A look at the latest Skype Preview for iOS

The company recently announced that a new version of its mobile app is coming to iOS and Android. Android users already received an open preview of the updated app. iOS users got only a fairly limited sign-up preview, which left some fans disappointed and surrounded the iOS version in some degree of mystery. 

We got out hands on the rewritten and redesigned app and are generally pleased with it so far. Here are some first impressions.

Hands on with the latest Skype Preview for iOS

The upcoming update features a new design that's completely different from what we have seen before. It has a slight Snapchat-like vibe to it, which seems to be common for communication services these days. 

When you open a chat with someone for the first time, you'll see two new tabs, called "Find" and "Capture." The Find tab is used for web searches and adding GIFs, video and other functions.

The Capture tab is where the Snapchat-feeling kicks in. Following Facebook Messenger's route, there is now a quick picture to include in the chat. That may come in handy at some point, but for now it feels like a desperate take on Snapchat, which we have seen before in the company's failed project, Skype Qik. After Skype shut down that service, the team promised to integrate all of Qik's features into the regular app, and they finally delivered.

Aside from that, the new design reminds me slightly of Microsoft's News Pro app for Android and iOS{.nofollow}. The two services aren't all that similar, but there is a feeling to them that makes me wonder if they have anything in common under the hood.

The app is currently in a closed invite-only preview which you can sign up for here. We plan to do a full review once the app is officially released, so stay tuned.

Dennis Bednarz

Dennis Bednarz is a former writer for Windows Central and the guy behind ModMy. He has been a recognised member of the Microsoft community for years and owns everything from Lumia phones to Surface PCs. He occasionally likes to rant about Windows Phone and drink tea. You can go ahead and follow him on Twitter at @DennisBednarz