all the best people are working in thier iOS and android team, the rest which aren't needed are working on UWP. Once crashed the messages won't get sent even after you reopen the app, you have to reinstall it again. Chats take 3-4 seconds to open. Why isn't it named beta?
  • It IS named beta.   UWP.  Untested Windows Program.