A look at the latest Skype Preview for iOS

The company recently announced that a new version of its mobile app is coming to iOS and Android. Android users already received an open preview of the updated app. iOS users got only a fairly limited sign-up preview, which left some fans disappointed and surrounded the iOS version in some degree of mystery. 

We got out hands on the rewritten and redesigned app and are generally pleased with it so far. Here are some first impressions.

Hands on with the latest Skype Preview for iOS

The upcoming update features a new design that's completely different from what we have seen before. It has a slight Snapchat-like vibe to it, which seems to be common for communication services these days. 

When you open a chat with someone for the first time, you'll see two new tabs, called "Find" and "Capture." The Find tab is used for web searches and adding GIFs, video and other functions.

The Capture tab is where the Snapchat-feeling kicks in. Following Facebook Messenger's route, there is now a quick picture to include in the chat. That may come in handy at some point, but for now it feels like a desperate take on Snapchat, which we have seen before in the company's failed project, Skype Qik. After Skype shut down that service, the team promised to integrate all of Qik's features into the regular app, and they finally delivered.

Aside from that, the new design reminds me slightly of Microsoft's News Pro app for Android and iOS{.nofollow}. The two services aren't all that similar, but there is a feeling to them that makes me wonder if they have anything in common under the hood.

The app is currently in a closed invite-only preview which you can sign up for here (opens in new tab). We plan to do a full review once the app is officially released, so stay tuned.

Dennis Bednarz

Dennis Bednarz is a former writer for Windows Central and the guy behind ModMy. He has been a recognised member of the Microsoft community for years and owns everything from Lumia phones to Surface PCs. He occasionally likes to rant about Windows Phone and drink tea. You can go ahead and follow him on Twitter at @DennisBednarz

  • Interesting. I can wait, but the capture thing sounds very interesting.
  • Really?
  • It can be useful for certain occasions/situations. For example, you could be talking to someone via skype while getting ready to go out, and you'll like an opinon on how your hair looks. Capture can help with visualizing.
  • I don't normally comment but WTF. I don't wanna see anything positive about Apple on my favorite site. We are here to bash them! Lol
  • Speak for yourself. Windows Central is a Microsoft oriented site, and as Skype is a Microsoft product, it only makes sense. It's naive to think that everyone who visits Windows Central only uses a Windows phone. There are a good number of people who use iOS and/or Android but have Surface products, Xbox, or a PC with Windows on it. I'm curious about Microsoft services on other platforms, since I try to use them too when I'm on my other phones.
  • It was just a funny. I'm an Android user also. I love my 950XL but I'm realistic. We fall short in the app department so I have a Shield tablet. Probably will end up with GS8 also. Hoping that full Windows on Arm gets announced at BUILD as coming soon.
  • Haha okay. My apologies. With these kind of articles lately, some people have been outraged about them being here. It's been kind of annoying to read so I read your comment that way.
  • This is exactly like the android preview.
  • Sounds interesting. Too bad it isn't for us Windows Phone users. It is like your parents locking you out of the house on a cold rainy night. 
  • YES you are right! We could get this too at least for the fast ring on whatever.. but no, they dont care about US and I dont care about my phone because I already preordered a Samsung S8! HA!
  • Anyone for 'windows mobile is dead' ?
  • I sense a growing video/image messaging fatigue, or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
  • That's wishful thinking for you. I think it's great considering how things are nowadays. People travel a lot by choice and/or for work, people are in long distance relationships, etc. There's a joy in being able to see what they see. It's the little things.
  • That's a roseate view of it. I just see a bunch of people who can't even ride the train to work without some stimulus or withdrawal from chatting about banalities.
  • You know what would awesome? If Microsoft gave the options they give to iOS and Android users to the windows counterparts.
  • Why would they devote resources to .3% market share? Accept reality and stop whining.
  • Please read my comment again, i mentioned Windows, not Windows 10 Mobile. Are you saying the entier Windows 10 Ecosystem is .3% market share? If so, you are mistaken. ​Did you know skype exists as a Universal app on Mobile, PC, and soon Xbox? I'm suggesting for the exiting app that is on the rest of the ecosystem to be updated. There's also the Desktop verion that also doesn't have most of the features iOS or Andoroid have. ​So no Jonathan, i'm not going to stop whining. Why don't you go trol somewhere else?
  • They won't even fix the UI.
  • Interesting they didn't add the SMS syncing capability in this new version. Maybe in a future update? Or maybe they can't on iPhone?
  • all of that is still in testing/preview like on WM10 and Android (even more limited testing on Android), I'm sure eventually it'll roll out to everyone
  • iOS doesn't allow it unfortunately
  • I'd be very interested in Skype having iMessage support. Why not use the iMessage sticker tool to allow Skype to run in the back? This would be helpful for having friends or family who want to message you, and it land straight to your messages.
  • lol i love the idea of all microsft products being on android and apple but when groove isnt even on the ipad its hard to take microsft seriously. Even on my s7 edge a best selling phone of 2016 groove cant even read my sd card.  So my intersest in using all things microsft has now changed, i use play even though it sucks, but it sees my actual music lol, i use skype on desktop but on all my other devices ive moved away from sklype and use whats app more, reason is to many reboots on windows mobile with to many features mising and taking too long to make skype good.  I feel that apple and android only have to make a decent attack at pc gaming market and windows will fade from the consumer world.